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December 29, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

New MONSTER Trade Idea:

Fandom Sports Media Corp. (OTCQB: FDMSF)

Wednesday’s Closing PPS: $0.053

****Fandom Sports Media Corp. is also traded on the Canadian Exchange under ticker (CNSX: FDM)!

Get the Canadian Exchange Quote here:

Before I get into my full profile on (FDMSF) I want to remind you about my 3 latest insane winners in a row!

On 12/27 I alerted (AEXE) and it hit a high on 12/28 of $.027 from my initial alert price of $.0145! That means savvy traders had a REAL CHANCE to capture REAL PROFITS of up to +86%!

Last Thursday 12/22 I alerted (ECEZ) which flew +44% in a single day! It opened Thursday’s trading session at $0.007 and hit an intra-day high of $0.0101!

Then let’s not forget about my HUGE triple digit gainer from Wednesday’s 12/21 trading session (EMAV)!

It ran from a low of $0.0065 to a HIGH of $0.024 in the afternoon for REAL Potential PROFITS of up to +269%!

Now let’s get back to today’s business!

FDMSF is a nickel trade opportunity that could bring traders at least +64% profits today. Don’t wait and start your research now. Get ready!

FDMSF could bring traders gains of up to at least +64% today based on the fact that it hit a high of $0.087 in August!

The 9-day RSI is currently @ 39; Hovering right around OVERSOLD levels, FDMSF could present traders with an incredible bounce opportunity today!

Miss Tuesday’s +86% winner? Don’t miss (FDMSF).

FDMSF is an exceptional trade opportunity on the OTCQB that is packed with juicy gain potential.

In fact, it could very easily top last Tuesday’s alert which ran from a low of $.0145 and hit a high of $0.027 on Wednesday for gains of up to +86% in just two days.

Trading activity has been minimal to date and valuation recently increased more than +100% in just two trading sessions.

This fact suggest that once FDMSF experiences an influx in above average trading volume the potential gains could be monstrous!

Check out the recent chart on FDMSF here…


As you can see, the recent trading activity clearly shows how FDMSF is more than capable of making immense runs even on minimal trading volume.

Remember to always do your own research and due diligence and that I’m not a licensed financial advisor.

FDMSF has a super tiny market-cap of just $3.5M!

Remember that all of my recent big winners also had super tiny market-caps!

FDMSF also has a relatively decent sized float of just 33 million shares.

Get FDMSF front & center on your trading screen immediately and begin your research now!

FDMSF Company Profile

FanDom Sports Media is an aggregator, curator, and producer of unique fan-focused content. We’re like that fun guy or girl at the sports bar or Super Bowl party that everyone wants to hang out with. Fun. Friendly. Smart. Entertaining.

Our companion mobile platform, the FanDom Sports App, brings together interactive debate features and “off the field” content that all sports fans – from hard core sports fanatics, part-time gamers, and sports lifestyle enthusiasts– will love and engage with on a daily basis.

The FanDom Sports App is a mobile application that will revolutionize how sports fans connect. The App will allow fans to interact, debate and argue on selected sports topics in a structured way, as well as test their knowledge of sports trivia – all the while being rewarded for their participation. Fans will also have access to a host of professional athletes, through “off the field” branded and custom content on the App as well as in person at our sponsored events.

The Sports Industry is a multibillion-dollar business and FanDom Sports has devised a way to monetize the final frontier.


Company Website:





FanDom Sports Media has a management team with all the requisite skills to make FanDom a major player in the sports entertainment industry. The board of directors has a mix of strengths and experience in both the public markets and the tech sector.

The board is well decorated with awards earned through work on past apps and games. The Company has identified multiple revenue streams, from the selling of ad space, sponsorships (both local & national) and in-app purchases within the FanDom Sports App. The app was also built as a widget, which will enable sports teams to implement FanDom’s “white label” back end Argument Engine™ on their own team apps to promote more engagement, i.e. increased “stickiness” with their fans.


Their revenue model is based on delivering quality content that is relevant to advertiser’s target audiences while engaging all levels of sports “fandom.” The FanDom Sports App is designed to support multiple revenue streams:

Traditional advertising units (pre-roll, post-roll, banners, buttons)

Sponsorship (local & national), including events that bring FanDom users together in the real world

Custom branded content, in particular under FanDom Life section where they will match advertisers/brands with athletes, celebs and/or fans to create compelling original sports-themed content

In-app purchases that allow users to gain status in the “Sport Court” for exclusive posting privileges/content, prizes, and invitations to sponsored events

Bloggers, pundits, athletes and tastemakers can all get involved as a content (argument) contributor for the FanDom Sports App. As an argument contributor, you will share in sponsorship and ad revenue based on traffic and user activity.


A unique sports-related debate resolution platform targeting all kinds of sports fans.

Explosive growth in sector anticipated.

Strong management team with many years combined experience.

Technical team accredited with many successes within the app and game industries.

Excellent access to capital internationally.

Recent Breaking News From FDMSF

Fandom Sports Media Corp. Closes Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of $271,500

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2016 / FanDom Sports Media Corp. (CNSX:FDM) (FDMSF) (TQ42.F) (“FanDom Sports” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has raised gross proceeds of $271,500 pursuant to the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange (the “Exchange” or the “CSE”) and will issue 5,430,000 Units (the “Units”) at $0.05 per Unit. Each Unit consists of one common share and one warrant. Each warrant is exercisable at $0.10 per common share for two years from closing (the “Private Placement”). The CEO and director of the Company Blair Naughty, through a wholly owned company Canal Front Investments Inc., has subscribed for an aggregate of 2,960,000 Units for total proceeds of $148,000. All common shares and warrants issued pursuant to the Private Placement may not be transferred until April 20, 2017.

View the full release here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fandom-sports-media-corp-closes-110000999.html

Fandom Sports Set To Launch New App In January

Sports fans have a new way to interact with each other during games.

Fandom Sports Media (OTC:FDMSF), a digital technology development company, is launching FanDom, a new app that connects fans to with other fans, athletes, and live events. The app is set to launch in the Apple and Google Play stores in January, just in time for the NFL playoffs.

FanDom is a “sportsbar in the palm of your hand”, said CEO Blair Naughty.

Fandom Sports Media will target the more than 75 million sports fans across the U.S. and Canada who are active on social media and may be looking for a new platform to connect with fellow fans. The company plans on generating revenue from the app via licensing partnerships with sports brands.

View the full release here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fandom-sports-set-launch-app-191108603.html



FDMSF has strong potential to top Tuesday’s 12/27 alert which ran from a low of $0.0145 to a high of $0.027 on Wednesday for gains of up to +86% in just two days!

If you missed out on my most recent winner then make sure to get FDMSF front and center on your trading screen immediately! Start your research and due diligence on FDMSF now.

P.S. – My track record this year has been seriously awesome! Just take a look at some of my biggest verified winning trade ideas below:

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These Percentage Runs Are Based From The Open To HOD



Make sure to always do your own research and due diligence on any day and swing trade alert I bring to your attention. I am not a licensed financial advisor.




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