CMXC Coughs Up +15% Potential Gains & New Trade Alert Tonight @ 7:00PM ET

March 23, 2017, By smallcapfirm,

New MINING OTCQB Trade Alert:

Tonight 3/23/17 @ 7:00PM EST

My 3rd Potential Winning Trade Alert In A Row Is Coming Tonight @ 7PM ET… Keep Reading For The Juicy Details!


Boomshakalaka! My multi-day trade alert from Tuesday 3/21, (CMXC), is off to a great start and already coughed up +15pct potential gains!

It opened Tuesday’s 3/21 trading session at $0.33 and hit a current high of $0.38 on Wednesday 3/22.

CMXC still looks extremely bullish and I will be monitoring it very closely over the coming days.

I will make sure to keep you updated on any further breaking developments and be on the lookout for more potential higher highs.

Barchart still has an 80% OVERALL BULLISH rating for shares of CMXC as well. Take a look here:

Another thing I’ll still be monitoring as traders interest continues to widen is the company’s volume levels. On Tuesday 3/21 it traded more than 145k shares – that’s more than 6x its 30-day average. And valuation has obviously already started to benefit from this.

Congrats to all of my Small Cap Firm members who started researching CMXC after my initial alert.

AND DON’T FORGET: My trade alert before CMXC was ticker (ITMC) from Wednesday’s 3/15 trading session. ITMC was a substantial winner for Small Cap Firm members!

ITMC provided traders with MULTIPLE intra-day potential gains on Wednesday 3/15 and traded more than 18x its 30-day average volume. ITMC opened at $0.116 and hit a high of $0.131 – That’s a +12pct move up. Then ITMC retraced to $0.10 and BOUNCED BACK UP to $0.13 before noon on Wednesday 3/15 for more potential intra-day gains of at least +30pct!

It finished Wednesday’s 3/15 trading session @ $0.12. That’s also a +20pct move up from Wednesday’s low of $0.10! These types of swings happened numerous times during Wednesday’s 3/15 trading session with ITMC.

Congrats to everyone who also followed and profited from my alert on ITMC Wednesday last week.

Now You Need To Get Ready For My 3RD POTENTIAL WINNER In A Row Coming TONIGHT!

Tonight 3/23 @ 7:00PM ET I’m Announcing My New “MINING OTCQB” Trade Alert!

This company focuses on one of the top performing metals within the mining industry.

This company is currently trading around 50 cents and traders interest has recently skyrocketed through the roof.

Trading on the OTCQB with strong gain potential – This is definitely a company you will want to sink your teeth into right away and begin you research.

The Company I’m Bringing To Your FULL Attention Tonight 3/23 Is Trading On The OTCQB With Around $300k In Assets (JUST LIKE MY LAST +15pct WINNER).

Did I Mention That This MINING Company Is Doing Business In One of The Worlds Biggest, Most Well Known & Lucrative MINES?

Now… I want to remind you of how many VERIFIED WINNERS we have had the pleasure of witnessing over the past 6 months here @ Small Cap Firm!

Take a good look… And please don’t freak out if you happened to miss out on any of these AWESOME WINNERS! BECAUSE MORE ARE COMING!

Here Are My top Winning Trade Alerts From The Past 6 Months:

9/1/16 – (SMCE) Ran From .0248 to .035 = +41pct

9/6/16 – (DCLT) Ran From .0028 to .013 = +364pct

9/13/16 – (FLCR) Ran From .0016 to .0065 = +306pct

9/20/16 – (QPRC) Ran From .0022 to .006 = +172pct

9/23/16 – (BLGA) Ran From .0079 to .0155 = +96pct

9/27/16 – (PSNX) Ran From .0089 to .014 = +57pct

9/30/16 – (CORMF) Ran From .4601 to .558 = +21pct

10/04/16 – (AOXY) Ran From .05 to .11 = +120pct

10/07/16 – (ELRN) Ran From .01 to .0425 = +325pct

10/10/16 – (UNDT) Ran From .02 to .145 = +625pct

10/13/16 – (PLLX) Ran From .0388 to .1529 = +294pct

10/18/16 – (ABBY) Ran From .004 to .01534 = +283pct

10/21/16 – (EMAV) Ran From .005 to .0606 = +1112pct

10/25/16 – (ACNV) Ran From .007 to .018 = +157pct

10/27/16 – (NSEH) Ran From .012 to .0299 = +149pct

11/04/16 – (JFIL) Ran From .014 to .0375 = +167pct

11/09/16 – (CGYG) Ran From .03 to .06 = +100pct

11/18/16 – (DTST) Ran From .05995 to .13 = +116pct

11/28/16 – (IEGH) Ran From 5.00 to 5.95 = +19pct

12/02/16 – (KSIX) Ran From .36 to .48 = +33pct

12/06/16 – (STLT) Ran From .58 to .80 = +37pct

12/21/16 – (EMAV) Ran From .0065 to .024 = +269pct

12/22/16 – (ECEZ) Ran From .007 to .0101 = +44pct

12/27/16 – (AEXE) Ran From .0145 to .027 = +86pct

1/09/17 – (VPOR) Ran From .001 to .0068 = +580pct

1/10/17 – (KDRH) Ran From .0169 to .076 = +349pct

1/17/17 – (BKIT) Ran From 1.29 to 1.60 = +24pct

1/19/17 – (ASTI) Ran From .0023 to .0078 = +239pct

1/27/17 – (TLPC) Ran From .01765 to .20 = +1033pct

2/02/17 – (ADVT) Ran From .0098 to .03 = +206pct

2/06/17 – (OBMP) Ran From .22 to .42 = +90pct

2/08/17 – (ILUS) Ran From .04 to .053 = +32pct

2/10/17 – (HZNM) Ran From 1.40 to 1.67 = +19pct

2/13/17 – (AFOM) Ran From .185 to .24 = +29pct

2/14/17 – (GETH) Ran From .1751 to .235 = +34pct

2/23/17 – (SGMD) Ran From .1456 to .199 = +36pct

2/27/17 – (ADAC) Ran From .39 to .53 = +35pct

3/08/17 – (KOSK) Ran From .0212 to .035 = +65pct



Now Do You See Why You Subscribed To Receive My Super Juicy Trade Alerts? πŸ™‚


Now Let Me Give You A Realer Potential Scenario:

Let’s Say Someone Captured Just Half The +7,764pct gains

That Would Bring The Total Gains Down To +3,882

Now Let’s Say Someone Lost Half Those Profits To The Losers We’ve Also Had Here @ Small Cap Firm

That Brings The Total Down To +1,941

Are You Paying Attention?

Even With Just Capturing Half The Potential +7,764pct Profits From My Biggest Winners Over The Past 6 Months & Losing Half Those Profits To the Losers We’ve Also Had; Someone Would Still Be “IN THE MONEY” By +1,941pct!

That’s Like Turning $5k Into Over $102k!

These Are Real Numbers Folks! Add It Up Yourself If You Don’t Believe Me!

And With That Being Said…



1.) Tonight 3/23 @ 7:00PM ET I’m Bringing To You Attention A Company Currently Trading @ Around $0.50.

2.) This Company Is Operating Within The Mega Mining Sector & According To An Article Posted On Vancouver Sun; The mining exploration sector has a brighter outlook for 2017!

3.) The Chart On This Mining Play Has Been Heating Up Big Time Over Recent Trading Sessions & Looks Extremely Bullish For The Short-Term.

4.) Investor Interest Has Been Increasing By The Numbers & Traders Are Already Seeing Substantial Profits From This Mining Sector Gem

5.) The 14-day is currently bullish and signaling significant potential short-term growth

6.) Tonight 3/23 @ 7:00PM I Will Be Sending You My Full Groundbreaking Report On This New OTCQB Mining Trade Alert!



NOW PLEASE!! Do yourself a major favor and take a super good look at my:

Short-Term Trading Tips & Strategies E-Book

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This really is a “MUST READ” for all of my members who are just starting to trade or even for those of you who just want to further boost your trading acumen.

Make Sure To Bookmark This Page

I’ll be posting my new trade alert to my Featured Alert Page @ Exactly 7:00PM EST! All you have to do is refresh this page Tonight 3/23 @ 7:00PM EST SHARP to get the Full Report instantly.




New MINING OTCQB Trade Alert:

Tonight 3/23/17 @ 7:00PM EST





























Make sure to always do your own research and due diligence on any day and swing trade alert I bring to your attention. I am not a licensed financial advisor. All potential percentage gains are based on from the open to the high of day.




















































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Also always remember that every single alert I send is very volatile and risky. Any one of them could turn into a big loser. In my personal opinion, no matter how much potential any company has, 99pct of the time all that matters is how it trades. If a company doesn’t trade well, nothing else matters. Don’t believe the hype. Be sure to use a tight stop, book gains quickly on these volatile trades, never let any one trade move too far against you, watch out for gaps, make sure the company is trading in a healthy way before you enter, and monitor it closely to make sure momentum is positive. It’s always safest to book gains quickly, even on alerts with long-term potential. (Amateur biased unlicensed opinions)

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