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October 19, 2016, By smallcapfirm,

My Alert From Yesterday 10/18 Flew +283pct! Stay Tuned For My New Pick!

I Did It Again! ABBY Soared +283pct After My Alert Yesterday Morning!

My 5th Potential Winning Pick In A Row Is Coming… Very Soon!

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Yesterday 10/18/16 we witnessed yet another winning trading idea! Ticker ABBY was my 4th sweet day/swing trading opportunity in a row soaring +283pct!

Before I get into my actual recap of yesterday’s trading session I want to go over a few important issues with you.

I received feedback from some of my members yesterday saying that ABBY was my worst pick ever because they got in at a bad entry point and weren’t able to get out in the green and ended up taking a loss… Now we all know that NO TRADE is guaranteed and you need to be able to calculate your own entry and exit points in the best possible way that you can. However, I also had multiple members of mine tell me they made some pretty big gains yesterday as well!

Congrats to those of you who were able to lock is some substantial gains yesterday! For those of you who sat on the sidelines and are wondering if you should have got in or not and for those of you who ended up taking a loss, I highly suggest that you read my Short-Term Trading Tips & Strategies Ebook!

You can get and read my trading school ebook by visiting the link below right now:

I also strongly suggest that ALL of my members use Level 2 while trading any of my short-term day/swing trade alerts! It is imperative for any trader to use Level 2 in order to be successful, especially when trading day and swing trades. Here are a couple companies I know of that offer very good Level 2 services for a small monthly fee:

I almost forgot to thank everyone for the positive feedback I received yesterday as well on my 12th overall winner and also now my 4th straight juicy winner in a row! Remember you can always contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you might have!

P.S. – I had a few members of mine contact me again saying they did not receive my email alert on ABBY until about 9:31-9:33am! This is because email delivery can be delivered much slower than expected due to technical issues with internet service providers and inaccurate email junk filters! This is why I’m constantly reminding and urging all of my email members to signup to my Text Message (SMS) Service to ensure that you always get my alerts right on time!

Just text the word SMALLCAP to the number 77948 right now to start receiving my text alerts in real-time.

With all that being said…

Now let’s go over more about the awesome trading session we just had yesterday 10/18 with ABBY!

ABBY started off yesterday’s trading session opening up +25pct at .005 and then flew to a high of .01534 in early morning trading action offering sweet potential gains of up to +206pct!

Soon after hitting the high of day yesterday ABBY took a dip down to a low of .0022 at around 11:24am… But ABBY then popped back up to .004 at around 11:56am offering more potential gains of up to +81pct!

After that ABBY showed multiple swing trades between .0022 and .003 throughout the rest of the trading session and closed back in the GREEN @ .0042! 

ABBY turned out to be my 12th big winner yesterday by offering potential multiple intra-day swing trading opportunities!

ABBY also traded 107x more than its average 30 day volume with over 5.3M shares on the day!

Always Remember this; All of my trading ideas are strictly short-term day and swing trades only! I do not and will not alert any long-term trade ideas to you! Why? Because 98pct of those long-term small-cap trades end up being losing trades.

Below you can see how you could have have locked in substantial gains for your portfolio trading ABBY yesterday 10/18!

Make sure to always do your own research and due diligence on any day and swing trade alert I bring to your attention.

Example 1.) At 9:30am ABBY went from 0.005 to .012 at 09:36am – Representing Gains Up To +140pct!

Example 2.) At 09:38am ABBY went from .006 to .01 at 09:42am – Representing Gains Up To +66pct!

Example 3.) At 10:14am ABBY went from 0.005 to 0.009 at 10:16am – Representing Gains Up To +79pct!

***The times of the trades listed above are from google finance and they are the approx. times.

The 3 examples I listed above are just a few of the many intra-day swing trading opportunities that (ABBY) offered during yesterday’s trading session.

My Last 13 Trade Alerts

9/1/16 – (SMCE) Ran From .0248 to .035 = +41pct

9/6/16 – (DCLT) Ran From .0028 to .013 = +364pct

9/13/16 – (FLCR) Ran From .0016 to .0065 = +306pct

9/20/16 – (QPRC) Ran From .0022 to .006 = +172pct

9/23/16 – (BLGA) Ran From .0079 to .0155 = +96pct

9/27/16 – (PSNX) Ran From .0089 to .014 = +57pct

9/30/16 – (CORMF) Ran From .4601 to .558 = +21pct

10/04/16 – (AOXY) Ran From .05 to .11 = +120pct

10/06/16 – (LBTD)  Fell From .30 to .24 = -19pct

10/07/16 – (ELRN) Ran From .01 to .0425 = +325pct

10/10/16 – (UNDT) Ran From .02 to .145 = +625pct

10/13/16 – (PLLX) Ran From .0388 to .1529 = +294pct

10/18/16 – (ABBY) Ran From .004 to .01534 = +283pct

Total Possible Gains From The Open To HOD = +2685pct

I hope you took advantage of my latest sub-penny alert **ABBY** yesterday 10/18 and were able to lock in some substantial potential gains!

ABBY has proven to be yet another crazy day/swing trading opportunity for everyone here at Small Cap Firm!

Make sure to always do your own research and due diligence on any day and swing trade alert I bring to your attention.

Now Don’t Forget: My 5th Potential Winning Pick In A Row Is Coming… Very Soon So Stay Tuned!

Talk soon.


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