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New Trade Idea:

Adama Technologies Corporation (ADAC)

Current Price Per Share: $0.3867


Before we jump into the full report today I want to remind you of how well my last trade alert did for members @ Small Cap Firm:

My last trade alert was ticker (SGMD)… (SGMD) ran from a low of $0.1456 on February 23rd to a high $0.199 for REAL PROFITS of up to +36pct in a single day.

With that being said… Now it’s time to direct your full & undivided attention to my newest breakout chart play with over 30 US military contracts: (ADAC)!

**ADAC** Is A BREAKOUT Trade Opportunity With +184pct in UPSIDE POTENTIAL! This is based on the fact that it was trading as high as $1.10 back in October 2016!

(ADAC) Is No Stranger To Triple Digit Runs!

On 09/30/16 (ADAC) Opened At $0.225 And SKYROCKETED To A High Of $1.10 On 10/05/16! That’s A REAL RUN Of +388pct In Just 4 Consecutive Trading Sessions!

Look @ The BREAKOUT CHART Immediately – Visit This Link Now: https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/ADAC/technical-chart

Here Are A Few More Key Past Breakouts To Remember:​​​​​​​

1.) On 1/25/17 (ADAC) Opened @ $0.25 & Flew To An Intra-Day High Of $0.4499 For Gains Of Up To +79pct!

2.) On 2/15/17 (ADAC) Opened @ $0.21 & Soared To A High Of $0.6701 On 2/21 For Gains Of Up To +219pct In Just 4 Consecutive Trading Sessions!

3.) THE MOST RECENT BREAKOUT: Just This Past Friday 2/24 (ADAC) Opened @ $.25 And Hit An Intra-Day High Of $0.39 For Gains Of Up To +56pct!


Get **ADAC** Front & Center On Your Trading Screen Immediately For Tomorrow’s 2/27 Trading Session!


The 9-Day RSI Is Currently @ A Very Bullish 55! (ADAC) Is Also Trading Well Below Its 100-Day MA $0.5593 Now. Based On This One Technical Indicator Alone; Traders Could Be Witnesses To Gains Of Up To +44pct Tomorrow!

Don’t Forget That (ADAC) Was Trading As High As $0.6701 Less Than A Week Ago & Since Investor Interest Started Dramatically Increasing Again On Friday 2/24; HIGHER HIGHS Could Now Be Imminent Going Into Monday’s Trading Session!

Now Check This Out…

… StockTA Has Given (ADAC) An OVERALL BULLISH Rating + A BULLISH Rating For The Short-Term!


Short-Term Technical Indicators:

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Fibonacci Analysis: BULLISH

High Analysis: BULLISH

Stochastic Analysis: BULLISH

7 Day Average Directional Indicator: GREEN

10 – 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel: GREEN

20 Day Moving Average vs Price: GREEN

Always remember to do your own research and that I’m not a licensed financial advisor.

About SGMD

Alpine Industries (An Adama Technologies Company) Has Over 30 US Military Contracts With The Majority Of Them With The US Air Force.

They have manufactured such items as M1 Mine Clearing Blades, hypo-chlorination units, tow bridles, 60 ton jacks for the C5A, AIM-9 missile body trainers, numerous bolts and screws, drag links for the F-16 fighter planes, and many other landing gear parts.

Learn More About Alpine Industries Here Now: http://www.alpineindustriesusa.com/

The Adama Way

Adama Technologies Corp. is a publicly traded venture capital company that owns, operates and invests in technology companies as well as startups and expansion companies. Their management team employs a precise investment matrix that allows them to identify, evaluate and ultimately select what they believe to be high growth, high yield companies to become their next success story.

Their real work begins post investment. They take a very hands on approach and seek to develop the management and leaders around the corporate landscape to transform big ideas into game changing execution on the ground. As they grow the leadership, the company, profits, and the ideas tend to grow and develop simultaneously.

Visit their company website here: https://www.adamatechnologies.com/

Their Portfolio

Their strategy, structure and design is built around focus, they are a less is more fund that values partnership and relationships over volume and deal flow. They believe that light can be spread so thin it is barely useful, but can be focused so intensely, like a laser, it can drastically change the surrounding environment.

​This approach means they focus and they invest only in opportunities that fit within their core strengths as leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. This strategy of focusing on a few specialties enables Adama to devote resources not only to identifying the best investment opportunities in these areas, but also to contributing their targeted experience and expertise in helping their portfolio companies grow and develop.

BIOACTIVES Presentation:


SAFEGUARD Presentation:






Adama Technologies Corp Bidding 13 New Government Defense Contracts

Las Vegas, NV (FSCwire) – Adama Technologies Corp. (OTCPINK: ADAC) announced today that it is in the process of actively bidding on 13 new government defense contracts, including 6 contracts with foreign governments and 7 new US military defense contracts. The company cited the Trump Administration and their focus on rebuilding the military as one of the primary factors in driving these new defense contract opportunities.

Mr. Keith Rosenblum, executive director of Adama Technologies commented on these recent updates, “President Trump and the new Administration have placed a lot of focus on rebuilding our depleted military with new and updated equipment. President Trump is also very determined to accomplish this rebuild with a very budget conscientious mindset.

These two factors are creating a major opportunity for us, as a proven government contractor with more than 40 years of experience and as a lean manufacturer, we are poised to pick up a tremendous amount of business.

Speaking on Monday, February 6, 2017 at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, President Trump stated, “We will make a historic financial investment in the armed forces of the United States and show the entire world that America stands with those who stand in defense of freedom.” During the speech the President went on to say, “We’re going to be loading it up with beautiful new planes and beautiful new equipment, you’ve been lacking a little equipment. We’re going to load it up — you’re going to get a lot of equipment.”

President Trump also used the speech to highlight a decision by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) to cut the price on a new contract for 90 of the radar-evading F-35 Fighter Jets. Mr. Rosenblum commented on these recent comments by the President, “Our new Commander-In-Chief has committed publicly to rebuild the military and is focusing on many of the programs that we are already involved in the manufacturing. This fact, along with the focus on cost cutting measures, makes us a strong contender for many of these contracts. We fully believe we will be the recipient of many of these orders.”

Adama Technologies Corp. also stated in the announcement that they have also increased their revenue projections for the month of February by 15% from $130k to $150k.

The company cited increased orders from existing customers as the primary reason for the revenue increase.

Source: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ADAC/news




Start your research and due diligence on ADAC right now.

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These Percentage Runs Are Based From The Open To HOD





















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