Today’s Pick **JPEX** Is Restricted From Online Trading!!

November 3, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

I’ve just found out that ticker JPEX is restricted from online trading at multiple brokerage firms!

This means that if you try to go place an order to trade JPEX you will receive a message saying for example “No Opening Transactions Are Allowed On This Security Due To Security Only Traded In Physical Certificate Form”.

I apologize for this but this is something I couldn’t have known until this morning!

I’m on the hunt right now for a NEW MOMENTUM ALERT and I will be releasing this potential monster to you tomorrow 11/04 @ exactly 9:30AM EST!

So don’t worry, if you couldn’t get your hands on JPEX today we will definitely make up for it tomorrow!

I’ll also be keeping an eye on JPEX for the rest of today’s trading session for any potential higher moves up but like I said a lot of you aren’t even able to get into JPEX due to it being restricted from buying at many mainstream brokerage firms.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Full initial profile on JPEX below:

**JPEX** Is My Brand New PSYCHO MOMENTUM Stock Alert!! GET READY!!

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