H.C. Wainwright Analyst Upgrades Highlight Massive Upside Potential in 5 Stocks

November 13, 2023, By Hugh Turner,

Analyst upgrades can significantly impact a stock’s trajectory in the market, and investors are always eager to see which companies receive favorable ratings. In recent reports from H.C. Wainwright, five stocks have received notable upgrades, with substantial upside potential. These upgrades, made by respected analysts, provide insights into the promising future prospects of these companies.

1. Esperion (ESPR)

Analyst: Joseph Pantginis, H.C. Wainwright

Target: $22

Upside Potential: 2357.28%

Esperion (ESPR) has received a favorable assessment from analyst Joseph Pantginis at H.C. Wainwright. With a target of $22, Pantginis believes there’s substantial upside potential for investors in Esperion. This endorsement reflects confidence in the company’s ability to deliver strong performance and growth in the near future.

2. GeoVax Labs (GOVX)

Analyst: Vernon Bernardino, H.C. Wainwright

Target: $8

Upside Potential: 1408.58%

GeoVax Labs (GOVX) is another stock that has captured the attention of H.C. Wainwright’s analysts, with Vernon Bernardino giving it a favorable assessment. The target of $8 suggests a remarkable upside potential of 1408.58%. This endorsement signifies optimism in GeoVax Labs’ ability to make significant strides in its industry.

3. Entera Bio (ENTX)

Analyst: Ram Selvaraju, H.C. Wainwright

Target: $10

Upside Potential: 1392.54%

Entera Bio (ENTX) has been upgraded to a positive outlook by Ram Selvaraju at H.C. Wainwright. With a target of $10, Selvaraju envisions a substantial upside potential of 1392.54%. This endorsement highlights the company’s potential for strong growth and positive performance.

4. IN8bio (INAB)

Analyst: Swayampakula Ramakanth, H.C. Wainwright

Target: $14

Upside Potential: 1259.09%

IN8bio (INAB) is receiving positive attention from H.C. Wainwright analyst Swayampakula Ramakanth, who has assigned it a favorable assessment. With a target of $14, investors could see significant upside potential of 1259.09%. This endorsement reflects optimism about IN8bio’s future prospects.

5. Synlogic (SYBX)

Analyst: Ed Arce, H.C. Wainwright

Target: $24

Upside Potential: 1150.85%

Synlogic (SYBX) is the fifth stock on our list to receive a positive assessment from H.C. Wainwright, with Ed Arce as the analyst. Arce has set a target of $24, indicating substantial upside potential of 1150.85%. This endorsement underscores Synlogic’s potential for growth and positive market performance.

In conclusion, these recent analyst upgrades from H.C. Wainwright have shed light on five stocks with promising upside potential. Investors should conduct their research and consider these endorsements when making investment decisions, but remember that all investments carry risks, and it’s essential to make informed choices based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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