My New Potential Monster Alert Is Coming Tomorrow 10/4/16 @ 9:30AM EST!!

October 3, 2016, By smallcapfirm,


Before I get into anything else I wanted to update everyone on my last trading idea (CORMF) from Friday’s 9/30/16 trading session! I alerted CORMF to you at .4601 and today it just hit a New High of .558 representing total possible gains from Friday’s open of +21pct! This one was of those rare instances were the trade continued to climb for multiple days. This was an awesome swing trading opportunity and I hope you were able to take advantage. Now let’s get back to business…

Did you know that I’m currently on a crazy hot streak with my last 7 alerts!? 

Just take a look for yourself below if you haven’t been fully following my picks already!

My Last 7 Trade Alerts

9/1/16 – (SMCE) Ran From .0248 to .035 = +41pct

9/6/16 – (DCLT) Ran From .0028 to .013 = +364pct

9/13/16 – (FLCR) Ran From .0016 to .0065 = +306pct

9/20/16 – (QPRC) Ran From .0022 to .006 = +172pct

9/23/16 – (BLGA) Ran From .0079 to .0155 = +96pct

9/27/16 – (PSNX) Ran From .0089 to .014 = +57pct

9/30/16 – (CORMF) Ran From .4601 to .558 = +21pct

Total Possible Gains From The Open To HOD – +1057pct

I mean wow, I am seriously killing it right now! And I hope you have been too by following these super hot day/swing trades I have been bringing to your attention!

If you’re just now recently joining me here at Small Cap Firm then make sure you’re ready for my next potential monster pick coming this Tuesday 10/4/16 @ 9:30am!

Don’t sit on the sidelines and miss out on more potential substantial gains! 

I know I mention this a lot but I just want to remind everyone again about the types of alerts that I bring to your attention…

So always remember this; All of my trading ideas are strictly short-term day and swing trades only! I do not and will not alert any long-term trade ideas to you. Why? Because 98pct of those long-term small-cap trades end up being losing trades.
I have also been receiving emails from a handful of my members saying that they haven’t been receiving my alerts! This is because email delivery can be very, very unreliable due to technical issues with internet service providers.

This is why it is extremely important that you signup to receive my Text (SMS) Alerts – My text alerts will always get delivered right to your cell phone without delay!

What I need you to do right now is to make sure you’re fully prepared to get my next trade idea. Please follow the simple steps I have listed below in order to make sure you’re ready for My New Pick Coming Tuesday 10/4/16 at 9:30am! It will only take a few minutes of your time. Thanks!

Get My Next Trade Idea Faster Than Email & Maximize Your Potential Gains:

1. Text Message (SMS) Alert:

The fastest way to receive my alerts! To join, using your cell phone, simply text the word: SMALLCAP to the number, 77948 or signup via the link below –

2. Bookmark My Featured Alert Page:

I will be posting all of my new alerts to my Featured Alert Page. This is a great way to get my alerts super fast too since all you have to do is refresh the page whenever I release an alert to get the Full Profile right away.

3. Twitter:

Follow Me on Twitter for another easy way to receive all of my Trading Updates & Alerts throughout the day.

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