My Last Stock Alert Flew +96%! New Pick Coming Shortly!

September 26, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

New Pick Coming Shortly!


I will be releasing a New Monster Pick Very Shortly!!

Make sure to stay tuned for my 6th potential straight winner – Don’t Miss It!

Now let’s recap my latest pick and 5th confirmed winner in a row from Friday’s trading session. Now I’ll admit… It wasn’t my biggest winner to date but it still soared for +96pct gains!

Below you can see why you could have and should have locked in some easy gains Friday!

—->>> View My Annotated Chart Here

Example 1.) At 9:30am BLGA opened at 0.008 and quickly roared to a high of .0155  – Representing Gains Up To +93pct!

Example 2.) At 9:38am BLGA retraced back to 0.011 and then made a quick leap back up to 0.013 at 9:40am –Representing Gains Up To +18pct!

Example 3.) At 9:48am BLGA went from .012 and then climbed to .013 at 9:56am – Representing Gains Up To +8pct!

The 3 examples I listed above are just a few of the many day trading opportunities that (BLGA) offered during Friday’s trading session.

My Last 5 Trade Alerts

9/1/16 – (SMCE) Ran From .0248 to .035 = +41pct

9/6/16 – (DCLT) Ran From .0028 to .013 = +364pct

9/13/16 – (FLCR) Ran From .0016 to .0065 = +306pct

9/20/16 – (QPRC) Ran From .0022 to .006 = +172pct

9/23/16 – (BLGA) Ran From .0079 to .0155 = +96pct



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