**PSID** Is My New BIOTECH SUB-PENNY MONSTER!! Start Your Research On (PSID) Immediately!!

February 20, 2017, By smallcapfirm,

New Trade Idea:

PositiveID Corporation (OTCQB: PSID)

Current Price Per Share: $0.0004


Happy Presidents Day! I hope you’ve been enjoying this extended holiday weekend. But now it’s time to kick this short week off with a serious BANG!

Today 2/20 I’m bringing to your attention a MONSTER BIOTECH SUB-PENNY trade idea that is also trading on the OTCQB!

Let’s not waste anytime and jump straight into the full report. Start your research immediately on ticker **PSID**!

 **PSID** is a SUB-PENNY trade opportunity that could provide traders with gains of up to +300pct tomorrow! This is based on the fact that it hit a high of $0.0016 back in December 2016!

(PSID) Has Already Proven To Traders That It Is More Than Capable Of Producing Breathtaking Profits In The Short-Term!

On 12/14/16 (PSID) opened at a low of $0.0005 And SKYROCKETED To A High Of $0.0016 On 12/21/16! That’s A REAL RUN Of +220pct In Just 6 Consecutive Trading Sessions!

Just Take A Look @ The Chart For Yourself – Visit This Link Now: https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/PSID/technical-chart

As You Can See, Shares Of (PSID) Have Consolidated Around The Current Price Range For The Past Few Weeks.

And Traders Who Start Their Research Now Could Be Looking @ Gains Of At Least +74pct Tomorrow!

This Is Based On The Fact That PSID Is Currently Trading Well Below Its 50-Day MA Of $0.0007!

Get **PSID** Front & Center On Your Trading Screen Immediately For Tomorrow!

The 9-Day RSI Is Currently Hovering Around Oversold Territory @ 35! This Suggest That A Major Bounce In Price Per Share Could Take Place At Any Moment If (PSID) Experiences An Influx In Above Average Trading Volume.

Did I Mention That (PSID) Is Already Producing Revenues & Gross Profits Within The Biotech Sector?

According To Their Latest 10-Q Released On 11/18/16; PSID Had +$4.5M In Revenues & +$1.7M In GROSS PROFITS For The Nine Months Ended On September 30th, 2016!


Is The Chart Ready To Pop Again?

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Analysis: VERY BULLISH

Stochastic Analysis: VERY BULLISH

According to StockTA the Recent Candlestick Analysis for PSID is Very Bullish:


DEFINITION of ‘Bullish Homing Pigeon’

A trend indicated by a large candlestick followed by a much smaller candlestick whose body is located within the vertical range of the larger candle’s body. In both candlesticks, the stock price has to have closed down from the opening price. This pattern may indicate that there is a weakening of the current downward trend.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Bullish Homing Pigeon’

If a bullish homing pigeon trend is seen in a chart it may be a good for traders to exit short positions and begin to enter into long positions. The worse the downward movement in the stock, the more likely a closing of a short position should be taken by a trader.

Source: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bullishhomingpigeon.asp

Always remember to do your own research and that I’m not a licensed financial advisor.


About PSID

PositiveID Corporation is a life sciences tools and diagnostics company with an extensive patent portfolio. PositiveID develops biological detection and diagnostics systems, specializing in the development of microfluidic systems for the automated preparation of and performance of biological assays. PositiveID is also a leader in the specialty vehicle market, with a focus on mobile labs.

For more information on PositiveID, please visit their company website:



Their Business

Molecular Diagnostics

PositiveID develops biological detection and diagnostics systems, including its M-BAND and Firefly Dx technologies. The Company began developing complex microfluidic systems to perform sample processing and purification for the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA). It then developed a similar system, including a thermal cycler for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis for the US Army’s Edgewood Chemical and Biological Command (ECBC). PositiveID’s microfluidic technology replaces robotics and manual processes used in existing systems with integrated microfluidics in a closed, automated system, which reduces cost, increases reliability and enhances the effectiveness of sample processing.

