**EARK** Is My New Trade Alert!! $8.91 Million in REVENUE + $11.9 Million in TOTAL CASH!

November 20, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

New Trade Alert:

Ecoark Holdings, Inc. (EARK)

Friday’s 11/18 Closing PPS: $5.86


Back In August EARK announced that its portfolio company, Eco3d, Partnered with Regal Entertainment Group to Complete Recliner Seating Conversions Throughout Their National Portfolio of Theaters Across The United States!

Now how many times have you gone out on a Friday night to see a brand new movie at REGAL CINEMAS! This company is doing HUGE things to date!

Get EARK pulled up Front & Center on your trading screen and begin your research immediately!

EARK is poised for a potential short-term breakout.

EARK has closed GREEN in the last couple of trading sessions, signaling a rally could be about to take place…

… EARK has been building up strong support levels @ the current trading range according to recent Level2 Quotes.

Please remember I am not a licensed financial advisor and cannot direct you on how to trade any of my picks!

EARK is unlike any other trading idea that I have brought to members of Small Cap Firm this year, being that EARK is trading just under $6.00 a share!

On October 24th, EARK hit a high of $6.25 – If EARK made a move back to $6.25 from Friday’s close of $5.86, it would represent easy gains of +6pct!

Now I know you might be thinking to yourself who cares about 6pct worth of gains and I agree, we have had much bigger winners here at Small Cap Firm like the +100pct winner we just witnessed on Friday 11/18… BUT… This is a very, very different type of trade alert as it is trading at much higher prices than my usual alerts!

So… If smart money put $3000.00 into EARK @ around $5.86 and got out @ around $6.25 that $3000.00 investment would then turn into $3,180!

Now a $180 profit on one single trade and in one single day is nothing to turn away from!

HOWEVER; IF EARK catches FIRE we could be looking at DOUBLE to TRIPLE DIGIT gains based on very recent highs!

On September 22nd, EARK hit a high of $12.00 – If EARK made a move back to $12.00 from Friday’s close of $5.86, it would represent a total percentage run of +104pct!

EARK has substantial UPSIDE potential right now!

Hurry up and get started right away on your own due diligence!

Facts To Remember

EARK appears to now be a solid day/swing trading idea! EARK has consolidated near strong support levels and has closed GREEN in recent trading sessions. A short-term breakout could be imminent!

EARK has trailing twelve months REVENUE of $8.91M + $11.9M in TOTAL CASH!

EARK has a current serious 52-week high of $25.025!

Now I’m definitely not trying to hint that EARK is going to run back to +$25.00 from its current price but what I am saying is that based on the 52-week high, EARK clearly has a crap load of UPSIDE potential!

The company has released a string of ground breaking developments over the passed few months – Proving that EARK is the REAL DEAL!

Important Breaking News From Yahoo

1.) Regal Entertainment Group Partners With Eco3d to Complete Recliner Seating Conversions Throughout National Portfolio of Theaters

ROGERS, AR–(Marketwired – August 17, 2016) – Ecoark Holdings, Inc. (EARK), a provider of a growing suite of proprietary technologies and services that drive sustainability and facilitate sustainable growth for a wide range of clients, today announced that its portfolio company, Eco3d, has been selected by Regal Entertainment Group to provide 2d and 3d deliverables as solutions for the renovation and recliner seating conversion projects within their national portfolio of theaters across the United States.

Eco3d has virtualized the physical environment of each theater auditorium and digitally documented it in both 2d and 3d, allowing for optimal seating installation. Eco3d was able to accurately capture measurements of each theater — a crucial factor of the renovation considering the complexity of auditoriums in terms of slopes, grades, screens, and seating — all while eliminating human error and enhancing efficiency over traditional surveying methods.

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2.) Ecoark Holdings, Inc. Subsidiary Announces Teaming Arrangement With InSolare for Commercial Solar Installations

ROGERS, AR–(Marketwired – October 06, 2016) – Ecoark Holdings, Inc. (EARK) (“Ecoark”), a provider of a growing suite of proprietary technologies and services that drive sustainability and facilitate sustainable growth for a wide range of clients, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary Magnolia Solar, Inc. (Magnolia) has signed a Teaming Arrangement with India-based InSolare Energy Pvt. Ltd. (InSolare) to bring Magnolia’s patented solar photovoltaic (PV) technology to market.

The initial purchase order is for a study of feasibility for applying Magnolia’s thin-film solar PV technology to an existing installation on a commercial property.

“When we merged with Magnolia back in March, the investment thesis was that we could leverage our extensive commercial relationships in the U.S. to continue their commercialization efforts and more efficiently drive market penetration for Magnolia’s thin-film technology,” said Randy May, Chairman and CEO of Ecoark. “Additionally, with the significant drop in solar installation costs, and the increasing prevalence of solar installations, the opportunity to penetrate the market with Magnolia’s technology is something we can capitalize on today.

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3.) Ecoark Holdings, Inc. Provides Sustainable Products to Largest Big Box Retailers

ROGERS, AR–(Marketwired – October 20, 2016) – Ecoark Holdings, Inc. (“Ecoark”) (EARK), a provider of a growing suite of proprietary technologies and services that drive sustainability and facilitate sustainable growth for a wide range of clients, today commented on its continued penetration of the recycled products industry.

As highlighted in a recent feature article from Talk Business & Politics, Ecoark has continued to grow its share of the $8B plastics polymer business by creating a fully integrated end-to-end solution for the entire lifecycle of a product, from reclamation to development to sale. This vertically integrated approach, achieved through its wholly-owned subsidiary Pioneer Products LLC and the recently acquired Sable Polymer Solutions, allows Ecoark to control more of the manufacturing process, enabling the Company to sell its product to big box retailers with greater profit potential.

