**AFOM** Is My New SUPER LOW FLOAT Stock Alert! Start Your Research Immediately!

February 12, 2017, By smallcapfirm,

New Trade Idea:

All For One Media Corp. (AFOM)

Current Price Per Share: $0.17


With 4 WINNERS In A Row Last Week It’s Time To Roll Into Monday With A BANG!

I’m bringing to your attention another possible profitable trading opportunity with ticker **AFOM**!

This company is trading at solid support levels and traders who start their research immediately could be poised to profit from this potential low float beast!


**AFOM** is a LOW FLOAT trade opportunity that could provide traders with gains of up to +223pct tomorrow! This is based on the fact that it was trading as high as $0.55 back in September of 2016!

(AFOM) Has Already Proven It’s More Than Capable Of Giving Traders BIG PROFITS In The Short-Term!

On February 2nd AFOM flew from a low $0.088 And SKYROCKETED To A High Of $0.19 on February 7th! That’s +115pct Potential Profits In Just 4 Trading Sessions!

Take A Look For Yourself – Visit This Link: https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/AFOM/technical-chart

The Chart Clearly Verifies How (AFOM) Is More Than Capable Of Generating IMMENSE GAINS For Traders. On 8/08/16 (AFOM) SOARED From A Low Of $0.1895 To A High Of $0.55 On 9/01/16! That Represents A Real Steady Run Of +190pct!

Shares Of (AFOM) Have Consolidated Around The Current Price Range Over The Past Few Weeks And The 50-Day MA Is Now Sitting Well Above The Current Valuation @ $0.2747.

Based On This One Technical Indicator Alone; AFOM Could Have Traders Basking In Gains Of Up To +61% Tomorrow!

Start Your Research On **AFOM** Immediately!


More Key Facts To Remember

According OTCMarkets, AFOM has just 742,000 shares IN THE FLOAT!

AFOM could literally RUN WILD when the markets open if AFOM experiences an increase in above average trading volume due to it having a MICROSCOPIC FLOAT of just 742k shares!

AFOM currently has a Market-Cap of just $2.8M! We have seen numerous alerts with super low floats + market-caps SKYROCKET here @ Small Cap Firm.

AFOM is now poised for a potential BREAKOUT due to the 9-Day RSI hovering right below 50! Once the RSI starts to cross 50 and into bullish territory it could be off to the races!

On 3/09/16 AFOM hit a 52-week high of $2.40! A move back to $2.40 from the current price per share would represent total potential INSANE GAINS of up to +1,311pct!

Obviously I don’t believe that (AFOM) will actually SOAR +1,311pct tomorrow but what I’m trying to make clear to you is that the UPSIDE potential here is HUGE!

REMEMBER: A Strong Rise In Volume Could Potentially Send **AFOM** Rocketing into NEW HIGHS due to its Tiny Market-Cap Of Just $2.8M & Microscopic Low Float Of Just 742,000 Shares!

Always remember to do your own research and that I’m not a licensed financial advisor.


AFOM Business Overview

All For One Media Corp. (AFOM) is a tween marketing company whose CEO is responsible for casting and producing the 90’s hit boy band, Dream Street. Dream Street had a Billboard #1 record, their picture was featured on 25 million boxes of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, they toured with Britney Spears and they were beloved by tweens throughout the United States.

AFOM is currently working on Crazy For The Boys, an upcoming full-length musical dramedy with an anti-bullying theme! This film will feature a modern-day Spice Girls group that is destined to take over the pop charts!

Their target audience is tween girls. This demographic is easier to reach than any other time in history as the current crop of tweens are the first generation ever to grow up in a “mature social media” environment. Today’s kids are media savvy which has created the perfect convergence of “the world getting smaller while the market becomes bigger.”

Company Website: http://allforone.media/

All For One Media Corp. Investor Information Video Presentation:

View The Video Presentation Here: https://youtu.be/CXWh_r9IS6U



Groovy Tuesday:

Groovy Tuesday isn’t just the newest girl group on the block. It’s a genre-bending pop collective that takes the best elements of live concert performance and musical theatre, and rolls them all into a delicious pop music treat.

Groovy Tuesday has been called a modern day “Spice Girls”. While they consider this a great compliment, it’s only partially true. The part that resonates as “on target” is that both the Spice Girls and Groovy Tuesday are character driven. Both groups were cast from professional talent pools. Both groups management teams left no stone unturned when it came to employing top pop song writers, producers, vocal coaches,

Learn More Here: http://allforone.media/project/groovy-tuesday/

Crazy For The Boys:

Coincidence? NOT! Crazy for the Boys tells the story of what happens when five girls, all seniors at J.F.K. High end up in the principal’s office on the same day. Before that, these girls certainly weren’t friends; in fact, their taste in everything from fashion to music to boys was remarkably different.

But that day, something amazing happened. The School Principal, Miss Macy, frustrated by the persistent bullying problem at JFK High, carefully hand-picked five very different girls, who had one thing in common. They were all leaders among their respective peer groups, and in Miss Macy’s eyes, the perfect combination of personalities to run an anti-bullying assembly called SCAB (the Student Campaign Against Bullying). At first, all five girls refused – it seemed so un-cool. However, for the independent minded Mo, it was really an easy decision. “I’ll do it!” she exclaimed. ”. When Veronica inquired: “What are you going to do Mo?” In typical Mo fashion she replied; “I’ll do what I do”.

Continue Reading Here: http://allforone.media/project/crazy-for-the-boys/

Learn More About “SCAB” here: http://thescab.org/



Brian Lukow

CEO & Creator of Crazy For The Boys

Brian Lukow was a Senior Vice President of Investments at Lehman Brothers from 1982 – 1995. During that time, Mr. Lukow specialized in investments in the Entertainment Industry including the takeover of Columbia Pictures by Coca Cola and the acquisition of Universal Pictures by MCA. From 1995 -1996, Mr. Lukow was a Managing Director and wealth management specialist with Ladenburg Thalmann. Mr. Lukow was most recently the highly talented co-creator and co-producer of Huckapoo. Prior to that, Mr. Lukow was the co-creator and Executive Producer of Dream Street, a very successful boy band, and one of the best-selling pop music acts in recent years whose debut album reached # 1 on the Billboard Magazine.

The Groovy Tuesday concept is his creation and is built upon his experience and success with Dream Street and Huckapoo. His group’s songs have appeared in over a dozen Disney TV shows and Disney Channel motion pictures. He was hired as a consultant by Sony Music to help market the Girl Group, Play and worked with Matthew Knowles in establishing the group leading to a RIAA Gold record. In addition to his production credits, Mr. Lukow is also an accomplished songwriter. Among Mr. Lukow’s writing credits is the song “Jennifer Goodbye“ which was recorded by Dream Street on its first album; that album went on to sell nearly one million units.

Mr. Lukow is a co-writer on five of the original Huckapoo recordings as well. Additionally, Mr. Lukow is the Associate Producer of the motion picture “The Biggest Fan” starring Dream Street along with Cindy Williams and Pat Morita. From 1992 to 1996 Mr. Lukow was President of Brirock Entertainment, a firm specializing in artist management. Mr. Lukow is the writer of the film “Crazy For The Boys” and has co-written several of the songs on the soundtrack. Mr. Lukow has been featured in articles in The New York Times, New York Magazine, The New York Daily News and several other publications. In addition Mr. Lukow is a significant contributor to The New York Times bestselling book: Raising a Star: The Parent’s Guide to Helping Kids Break into Theater, Film, Television, or Music by the renowned youth talent agent Nancy Carson.



Start your research and due diligence on AFOM right now.

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