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January 17, 2017, By smallcapfirm,

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MCW Energy Group Limited (OTCQX: MCWEF)

Tuesday’s Closing PPS: $0.10


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MCWEF has finally found its support base! MCWEF has now consolidated at current OVERSOLD levels! A Major Bounce Could Be Imminent – WHY WAIT?

MCWEF could provide traders with PROFITS of up to +80pct!

This strong double digit gain potential is based on the FACT that MCWEF hit a high of $0.18 back in December 2016. It made a run to $0.18 from around the price it is trading at now!

Just take a look at the chart for yourself here:


MCWEF is trading on the OTCQX! This is the BEST MARKET on the OTC exchange!

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The OTCQX market offers transparent and efficient trading of established, investor-focused U.S. and global companies. To qualify for the OTCQX market, companies must meet high financial standards, follow best practice corporate governance, demonstrate compliance with U.S. securities laws, be current in their disclosure, and be sponsored by a professional third-party advisor. The companies found on OTCQX are distinguished by the integrity of their operations and diligence with which they convey their qualifications.​​​​​​​

I know I say this all the time but… Please remember I’m not a licensed financial advisor.

Now I want you to take a look at this…

On August 25th, MCWEF announced the closing of a previously announced definitive agreement to acquire a controlling interest in a Houston-based, exploration and production (E&P) company, Accord GR Energy, Inc. (“Accord”).

Continue reading here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mcw-energy-group-announces-closing-154852186.html

Learn more about the exploration and production (E&P) company, Accord GR Energy, Inc. (“Accord”) here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mcw-energy-group-enters-agreement-202727203.html

On October 24th MCWEF announced it has retained KCSA Strategic Communications, a leading New York -based communications firm, to lead the Company’s strategic communications and investor relations programs.

KCSA intends to deploy an investor relations campaign designed to increase awareness of MCW Energy Group among the investment community through a comprehensive communications effort. KCSA’s objectives include, among others, communications, strategy and introductions to the institutional investment community. Since KCSA’s inception nearly fifty years ago, the firm has developed a strong reputation for its work representing public companies.

Dr. Gerald Bailey , Chief Executive Officer of MCW Energy Group, stated, “We look forward to working with Todd Fromer and the entire KCSA team on a strategic communications and investor relations program. Given the recent acquisition of our Houston -based, exploration and production company, Accord GR Energy, Inc., management and the Board agreed now is the time to engage a leading communications firm to assist in presenting our story to the investment community.   KCSA has decades of experience and a talented team to help lead this effort.”

Read the full announcement from October 24th here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mcw-energy-group-appoints-kcsa-133000023.html

Then MCWEF on October 25th announced key elements of a working program for Q4-2016 to Q1-2017 between its two lease properties at Asphalt Ridge, Utah.

Higher World Oil Prices Allow MCW Energy Group to Enhance Profit Levels as it Moves into its Plant Relocation Plan and a Commercial Production Mode

Encouraged by the upward trend of world oil prices now hovering at the $ 50.00 bbl. price benchmark, MCW has developed a plan focusing on the reduction of production costs and at the same time completing its previously announced increase of production levels from 250 bbl/day to 500 bbl/day capacity. During 2015, MCW produced 10,000 bbl. and sold close to 6,000 bbl. to the Utah market. The average cost per barrel at the MCW plant site in Maeser, Utah is $ 31.00 – $ 33.00 USD (Validated by Nexant, Inc., 2016).

Continue reading by visiting this link: http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/MCWEF/news/Higher-World-Oil-Prices-Allow-MCW-Energy-Group-to-Enhance-Profit-Levels-as-it-Moves-into-its-Plant-Relocation-Plan-and-a-Commercial-Production-Mode?id=143184&b=y

We aren’t done yet… MCWEF has been on the move with their corporate developments to date!

On November 1st MCWEF announced terms of its discussions with APATEQ, a specialist in innovative water and wastewater treatment, to collaborate and combine portfolios in order to increase competitive advantage in the global soil remediation market. According to BCC Reports the global soil remediation market is estimated to grow from $61B in 2014 to $80B in 2019.

The agreement defines a collaboration on sales and implementation of soil remediation technology services. The effort will combine MCW’s proprietary closed loop extraction technology with APATEQ’s modular and mobile treatment plant capabilities.

