**KOSK** Is My Brand New $0.02 Stock Alert With EXPLOSIVE HISTORY & +700% UPSIDE Potential!

March 7, 2017, By smallcapfirm,

New Trade Idea:

One Step Vending Corp. (KOSK)

Current Price Per Share: $0.021



Before I jump straight into the full report I want to remind everyone here @ Small Cap Firm why you need to be giving ticker (KOSK) your full and undivided attention for Wednesday’s 3/08 trading session.

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2.) The Winners = +365pct, The Losers = -80pct


(Total potential profits is based on from the open to high of day)

Now try not to drool on yourself as we take a look at some of my BIGGEST recent INSANE WINNERS:

1.) (ASTI) – I alerted on 1/19/17 and it went from a low of $0.0023 on 1/19 and soared to a high of $0.0078 (On Monday 1/23) for real potential profits of +239pct!

2.) (KDRH) – I alerted on Tuesday 1/10. It opened Tuesday’s trading session at $0.0169 and SOARED to a high of $0.076 for real potential intra-day gains of +349pct!

3.) (TLPC) – I alerted 1/27/17 @ 9:30AM and it exploded more than +2,566pct from the previous close! It opened @ $0.01765 and it hit an intra-day high of $0.20! That represents a REAL +1,033pct RUN!

4.) (ADVT) – Skyrocketed from a low of $0.0098 on February 2nd to a high $0.03 on 2/13 for REAL POTENTIAL PROFITS of +206pct!

Add It UP:


With just 4 of my picks alone this year traders have witnessed REAL potential profits of up to +1,827pct… Start your research instantly on my newest and burning hot chart alert: (KOSK)!


**KOSK** Is A +2 Cent Trading Idea With A GIGANTIC +700pct In UPSIDE POTENTIAL! This is based on the fact that it has a current 52-week high of $0.17!

(KOSK) Has A Blazing Chart With EXPLOSIVE HISTORY!

On 02/03/17 (KOSK) Went From A Low Of $0.0049 And Literally SKYROCKETED To A High Of $0.0249 On 02/13/17! That’s A REAL JAW-DROPPING RUN OF +408% In Just 7 Consecutive Trading Sessions!

Look @ The SHOCKING CHART Instantly – Visit This Link Now: https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/KOSK/technical-chart


Here Are A Few More Key Past BREAKOUTS That You NEED Take Into Consideration…​​​​

1.) On 04/05/16 (KOSK) Opened @ $0.055 And Soared To A High Of $0.17 For Potential Gains Of Up To +209pct In A Single Day!

2.) On 07/05/16 (KOSK) Went From A Low Of $0.073 To A High Of $0.125 On 07/11/16 For Potential Gains Of Up To +71pct In Just 5 Days!

3.) On 07/21/16 (KOSK) Went From A Low Of $0.04 To A High Of $0.105 On 07/25/16 For Potential Gains Of Up To +162pct!

4.) THE MOST RECENT BREAKOUT: On 3/02/17 (KOSK) Went From A Low Of $0.0081 And EXPLODED To A HIGH Of $0.023… TODAY 3/07 For REAL Potential Gains Of Up To +183pct!




Get **KOSK** Front & Center On Your Trading Screen Immediately For Tomorrow’s 3/08 Trading Session!

The 14-Day RSI Is Currently Extremely Bullish @ 65. This Strongly Suggests That (KOSK) Is Poised To Continue Its BULLISH SHORT-TERM RALLY!

REMEMBER: (KOSK) Has A 52-Week High Of $0.17. At Its Current Undervalued Price Per Share; Traders Could Be Looking @ Triple Digit Potential Profits Tomorrow.


And If All That Wasn’t Enough…


… (KOSK) Has A Tiny +$4.2 Million Market-Cap And Is Already Generating Revenues & Gross Profits Within A NICHE MARKET PLACE!

(KOSK) Has Trailing Twelve Months Revenues Of +$267k & +$132k In GROSS PROFITS!


I’m Not The Only One Who Is Bullish On Ticker (KOSK)…


… Barchart Has Given (KOSK) A +96pct OVERALL GREEN Rating & A +80pct GREEN Rating For The Short-Term!

StockTA Has Also Given (KOSK) A BULLISH Rating For The Short-Term!