PositiveID is focused primarily on its M-BAND airborne biot-threat detector, which was developed under contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) Science & Technology directorate, and its Firefly Dx system, which is designed to deliver molecular diagnostic results from a sample in less than 30 minutes at the point-of-need, using a portable, handheld system.

The Company’s M-BAND detection system continuously and autonomously analyzes air samples for the detection of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and toxins for up to 30 days. Results from individual M-BAND instruments are reported via a secure wireless network in real time to give an accurate and up-to-date status of field conditions. M-BAND performs high specificity detection for up to six organisms on the Centers for Disease Control’s category A and B select agents list.

The goal of the Company’s Firefly Dx is to enable accurate diagnostics leading to more rapid and effective treatment than what is currently available with existing systems. Firefly is being developed further for a broad range of biological detection situations for applications including military, agricultural and healthcare. The system has already demonstrated the ability to detect and identify other common pathogens and diseases such as various strains of influenza, E. coli, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (“MRSA”) and human papilloma virus (“HPV”).

Infrared Thermometry

The Caregiver® thermometer by Thermomedics, Inc. is the world’s first non-contact device with TouchFree™ technology developed by the team that invented tympanic thermometry. CAREGIVER® is a clinical-grade infrared thermometer for measurement of forehead temperature in adults, children, and infants without contact. It is designed for use in a wide variation of medical settings and can also deliver ambient/skin surface temperatures with the flick of a switch. Learn more about PositiveID’s Caregiver thermometer here: http://www.thermomedics.com/

Mobile Technology Vehicles

PositiveID’s wholly owned subsidiary, E-N-G Mobile Labs (http://www.e-n-g.com/home) , provides specialty vehicle manufacturing for TV news vans and trucks, emergency response trailers, mobile command centers, mobile labs, and other special purpose vehicles. E-N-G is a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialized vehicles that are field friendly and field tough. Major applications include mobile TV broadcasting, microwave and satellite uplink trucks, emergency response vehicles, communications command and control, surveillance vans, mobile environmental, medical, dental, and health laboratories and clinics, mobile cellular phone vehicles, infrared testing, and many other applications. We also provide mobile analytical triage centers to insulate central labs from pandemic outbreaks.


Recent Breaking News

PositiveID’s E-N-G Mobile Systems Receives $1.2M Purchase Order for Mobile Labs, the Largest Purchase Order since its Acquisition

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PositiveID Corporation (“PositiveID” or “Company”) (PSID), a life sciences company focused on detection and diagnostics, announced today that its E-N-G Mobile Systems (“ENG”) subsidiary, a mobile laboratory and specialty vehicle manufacturer, has received a purchase order for multiple mobile chemistry laboratories totaling more than $1.2M. Due to the nature and location of the mobile labs, the customer is being kept confidential. This is the largest single order placed by a customer since PositiveID’s acquisition of ENG in December 2015.

The fastest growing segment of ENG’s business over the last decade is its mobile labs, which include government and corporate laboratories for environmental, chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological and explosives testing in the field. ENG has delivered more than 400 MobiLabs to customers around the world, and has a team of scientists on staff who complement its design engineers to provide turnkey, customizable laboratories.

ENG has delivered more than 100 mobile labs for the U.S. Army, and numerous laboratories to other government agencies including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, prominent national laboratories, and nine of the 10 regions of the Environmental Protection Agency.

“ENG is an industry leader in designing mobile labs to bring chemical and biological detection, monitoring, and analysis to the point of need where these capabilities are critical,” stated Lyle L. Probst, President of PositiveID. “We diligently pursued this significant order and we are proud that this important customer chose ENG to fulfill its needs.”

In addition to mobile labs, ENG has delivered more than 1,400 technical vehicle systems since its inception. These include communications/command centers, broadcast news vehicles, radio frequency monitoring, infrared monitoring and video communications vehicle systems, plus a wide range of mobile systems for emergency preparedness and threat response.

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/positiveid-e-n-g-mobile-133000198.html



Start your research and due diligence on PSID right now.

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