**FLSR** This Sub-Penny MONSTER Could Be My New Triple Digit Runner!

December 12, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

New Sub-Penny Trade Alert:


Monday’s Closing PPS: $0.0059


If you’re just now joining me here at Small Cap Firm then welcome! You’ve joined just in time for my brand new SUB-PENNY pick – FLSR!

Now take a look at 3 of my biggest sub-penny winners from earlier this year:

1.) 9/6/16 – (DCLT) Ran From .0028 to .013 = +364pct

2.) 10/21/16 – (EMAV) Ran From .005 to .0606 = +1112pct

3.) 10/25/16 – (ACNV) Ran From .007 to .018 = +157pct

Please note that these percentage gains are configured from the open to HOD.

So did you miss out any of the monster sub-penny plays listed above? If you did it’s alright, just hurry up and get ticker FLSR front & center on your trading screen!

I’m very excited about my latest sub-penny trade idea and by the time you’re done reading about its stunning setup in this report, I expect you to feel the same way.

FLSR only has 30 million shares outstanding with a microscopic market-cap of just $211k!

Due to FLSR having such a tight share structure; Savvy traders could be witness to super juicy profits on Tuesday if volume continues to pick up steam!

Since the beginning of November FLSR has climbed more than 400pct from its 52-week lows. This bullish momentum has clearly spiked investor interest and volume levels are already dramatically increasing.

If you take a look at the chart right now you will see that it’s SCORCHING! View the chart here:


As always… Please remember I’m not a licensed financial advisor.

FLSR has added more than +400pct to lower valuations since November 11th! The short-term profit potential is HUGE! WHY WAIT?

FLSR has CRAZY UPSIDE potential of up to +1,171pct from the current undervalued valuation!

I’m not suggesting that we will see gains of +1,171pct on Tuesday but FLSR definitely has more than enough room to RUN NORTH!

This real triple digit gain potential is based on the FACT that FLSR was trading as high as $0.075 back in May!

As you can see, the strong gain potential on FLSR is astonishing. Start your research and due diligence on this sub-penny monster immediately.​​​​​​​

BARCHART has given (FLSR) a 40pct OVERALL GREEN Rating!


Short-Term Technical Indicators

20 Day Moving Average Vs Price: GREEN

20 – 50 Day MACD Oscillator: GREEN

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Analysis: BULLISH

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Fibonacci Analysis: BULLISH

Now what does FLSR actually do?

FLSR offers a portable spittoon that allows people to enjoy smokeless tobacco.

Check out FLSR’s awesome product here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Bull-FLASR-Portable-Spittoon/dp/B00XWUQUEU/ref=lp_12723672011_1_1?srs=12723672011&ie=UTF8&qid=1481472449&sr=8-1

FLSR is already making immense moves in the smokeless tobacco space and announced that it is close to securing $3M in funding that will enable the company to fill several large orders and substantially boost revenues!

Read the full corporate development here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/flasr-inc-nears-completion-restructuring-204700771.html

That news was released on April 27th but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the recent uprising in valuation!

About FLSR

The Company sells through wholesale distribution to convenience stores and direct sales online, pocket-sized, portable spittoons, or FLASR, which allow moist snuff users to contain tobacco byproducts.

A FLASR is a broad flattened necked vessel used especially to contain moist tobacco by product. Their FLASR are 3.25 ounces, made of durable polypropylene and have a thumb lock twist for one-handed operation. Polyethelene is known for its outstanding toughness (impact strength), has moderate stiffness (tensile strength) and is used in many products including stadium drink cups, reusable food containers (Tupperware), automotive interiors parts, and products with a living hinge design.

The unit and its materials are also highly recyclable. FLASR is reusable, but it has a limited life span. FLASR’s size and shape make it unobtrusive so individuals can easily conceal it on their person and use it openly in public environments without drawing unwanted attention.

Watch how to use the FLASR here:

Product Description

FLASR is a portable spittoon that can be used in public without the stigma that cups and other spittoons create. Featuring the exclusive Thumb-Lok Twist Cap for one-handed operation, you can pull it from your pocket, open it and use it without any fuss or mess. Designed by smokeless tobacco users for smokeless tobacco users, it’s safe and easy to conceal, giving you a discreet, convenient dip spit bottle. The new “Bull” design celebrates their love of rodeos and partnership with Championship Bull Riding. With this sleek look and a locking mechanism that virtually eliminates spills and leaks, FLASR is the perfect chewing tobacco accessory.

Check out the FLASR Portable Spittoon by visiting this link: https://www.amazon.com/Bull-FLASR-Portable-Spittoon/dp/B00XWUQUEU/ref=lp_12723672011_1_1?srs=12723672011&ie=UTF8&qid=1481472449&sr=8-1​​​​​​​

Market Outlook

Information Resources Inc. (IRI)’s Infoscan data shows that for the 52-week period ending April 19, 2015, c-stores rang up nearly $5.7B in smokeless tobacco sales, an increase of 5.8%. Of that $5.7B—approximately $5.4B—came from chewing tobacco and snuff, with only a small portion, slightly over $214M, generated by spitless tobacco.

C-store retailers are seeing the consumer shift to smokeless products first hand.

Fred Faulkner, sales and marketing director for Jaco Oil/Fastrip Food Stores Inc. of Bakersfield, Calif., noted that he is seeing customers increasingly move to smokeless as an alternative to cigarettes due to smoking restrictions.

“Flavor additions are a positive move (by) the tobacco companies. Packaging is a challenge since many of the flavors and styles all look the same. It can be intimidating for an employee to find the right item,” he said.

The main driver of smokeless sales at Fastrip’s 53 stores is moist tobacco, Faulkner reported, with the top performers being Copenhagen, Skoal and Grizzly.

Faulkner said c-stores need to redefine the smokeless space to make it easier to shop.

They also need to delete older, slower items more quickly. Promotions, Falkner added, can encourage multiple purchases and create awareness in the category.

Source: http://www.cstoredecisions.com/2015/05/28/c-store-retailers-see-solid-smokeless-tobacco-sales/

FLSR has added more than +400pct to lower valuations since November 11th! The short-term profit potential is HUGE! WHY WAIT?

FLSR has CRAZY UPSIDE potential of up to +1,171pct from current undervalued valuation!

I’m not suggesting that we will see gains of +1,171pct on Tuesday but FLSR definitely has more than enough room to RUN NORTH!

This real triple digit gain potential is based on the FACT that FLSR was trading as high as $0.075 back in May!



Start your research and due diligence right now on my…

Brand New Short-Term Day/Swing Trade Alert **FLSR**

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These Percentage Runs Are Based From The Open To HOD



Additional Sources:

Yahoo: www.finance.yahoo.com/quote/FLSR?p=FLSR

OTCMarkets: www.Otcmarkets.com/stock/FLSR/profile

StockTA: www.stockta.com/cgi-bin/analysis.pl?symb=FLSR&cobrand=&mode=stock



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