Short-Term Indicators:

7 Day Average Directional Indicator: GREEN

10 – 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel: GREEN

20 Day Moving Average Vs Price: GREEN

20 – 50 Day MACD Oscillator: GREEN

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Low Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Trend Analysis: BULLISH

Always remember to do your own research and that I’m not a licensed financial advisor.


About KOSK

One Step Vending Corp. is a public company registered in Carson City, Nevada and headquartered in San Diego, California. Their company grows through acquisitions and cooperative agreements with companies that have high potential and capabilities of achieving sustainable growth, resulting in a rapidly acquiring market share. They build key strategies for their subsidiaries while providing financing and operational business support.

For the moment, the company targets the following key business sectors:

food and refreshments services

self-checkout systems

mobile vending

Their unique capabilities include experienced strategic thinking and proven execution strategies to produce measurable results, harnessing the extensive international expertise of their management team.

To learn more, visit their company website: http://www.onestepvending.com/


Their Vision

“Our vision is to make One Step Vending a prominent, dynamic business group with sustainable growth and actively involved in multiple sectors within the food and beverage sales and marketing industry. Our team consists of visionaries and doers, determined to systematically provide superior value to our shareholders, our associates and our society…”


Mobile Vending

Corporate Refreshment Services is a San Diego based vending operation which specializes in providing full line vending services to small and medium sized companies. CRS offers beverage and snack machines to workplaces.

CRS mobile vending provides convenient, cost effective meal solutions.

Refreshing & snack options

Enhanced hot & cold beverage variety

Quick & easy meal solutions around the clock

Convenient, secure self-checkout kiosks


Micro Markets

CRS’s Micro Markets were designed so that they can replace or enhance almost any combination of on-site service bringing convenient meal and snack options to the workplace. The SD Micro Market– offers a fresh market-grab and go-food concept where gourmet market deliciousness meets quick market convenience.

SD Micro Markets is an unattended minimarket right in the workplace providing:

Easy-to-use technology

PCI-compliant payment system protecting employees’ data

Use credit card or employee key card

Temperature control keeping fresh food safe

Great variety of healthy snack options

Watch this video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chiReAVLSp8&feature=youtu.be



1.) One Step Vending Corp Launches New Corporate Website

San Diego, CA, Feb. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One Step Vending, Corp., (KOSK) a company specializing in emerging industries acquisitions with an emphasis in the self-serve vending market, today announced the launch of their new corporate website.

KOSK is pleased to launch the new corporate website to not only assist shareholders, but the site will also promote micro-marketing, ownership opportunities and availability. The site will include a corporate blog to communicate directly to shareholders on sector specific news as well as company updates.

One Step Vending Corp. is adding new clients monthly, and we want that growth to continue exponentially. We are not only branding our Company, we are branding our products. KOSK will be active in social media, and advertising to keep our product in front of new eyes continuously’, stated Daniel Garfinkel, CEO.

KOSK encourages interested parties and shareholders alike to visit their website and check out the new changes. Your comments are always welcome.​​​​​​​

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/one-step-vending-corp-launches-140000205.html

2.) One Step Vending Corp Retains Services of i-Business Management, LLC

San Diego, CA, Feb. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

One Step Vending, Corp., (KOSK) a company specializing in emerging industries acquisitions with an emphasis in the self-serve vending market, today announced the retention of i-Business Management, LLC as their Investor/Public Relations firm, with a primary goal of continued business development and Company and product branding.

With KOSK expanding monthly, it was time to bring in an additional voice to assist in our corporate messaging. I-Business Management, LLC has a proven track record working with OTC companies, and we are delighted to have them on board, stated Secretary Vasiliki Anagnostou.

Presently One Step Vending is updating several aspects of their online brand and further announcements will follow. “We have a plan to assist KOSK in becoming a common name in the micro market sector. I-Business Management is elated to have the opportunity to work with One Step Vending Corp.” Acting President Teresa Misenheimer closed with, “It’s nice to work with a company that’s foundation of success is based on the trust of the consumers”.

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/one-step-vending-corp-retains-153339731.html






Start your research and due diligence on KOSK right now.

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2/02/17 – (ADVT) Ran From .0098 to .03 = +206pct

These Percentage Runs Are Based From The Open To HOD










































Make sure to always do your own research and due diligence on any day and swing trade alert I bring to your attention. I am not a licensed financial advisor.


























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