After 2 Winners A Row… **ILUS** Is New 4 Cent BEAST ALERT For Wednesday!!!

February 7, 2017, By smallcapfirm,

New Trade Idea:

 Cache Elite, Inc.  (ILUS)

Formerly Known As: Ilustrato Pictures International Inc.

(You Might Still See The Old Company Name When You Pull It Up On Yahoo Finance, OTCMarkets & Etc., So Don’t Get Confused! It Just Hasn’t Been Updated Everywhere Yet.)
Current Price Per Share: $0.0419



What a way to start the week!

We have 2 winning trades in a row now!

First I alerted ticker (OBMP) for Monday’s trading session. It opened Monday at $0.22 and hit a NEW HIGH today of $0.2699! That represents a real move of +22pct in just 2 trading sessions! Congrats to those of you who followed my alert on (OBMP! I will continue to monitor it for more potential gains this week and I will update you immediately if it continues to rise.

Then today I alerted to you ticker (NSEH). NSEH was more of our typical day trade only type play and it opened today’s trading session at $0.0011 and hit a early morning high of $0.0015 for a real +50pct move up! Day traders witnessed multiple intra-day swing opportunities as well throughout most of the trading session today before it started trending down near the end of the day.

But guess what?? After it started trending down and hit a low of $0.0007… It rocketed back to $0.0013 near the end of the day!!

That’s an intra-day bounce of +85pct!! NSEH was in other words… AWESOME for day traders today!

So BOOM there you have it! Two winners in a row and we aren’t stopping yet.

Tonight I’m brining to your attention another possible profitable trading opportunity with ticker **ILUS**!

This company is trading at just +4 cents and traders could be looking at substantial potential gains when the markets open Wednesday.

Get ready now!

 **ILUS** is a 4 CENT trade opportunity that could provide traders with gains of up to +55pct tomorrow! This is based on the fact that it hit a high of $0.065 on December 20th!

(ILUS) Has Already Proven It Is More Than Capable Of Giving Traders IMMENSE PROFITS In The Short-Term!

On January 18th ILUS opened @ $0.03 And SOARED To A High Of $0.06 On February 2nd. That’s 100pct Potential Profits In 12 Trading Sessions!

Take A Look For Yourself – Visit This Link:

Are you looking at that chart? It’s incredible!

Did you see when it opened at $0.026 on December 6th, 2016 and rocketed to a high of $0.065 on December 20th? That’s another +150pct move from around the same levels it’s trading at now!

The RSI just crossed 50 TODAY and the 14-Day RSI is now at 51 in bullish territory! ILUS is now poised to deliver another RUN packed with potential profits.

Oh wait… Did I mention that the company has trailing twelve months GROSS PROFITS of over $400k!?


Start Your Research On **ILUS** Immediately!


… StockTA has given (ILUS) an OVERALL BULLISH Rating and BULLISH Rating for the Short-Term!


More Short-Term Indicators:

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Fibonacci Analysis: BULLISH

Low Analysis: BULLISH

20 Day Moving Average vs Price: GREEN

20 – 50 Day MACD Oscillator: GREEN

Always remember to do your own research and that I’m not a licensed financial advisor.

ILUS Business Overview

Cache Elite, Inc. (ILUS) f/k/a/ International Pictures International Inc. is an E-commerce kitchen supply, and design firm headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona that focuses on the sales and design of kitchen furnishings to residential clients.

The Company sells kitchen cabinets, decorative hardware, stones, appliances and cabinet pulls via as well as providing kitchen design services for residential customers. The Company was founded in early 2012 and has followed an aggressive growth strategy by expanding its retail locations and product offerings. They believe their industry is in need of a more efficient process to reduce the number of places a customer needs to go to complete their middle to high-end projects.

Currently, they are focused on the Scottsdale, Arizona market with hundreds of jobs completed. In 2014, they expanded to a larger location which houses our kitchen furnishings and decorative hardware section named Elite Knobs.” In 2016 and beyond they expect to continue to drive broad-based market awareness among both sections of their company focusing on the end user of their products. Their marketing channels continue to expand as their number of satisfied customers increase, creating additional referrals to augment their traditional print, online and social media efforts. They also rely heavily on their relationships with trade partners in the construction industry for involvement with their projects.

To learn more about Cache Elite, Inc. please visit their websites at and

Recent Breaking News


Based on preliminary unaudited figures for 2016, Cache Elite Inc. (ILUS) exceeded its top- and bottom-line financial targets in the past financial year. The strong top-line momentum was driven by double-digit sales growth in the Scottsdale locations. From a store perspective, Scottsdale locations sales grew 20% for the full year. Cache Elite Inc. recorded its fifth consecutive year of growth in sales at the Scottsdale locations.

 As previously announced, the sales growth is projected to further increase with the addition of its new location in Gilbert, AZ. Cache Elite, Inc. (ILUS) will be reporting the unaudited financials in the next two weeks to the OTC Markets.


Cache Elite, Inc. (ILUS) Announces Review of 2016 & Corporate Vision for 2017 & Beyond

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In 2016, Cache Elite, Inc. exceeded their goal in revenues, which will be released in the OTC Markets Quarterly in the upcoming weeks. These numbers were achieved at the Scottsdale physical locations and E-commerce website With the new store in Gilbert, AZ, an opportunity arises for a new record amount of growth in 2017. “Our relationships consist of an equilateral triangle. The company, client, and the shareholder must always be equal partners for a real majestic relationship to blossom. We cannot discount the importance of the relationships the company must have with its current and potential vendors. To survive in the upscale home goods market, attention to even the smallest details is necessary. If this attention is applied correctly and diligently to not only the products we sell and the vendors we choose or chose, but also the choices we make as a company, the chance of exponential growth is within our grasp,” said CEO Derrick McWilliams.

“2017 is the year to dig in and build a foundation that can put us in a position of strength for our future. We will look to add to the store count, but only when it seems in alignment for a win-win. Cache Elite will look to embrace and improve upon the Omni-channel of retailing which has all the signs of being the future of retail. Cache Elite will consist of brick and mortar locations Cache Cabinetry & Elite Knobs aided with a sleek, smooth E-commerce website, will allow us to pick and choose what will be on our sales floors but will still make it possible to have an extensive offering. They must all work in concert with each other, as well as with the human factor, to truly give the ultimate shopping experience. Cache Elite’s very existence was forged with a purpose and a desire to deliver a much better product at a much lower price than our competitors.  In the early part of 2017, as well as throughout, we will make significant announcements on committing to move up in the market tiers to show our transparency. Our goals are lofty, as our social media presence will show, but we believe our values and culture will get us to where we want to be. So, in 2017 Cache Elite looks to gain the utmost confidence from our shareholders, to earn the loyalty and patronage of our clients and to inspire dedication from our employees and management. We will try to keep our shareholders always informed and have chosen GlobeNewswire in 2017 as our vehicle for press releases and relevant information. We always want to align ourselves those who we believe to be the best at what they do,” added CEO Derrick McWilliams.




Start your research and due diligence on ILUS right now.

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