IEGH – Is Now UP +26% But Is RESTRICTED @ Multiple Online Brokerage Firms!! Read my FULL UPDATE NOW!

November 28, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

New Trade Alert:

IEG Holdings Corp. (OTCQX: IEGH)

Current Trading Range: $5.00 – $5.75

IEGH has already ran from a low of $5.00 to a high of $5.75 this morning for potential gains of +15pct!

IEGH’s volume is steadily picking up but there is something you need to know…

… I’ve just found out that ticker IEGH is restricted from online trading at multiple brokerage firms!

This means that if you try to go place an order to trade IEGH you might receive a message saying for example:

“ERROR – Orders for this security cannot be accepted online at this time. For further assistance with placing this order, please call Customer Service.”

I apologize for this but this is something I couldn’t have known until this morning.

I’m on the hunt right now for a NEW ALERT and I will be releasing this potential MONSTER to you sometime later this week! Keep your eyes peeled…

So don’t worry, if you couldn’t get your hands on IEGH today we will definitely make up for it this week!

I’ll also be keeping a very close eye on IEGH for the rest of today’s trading session for more potential HIGHER HIGHS. But like I said, a lot of my members are not even able to get into IEGH today due to it being restricted from online trading at multiple mainstream brokerage firms.

For those of you who are playing IEGH right now, IEGH is looking great!

The bids are continuing to strengthen and move up and IEGH is now currently up +26pct!

IEGH also released BREAKING NEWS this morning! Check it out below…

Paul Mathieson, IEG Holdings Corporation Chairman, Announces Private Offering of $10M 12% 10-Year, Unsecured Notes

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – November 28, 2016) – IEG Holdings Corporation (IEGH)announced today the launch of its private offering of up to $10M aggregate principal amount of its 12% senior unsecured notes due December 31, 2026 (the “Notes”), on a self-underwritten basis. There can be no assurance that the private offering of Notes will be completed. IEGH intends to use the net proceeds of the offering to increase the size of its loan book.

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Please remember to always do your own research and due diligence and I’m not a licensed financial advisor.

Read my full initial report on IEGH below –

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Also always remember that every single alert I send is very volatile and risky. Any one of them could turn into a big loser. In my personal opinion, no matter how much potential any company has, 99pct of the time all that matters is how it trades. If a company doesn’t trade well, nothing else matters. Don’t believe the hype. Be sure to use a tight stop, book gains quickly on these volatile trades, never let any one trade move too far against you, watch out for gaps, make sure the company is trading in a healthy way before you enter, and monitor it closely to make sure momentum is positive. It’s always safest to book gains quickly, even on alerts with long-term potential. (Amateur biased unlicensed opinions)

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