**QPRC** Is My New Juicy Stock Alert! – 9/20/16

September 17, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

Today’s Alert is: Quest Patent Research Corp (QPRC)


Hey, good morning, how’s it going? Are you ready to jump in?

I’m going to introduce you to today’s profile, throw some quick numbers at you and then move on to a brief discussion.

So first let me introduce you to today’s profiled company, Quest Patent Research Corp (QPRC)



1) Quest has assets of $2.451 million (as of June 2016)
Assets 12 months ago totaled just $41K

That’s growth of over 59 times in a year!

2) Revenues this last quarter reached $325K
For the same quarter in 2015 they were $159K

OK, so now you know that just because Quest closed yesterday at .0022 it’s not a fly-by-night “idea”, but rather a company that has weight to it.

In fact, last year Quest picked up 14 intellectual property assets from Intellectual Ventures for $3 million.

Let’s keep moving:

– In October of 2015 QPRC slid to .0023, very near today’s close of .0022
– Just days later it ran 235% to hit .0077
– The following months saw it rise all the way to .022

The move from .0022 to .022 represents a run of 900%.

Granted, that didn’t happen all that quickly, but heck, that’s an insane move.

Since that time it’s slid all the way back. In fact just last week it hit a new 52-week low of .001.

It has moved up a bit since that low a few days back, but then again the 52-week high is .022.

The question is, if we see this upward move continue, how much room could there be to run?

About Quest Patent Research Corp

Who is Quest?

The company’s tagline is “Monetizing IP to Help You Profit from Innovation”.

Last year Quest picked up 14 intellectual property assets from Intellectual Ventures for $3 million.

Basically, Quest is an Intellectual Property (IP) asset manager. The company delivers financial, strategic and legal resources for IP monetization. It partners with inventors, businesses, corporations and law firms to fully realize the value of IP assets through its suite of value added services.

QPRC specializes in both mature and emerging technologies, providing financial, strategic and legal resources for the monetization of intellectual property.

If the info on the company’s website is up-to-date then the current portfolio consists of 5 wholly owned subsidiaries.

According to ThePatentInvestor:

“In terms of its active cases, Quest’s subsidiary Quest Licensing Corp., in April and June 2014, filed enforcement actions in the U.S. District for the District of Delaware against Bloomberg LP et. al., FactSet Research Systems Inc., Interactive Data Corp., SunGard Data Systems Inc. and The Charles Schwab Corp. et. al.”

Recently there has been some light chatter (check out the company’s board on iHub for details) about the outcome of some cases that might be of importance to both the company and its investors.

As always, we can’t comment on the accuracy of such speculation.

According to industry publication iam-media, in an article from early 2016, Quest got into its current business back in 2007 and “it has kept a fairly low profile since then.”

Is that their way to say we’ve found a hidden gem?

The full quote is:

“Quest moved into the licensing business back in 2007, but it’s fair to say that it has kept a fairly low profile since then. Scahill took over as CEO in January 2014 (he was chief operating officer before then) and has been busy getting Quest on a firmer financial footing. “If you look at our SEC filings we’ve been getting current and cleaning up,” he said”

See the full article here (keep in mind that the company’s numbers were quite different back then):
Fledgling NPE picks up $3 million portfolio from IV as it looks to build its business

So, Quest has kept a “low profile” for 9 years; that reminds me of something, a debate I once had with a friend…

Do you know what would happen to Coke if they stopped advertising? Some people say the Coke brand would undergo a “subtle extinction”.

How is that possible? A multinational icon heading towards extinction? But it’s true, unless you put your brand in front of people, day in and day out, no one will know who you are… and even if they know you today, they’ll forget tomorrow.

Is this what we’re looking at here with QPRC?

A company that just needs a little exposure?

With it would it start to gain some traction?

It seems to silently be getting itself together, putting up solid numbers and “cleaning up”… but so far barely anyone has noticed.

Would that change if investors started to see news? As we discussed a moment ago there are active cases.

But so far news has been scarce.

Even on the company’s website the last news piece is dated 4/30/2013 – nearly three and a half years ago. However Quest’s filings ARE up to date, and what we see in these filings and a few industry editorials tells a very interesting story.

Consider the:

– Big assets: they top $2.4 million
– Rising revenues: $484K in 6 months this year vs $498K all of last year
– Relatively small market value listed on OTCMarkets of about $670K
– Significant active cases

Does this all add up to be the second “hidden gem” we’ve unearthed this month?

At .0022, yesterday’s close is much closer to its its 52-week low of .001 than its 52-week high of .022.

If we see this bounce continue could there be room to move. Get started on researching QPRC right away.

For further information on Quest Patent Research feel free to visit the links below:

iam-media article:
Fledgling NPE picks up $3 million portfolio from IV as it looks to build its business

ThePatentInvestor article:
Quest Patent Research CEO Scahill is prepping for profits down the road amid protracted downturn in patent market







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