**BKIT** – This Hot Pharma Trade Gave Us +25% Profits In 3 Days The 1st Time I Alerted It!!!

February 2, 2017, By smallcapfirm,

New Trade Idea:

Blake Insomnia Therapeutics, Inc. (OTCQB: BKIT)

Research Report: www.breakawaystocks.com/bkit/index.html
Thursday’s Closing PPS: $1.00


After a decent trading session today with my latest marijuana play (ADVT) we are now aiming to finish this week on a high note with a groundbreaking insomnia pharmaceutical play that brought us substantial gains the first time I alerted it!

But before I get into the full report I want to recap today’s trading session with (ADVT). ADVT opened today in the green and provided traders with multiple intra-day swing opportunities. There were multiple opportunities throughout the day to get in @ around $0.011 and out @ around $0.012 for gains of at least +10pct. Day traders had more than a few real chances to lock in multiple profitable trades today.

Remember to always do your own research and due diligence and that I’m not a licensed financial advisor.

But now it’s time to direct your full attention to my new alert for Friday’s 2/03 trading session!

I’m talking about ticker BKIT! For those of you who don’t remember or just simply need your memory jogged, check this out…

The first time I alerted (BKIT) was on Tuesday 1/17. It ran from a low of $1.28 on Tuesday to a high of $1.60 on Thursday for real gains of +25pct in just 3 days!

After reaching its peak shares of BKIT experienced a healthy pullback and since then end of January valuation has been on the steady RISE!

BKIT now appears to be in FULL BREAKOUT MODE and traders who start their research now could be looking at more potential profits from this proven +25pct winner!

… BKIT is a +$1.00 trade opportunity that has been on a sweet ride up since the end of January.

Since January 27th, BKIT has steadily climbed from a low of $0.7102 to a high of $1.03! That’s a REAL +45pct increase in price per share in just 5 trading sessions!

Don’t forget that BKIT was trading as high as $1.60 back in mid January. A run back to just $1.60 from its current PPS would represent a REAL +60pct move up!

In fact; BKIT currently has a 9-day RSI of just 48! That means once it crosses 50 and into bullish territory traders could become witness to another wild run!

(BKIT) has real upside potential right now just like it did when I first alerted and it dished out +25pct profits to members here @ Small Cap Firm. Start your research on BKIT immediately.


BKIT is a solid insomnia pharmaceutical play that is loaded with substantial gain potential for the short-term.

Check out the HOT CHART on BKIT here…


Could history repeat itself? The last time shares of BKIT started heating up like this was back in January and it ran to a high of $1.60 from the same exact levels it as at right now.

On January 9th, BKIT ran from a low of $0.87 and hit a high of $1.60 per share on January 19th. 

Did you read what I just wrote? Traders got a REAL CHANCE to capture REAL GAINS of up to +83pct in just 8 trading sessions!

BKIT Company Profile

Blake Insomnia Therapeutics, Inc. is a New York-based pharmaceutical company devoted to improving nighttime and daytime quality of life for people with insomnia. Their patent-pending compound, Zleepax™ (ZLX-1), has demonstrated efficacy without causing side effects identified as the No. 1 problem with current sleep medication. Blake Insomnia completed its reverse merger into NASDAQ OTC in second half of 2015.

Company Website:


About Zleepax

Stress is one of the most common causes of insomnia. However, the relationship between insomnia and stress is complex—with the one often causing or exacerbating the other. A divorce or financial troubles, for example, can cause stress that leads to transient insomnia. This, in turn, can make the person less able to cope during the day, creating further stress. In a vicious circle, the further stress can eventually lead to intermittent or even chronic insomnia, where many patients name stress symptoms such as a pounding heart as what keep them awake at night.

Where traditional hypnotics “force” people to sleep by depressing the central nervous system, ZleepaxTM (ZLX-1) acts by diminishing the physical symptoms of stress that keep people awake at night.

The First Sleep Aid Using Beta Blockers

ZleepaxTM is the first sleep aid with beta blockers as the major active agent.

First generation beta blockers inhibited natural melatonin secretion and had a negative impact on sleep. Recent publications have shown that certain third-generation beta blockers actually improve quality of sleep for patients with mild hypertension.

These third-generation beta blockers has been widely used to treat hypertension since the early 1990s, is well tolerated in chronic use, has an attractive side-effect profile, and should thus perform excellently applied as a sleep enhancer. Their patent application cover the use of beta blockers such as Nebivolol—alone or in combination with other anti-insomnia drugs—for the treatment of stress-related insomnia.

No More Residual Daytime Sedation

According to patients, the No. 1 problem with traditional sleeping pills is residual daytime sedation. The potential for tolerance build-up and addiction are also major perceived disadvantages. Based on beta blockers, ZleepaxTM dramatically reduces these and many other unwanted side effects. This means that, in stark contrast to existing hypnotics, ZleepaxTM should be able to give many patients a better night’s sleep with fewer of the side effects they do not want.

Recent Breaking News

Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc. Seeks Financing for Clinical Trials

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc. (BKIT) is preparing to launch a fundraising drive to complete Phase II clinical testing of its patent-pending ZLX-1 compound for treating stress-related insomnia. The company has compiled a shortlist of appropriate investors to approach for funding.

Since the ZLX-1 patent application covers multiple active ingredient combinations, Phase II clinical testing will determine which combination and dosage will deliver the most potent effect. Completing Phase II clinical testing will require approximately $5 million. After successful completion of Phase II, the company will seek an additional $10 million for Phase Phase III testing, the final step required to receive FDA approval. Phase III trials involve widespread testing of the compound for potential side effects.

Blake Insomnia Therapeutics CEO Birger Jan Olsen says: “We are proceeding according to plan and we are now ready to meet with potential financial partners to fund Phase II clinical testing. We remain optimistic that we will be able to complete the clinical phase quickly, so we can bring this promising therapy to market.”

Continue reading here: www.finance.yahoo.com/news/blake-insomnia-therapeutics-inc-seeks-133000993.html



Knowing that members @ Small Cap Firm witnessed +25pct profits the first time I alerted this company and that it has a revolutionary pharmaceutical sleeping aid; Why hesitate?

Start your research and due diligence on BKIT now.

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