Continue reading this breaking development here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mcw-energy-apateq-finalize-terms-130000847.html

On November 14th MCWEF then announced deployment of its technologies through global licensing and joint venture opportunities!

Aleksandr Blyumkin , Chairman of MCW, commented, “Our closed loop system is capable of separating hydrocarbon vapors from contaminated soil which condenses back to liquid not only with oil sands production projects, but also on  water remediation projects, and a wide range of particle materials, as gravel and fine clay.

We’ve identified hundreds of large soil remediation projects which represent highly profitable margins with materials ideal for our technologies. Not only are we assisting in cleaning the environment, but we’re providing JV partners and licensees.  These products provide new revenue streams generating opportunities that did not exist before MCW has begun collaboration with other like-minded enviro-friendly companies.

“We have successfully signed our first licensing agreements for projects in Canada and Trinidad and are now active discussions with companies and governments in Canada , the Middle East and Africa .”

Keep reading more here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mcw-energy-group-deploys-proprietary-140200270.html

Now here’s a MCWEF corporate development that you definitely need to take a look at!


At the end of November 2016 MCWEF announced it has formed a joint venture (“JV”) with OilPrice.com and Recruiter.com to provide internet based job placement and career services to the increasingly skilled and specialized energy sector.

The JV plans to replicate the success of Recruiter.com, the largest network of recruiters on the planet with millions of unique online resumes, through a specialization on the energy sector.

“MCW’s mission is to deliver cleaner, lower cost energy and environmental remediation through innovative technology,” comments Jerry Bailey, PhD., MCW CEO. “The opportunity to provide further innovation in the form of streamlined, online talent placement is an extension of that mission and we believe is one of enormous potential.”

Miles Jennings, CEO of Recruiter.com said, “This unique partnership brings together experts in energy technology, energy publishing, and recruitment. We expect this combined expertise to replicate the success we’ve had in general recruitment in the increasingly specialized and technology focused energy sector.”

Read the full announcement here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/recruiter-com-mcw-energy-group-120000875.html

P.S. – The TSX Venture Exchange has now approved the Join Venture Agreement! Details here: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/MCWEF/news/MCW-Energy-Group-Closes-Financings-and-Obtains-TSXV-Approval-for-Joint-Venture?id=146620&b=y

As you can see… MCWEF is clearly making Big Forward Progress for current and future investors!

And oh yeah… MCWEF also has over $28M in TOTAL ASSETS!

Did I mention this is an OTCQX that has hit $0.30 over the last 3 months?

On October 25th, shares of MCWEF ran to a high of $0.30 from the same exact levels it is trading at right now! A move back to $0.30 would represent gains of up to +200pct!

MCWEF is no stranger to BIG RUNS and the chart proves it.

The 9-day RSI is currently super OVERSOLD at just 23!

MCWEF is also trading below its 50-day MA of $0.16 which represents 60pct in current upside potential!

This means that a MAJOR BOUNCE could now be imminent for shares of MCWEF!
The current gain potential on MCWEF is tremendous, so start your research and due diligence immediately.


MCW Energy Group Limited is a Canadian-registered holding company, publicly trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (Symbol:  MCW) and the OTCQX trading platform (Symbol:  MCWEF). Offices are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Century City, California and its initial plant location in Vernal, Utah.

MCWEF is a clean-tech company with proprietary, environmentally-friendly, soil remediation technology. MCWEF is focused on value creation via the development and implementation of (i) Proprietary, environmentally-friendly oil extraction technologies and remedial tailings ponds projects solutions. (ii) Expanding production capacities of its now operational project in Asphalt Ridge, Utah, (iii) The formation of joint venture opportunities with private and governmental entities countries who have extensive deposits and knowledge in both, oil sands/shale and gas deposits in both conventional and unconventional projects. MCWEF has a management team comprised of individuals experienced in upstream and downstream oil & gas operations.

Learn more about MCWEF by visiting their company website:



Learn more about MCWEF’s patented oil sands extraction technology here: http://www.mcwenergygroup.com/technology/overview



On October 1st, 2014, MCWEF unveiled its benchmark oil sands extraction plant in Vernal, Utah.  It’s an extraction plant unlike any other in America, or perhaps the world. It’s a closed-loop technology and therefore it is environmentally-friendly. It’s versatile. It can extract up to 99.9% of hydrocarbons from all kinds of oil sands deposits. And, it’s a positive change from all the other oil sands extraction technologies from prior decades that focused on extraction efficiencies and not the resulting state of the environment.

