**NSEH** Is My New PSYCHO STOCK ALERT!! Get It On Your Trading Screen RIGHT NOW!

October 27, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

New Psycho Momentum Trade Idea:

NuState Energy Holdings, Inc. (NSEH)

Yesterday’s Closing PPS: 0.012


My Brand New PSYCHO Pick For Today’s Trading Session 10/27/16 is Ticker **NSEH**!

Get ticker NSEH pulled up Front & Center on your trading screen and begin your research immediately!

NSEH is poised for a potential PSYCHOTIC move UP today!

NSEH is poised for a MASSIVE potential uptrend due to the RSI just starting to cross 50!

NSEH has already showed it is capable of RUNNING HIGH! Yesterday 10/26, NSEH soared +192pct on just 77k shares traded! NSEH could potentially RUN WILD during today’s trading session!

As always, make sure to do your own due diligence on this new day/swing trade alert.

Facts To Remember

According OTCMarkets, NSEH has just 32M shares outstanding with only 1.7M shares in the float!

NSEH could literally go BONKERS today if NSEH experiences an increase in above average volume due to NSEH having a MICROSCOPIC FLOAT of just 1.7M shares!

NSEH currently has a Market Cap of just $133k! That is literally CRAZY!

NSEH is poised for a potential STRONG UPTREND due to the RSI just starting to cross 50!

NSEH has received numerous BULLISH technical indicators from Barchart + StockTA!

Just over 2 months ago on 8/10/16 NSEH hit a 52-week high of .1937! A move back to .1937 from the current trading range would represent total potential INSANE GAINS of up to +1514pct!

DON’T FORGET: A strong rise in volume could potentially send shares of NSEH SOARING into NEW HIGHS due to its incredibly Microscopic Float of just 1.7M shares!

Short-Term Breakout Technical Indicators

According to StockTA the Recent Candlestick Analysis for NSEH is Very Bullish: Bullish Engulfing

Breaking down the Bullish Engulfing Pattern according to Investopedia:

As implied in its name, this trend suggests the bulls have taken control of a security’s PPS movement from the bears. This type of pattern usually accompanies a declining trend in a security, suggesting a low or end to a security’s decline has occurred. However, as usual in candlestick analysis, the trader must take the preceding and following days’ prices into account before making any decisions regarding the security.

Bullish engulfing candles indicate immense trading interest that swallows the range of the prior candlestick low and surpasses the candlestick highs. The trading action is frenzied as the candle usually closes at its highs with little to no upper wick. This in turn triggers more traders who spill over into the next candle. If the next candle closes higher than the bullish engulfing pattern, the next leg of the uptrend usually forms.

Short-Term Technicals:

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Analysis: Very Bullish – 5 EMA Above 13 EMA

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Analysis: Very Bullish

Stochastic Analysis: Very Bullish – Oversold Reversal

7 Day Average Directional Indicator: Green

10 – 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel: Green

20 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green

NSEH Business Overview

NuState Energy Holdings, Inc., founded in 1997, is a leading global provider of vehicle telematics solutions. NSEH has been providing software solutions in the commercial trucking industry for more than 15 years under a Web-Based Collaborative Marketplace for freight transportation and the secure trucking industry.

Their legacy solutions collect vehicle data, integrate it with information gathered from various separate systems across the supply chain, synthesize it, reformat it into valuable, actionable information, and deliver it to end-users across the logistics value chain through secure web-based applications. Specific offerings include vehicle tracking, inventory/asset visibility, secure trucking, matching available freight with available trucks, and many others.

In 2014, NSEH launched a vehicle telematics solution for the Consumer, Small Medium Business and Enterprise industry. GPSTrax was created from the years of development experience and proprietary algorithms that allow communication to the automobile’s computer.

GPSTrax is the universal technology that turns any car into a “smart car”.

Visit their company website here:



Start your research and due diligence on my Brand New PSYCHO Short-Term Day/Swing Trade Alert **NSEH** right now!

My last 6 trade ideas combined have soared +2,796pct! 

(Remember, this is based only on the open to high of day.)

Just take a look at my last 15 short-term day/swing trading ideas for yourself below and then get ready to lock in some substantial potential gains with my newest alert today, NSEH!

My Last 15 Trade Alerts

9/1/16 – (SMCE) Ran From .0248 to .035 = +41pct

9/6/16 – (DCLT) Ran From .0028 to .013 = +364pct

9/13/16 – (FLCR) Ran From .0016 to .0065 = +306pct

9/20/16 – (QPRC) Ran From .0022 to .006 = +172pct

9/23/16 – (BLGA) Ran From .0079 to .0155 = +96pct

9/27/16 – (PSNX) Ran From .0089 to .014 = +57pct

9/30/16 – (CORMF) Ran From .4601 to .558 = +21pct

10/04/16 – (AOXY) Ran From .05 to .11 = +120pct

10/06/16 – (LBTD)  Fell From .30 to .24 = -19pct

10/07/16 – (ELRN) Ran From .01 to .0425 = +325pct

10/10/16 – (UNDT) Ran From .02 to .145 = +625pct

10/13/16 – (PLLX) Ran From .0388 to .1529 = +294pct

10/18/16 – (ABBY) Ran From .004 to .01534 = +283pct

10/21/16 – (EMAV) Ran From .005 to .0606 = +1112pct

10/25/16 – (ACNV) Ran From .007 to .018 = +157pct

Total Possible Gains From The Open To HOD = +3954pct




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P.S. – Make sure to always do your own research and due diligence on any day and swing trade alert I bring to your attention.











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