The acquisition of Sable allows Pioneer to be aggressive with costs because it controls more of the supply chain. Sable also offers a non-commoditized resin product, sourced from a natural pellet material from a manufacturer in Puerto Rico that is sterile grade, allowing the Company to expand out of retail into verticals such as the automotive and healthcare industries and generate higher revenues with a greater expansion of profit margins.

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4.) Exclusive: Ecoark Looks To Tackle The $160Bn Food Waste Problem

The fresh food supply chain undergoes a ton of waste. The loss in fresh food nearly costs producers and retailers $160Bn in the US alone. Despite this huge sum, the market to cut down this waste has largely gone unaddressed by corporate America.

Ecoark Holdings Inc (OTC: EARK) is taking steps to address this market and it could ultimately be a win for several parties: the grower, the retailer and the consumer. The biggest challenge around fresh food supply is the amount of waste in the supply chain.

To address this problem, Ecoark acquired technology company Intelleflex for $2.5M. Through this acquisition, the company has developed proprietary cloud-based software called ZEST Fresh to address the problem of waste in the food supply chain.

“What makes our solution unique is that we don’t lose visibility throughout the supply chain at pallet level. No one else is doing that,” said Ecoark CEO Randy May in an exclusive interview with Benzinga.

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Business Description

About Eco3d

Eco3d is the largest stand-alone service provider of its kind in the country, with expertise in seven vertical markets, with rapid growth, nationally and internationally, in 2d and 3d documentation. Eco3d works on custom projects integrating the latest technologies in industries including: construction, process plants, healthcare, retail, real estate, civil, and forensic investigation.

The company measures existing topographic, structural, mechanical, and architectural conditions using a variety of instruments, and then creates highly accurate computerized documentation of these conditions in 2d and 3d replications. This information is used for renovation, construction, and documentation to save money and assist in risk mitigation.

About Magnolia Solar

Magnolia Solar, Inc. strives to develop and produce low cost, high efficiency, thin film solar cell modules. Their goal is to make strong impact towards green technology. Magnolia´s thin film solar cells offer – substantially lower cost than crystalline solar cells, use less expensive materials, significant gains in efficiency vs. other thin film cells and modules by application of proprietary nano/micro technologies; and, has the potential for lowest cost/watt solar technology. At Magnolia Solar, Inc. their main priority is to provide customers and business partners with unparalleled R & D, product development, manufacturing strategy and new generation products in solar cell industry.

About Intelleflex

Intelleflex’s ZEST Data Services is a secure, multi-tenant cloud-based data collection platform for aggregating and real-time permission-based sharing of information. ZEST Fresh, a fresh food management solution that utilizes the ZEST Data Service platform, focuses on three primary value propositions – consistent food quality, reduced waste, and improved food safety. ZEST Fresh empowers workers with real-time tools and alerts that improve efficiency while driving quality consistency through best practice adherence on every pallet. ZEST Delivery provides real-time monitoring and control for prepared food delivery containers, helping delivery and dispatch personnel ensure the quality and safety of delivered food.

About Pioneer Products

As the initial acquisition in the EcoArk portfolio, Pioneer Products laid the foundation for EcoArk’s commitment to integrated technology and innovative product formulations. Pioneer Products began by creating new consumer products using plastic reclaimed from retailers’ waste streams. Pioneer Products’ reclaimed 45-gallon garbage can has enjoyed years of consistent shelf placement in 3600 Walmart stores in the continental U.S., a testament to the reputation and fully-integrated solutions that this subsidiary provides.

Building on a platform of proven retail success, Pioneer Products now leverages its solidified reputation and strategic network by acting as a broker for other products and private labels that fit into their brand portfolio.

About Ecoark Holdings Inc.

Based in Rogers AR and founded in 2011, Ecoark Holdings, Inc. is a growth-oriented company based in the retail and logistics hub of Northwest Arkansas. Ecoark’s portfolio of technology solutions increase operational visibility and improve organizational transparency for a wide range of corporate clients.

Ecoark’s technologies fight waste in Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chains across the evolving global economy. Ecoark’s portfolio of companies and technologies work to integrate people, processes, and data in order to overcome ingrained operational hurdles and create new revenue streams.

Ecoark’s vision is to expose the cycles of waste that reduce efficiency and cost effectiveness across the business landscape. Ecoark’s strategically acquired subsidiaries have anticipated and responded to key economic factors impacting every business today.

Company Website:






Company Phone:

(479) 259-2977



Start your research and due diligence right now on my…


Brand New Short-Term Day/Swing Trade Alert **EARK**


P.S. – My track record this year has been seriously awesome! Just take a look at some of my verified winning trade ideas below:

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11/18/16 – (DTST) Ran From .05995 to .13 = +116pct

These Percentage Runs Are Based From The Open To HOD











Additional Sources:

Yahoo: www.finance.yahoo.com/quote/EARK?p=EARK

OTCMarkets: www.Otcmarkets.com/stock/EARK/profile


Make sure to always do your own research and due diligence on any day and swing trade alert I bring to your attention.


















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Also always remember that every single alert I send is very volatile and risky. Any one of them could turn into a big loser. In my personal opinion, no matter how much potential any company has, 99pct of the time all that matters is how it trades. If a company doesn’t trade well, nothing else matters. Don’t believe the hype. Be sure to use a tight stop, book gains quickly on these volatile trades, never let any one trade move too far against you, watch out for gaps, make sure the company is trading in a healthy way before you enter, and monitor it closely to make sure momentum is positive. It’s always safest to book gains quickly, even on alerts with long-term potential. (Amateur biased unlicensed opinions)


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