Continue reading: http://www.mcwenergygroup.com/about/americas-first

Market Outlook

The National Energy Board recently released its updated 2016 outlook for the country’s energy landscape over the next 25 years. The agency remains bullish on Canadian oil production but lowered its outlook on oil prices and energy consumption.

The NEB’s last energy outlook was released in January when West Texas crude was hovering just above $30 a barrel. A lot has changed since then. Oil prices have staged a spectacular 65% rebound and a number of new carbon reduction initiatives have been introduced at both the federal and provincial levels of government. While oil production is set to rise dramatically over the next two decades, the NEB lowered its forecast for energy demand and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the country, primarily due to a dramatic fall expected in coal consumption for power generation.

The NEB expects Brent crude to average US$45 a barrel this year, rising to US$68 by 2020 and US$90 by 2040 (2015 dollars). Brent has been trading at just over US$50 a barrel for most of October. The long term oil price forecast was revised lower by US$17 from January’s estimates.

The forecast assumes there is a market for every barrel of oil produced and makes no direct assumption for pipeline approvals. However, the authors expect the heavy oil differential to widen by an extra US$6/bbl between 2018 and 2020 as new oil production comes online without additional pipeline capacity. The NEB thinks this production will be transported by rail, which is generally more expensive, widening the differential for Western Canadian Select. However, the forecast assumes pipeline constraints will be resolved by 2020. The heavy oil discount has been averaging about US$14 a barrel over the past few months.

Learn more at: http://www.oilsandsmagazine.com/news/2016/10/26/national-energy-board-neb-forecasts-72-percent-rise-in-oilsands-output-by-2040

More Recent Headlines

MCW Announces Development Plan for Permian Basin Oil Assets

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Dec 14, 2016) – MCW Energy Group Limited(“MCW”) (TSX VENTURE:MCW) (MCWEF), a clean-tech company with proprietary soil remediation and extraction technologies, announced its plan to develop the property and existing wells contained within the 7,000 acre Wardlow, TX field acquired in its recent acquisition of Accord GR Energy, Inc. (“Accord”).

The current plan applies to the 7,000 shallow Permian acres in the Wardlaw field in Edwards, TX acquired by Accord in September, 2016.

The two-phase plan of property development involves the use of two licensed EOR technologies providing for recovery of oil using a combination of wave and thermal baric process.

The recently completed $1.5M Phase I test succeeded in demonstrating the potential ability of the impulse wave technology to support economically viable production rates of even the most depleted wells.

With Phase 1 potential capabilities confirmed this month, the company plans to commence Phase 2 in the first quarter of 2017, in which it intends to demonstrate commercial oil recovery potential.

Once Phase 2 is underway, the company plans to create a production pilot, which will include drilling 20-25 well patterns at optimized recovery rates to full depletion.

Upon completion of Phase 2, with well production parameters proven, the plan calls for optimization of the production pilot and a full assessment of the field’s commercial viability using a discounted cash flow (DCF) model.

Alex Barak, CEO of Accord, has an extensive track record developing and applying technological innovation to increasing production rates and reserve values, both in the US and in overseas, having overseen the operation of North Caspian Oil Development’s 2,600,000 acre block, “Atyrau,” planning and partially implementing drilling program of over 500 wells in Nations Energy’s Karazhanbas field in Kazakhstan.

He also served as CEO of Houston based Galex Energy, overseeing successful development and application of their own enhanced oil recovery technologies (EOR), including those being tested with Accord’s assets.

“We are confident our process will prove the recoverability of the long dormant but high potential properties,” commented Barak. “Additionally, we envision favorable regulatory and geo-political drivers of improved growth within EOR.”

Continue reading here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/mcw-announces-development-plan-permian-201235895.html



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These Percentage Runs Are Based From The Open To HOD



Additional Sources:

Yahoo: www.finance.yahoo.com/quote/MCWEF?p=MCWEF

OTCMarkets: www.Otcmarkets.com/stock/MCWEF/profile










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