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New Momentum Trade Alert:

Jubilant Flame International, Ltd. (JFIL)

Yesterday’s Closing PPS: 0.014


This morning we’re taking a close look at a play that has epic potential, so let’s get started.

Let me introduce you to Jubilant Flame International – JFIL.

JFIL is a higher tier OTCQB company. See it’s listing here:

JFIL is no stranger to epic gains:

In just two days at the end of September JFIL climbed quickly from .01 all the way to .045.

That’s a 350% run!

Since that time JFIL slipped back and spent most of the month of October right around its current levels. It closed Thursday at just .014.

A whole month building a base?

A bounce back up from here could be a lot of fun to watch – a return to .045 could be a gain of over 220%!

EFIL is relatively thinly traded, with a tiny market value of just over $170K.

We’ve seen multiple low float plays in the past couple of months that have seen monster runs.

Will JFIL be next?

Currently the RSI of just 36.38 suggests that it is oversold.

According to StockTA the next significant level of resistance (as measured by confluence) is all the way up at .05.

In other words, if we see a bounce here… there could be room to run.

Now no one is saying that they expect it to reach .05 in the short-term, yet a bounce of even a fraction of that is certainly worthy of our attention…

… so get started on your research immediately.

About Jubilant Flame


Jubilant Flame is a wholesale distributor of cosmetics and medical supplies throughout North America that brings new technology and products to its customer base. While headquartered in Los Angeles, JFIL has offices in Shanghai, China and Vancouver Canada.

The company holds exclusive distribution licenses for BioMark Technologies China and REPORA International Ltd (a distributor for Beautee Collagen, a Korean based cosmetics’ company) for North America.

JFIL’s product lines are currently available for purchase. See the cosmetics line here: http://www.jubilantflame.com/collections

JFIL is an OTCQB company, meaning it is on a higher exchange than most OTC companies due to the company’s commitment to transparency and higher reporting standards.

Just a few days ago JFIL announced the appointment of a new CFO. See the news release here:

Currently at .014 there could be a significant upside.

Get started on your research right away. Feel free to start with the links within this report. Additional information can be found at:




It is important that you realize the highly speculative nature of this situation.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it and always consult a professional.








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