Pandemic Forcing Companies to Keep Employees Healthy

April 12, 2021, By smallcapfirm,

The pandemic has forced employers to act.

“They realize that care benefits are essential to employees’ productivity and success at work. In fact, 57% of senior leaders told us that their organizations are assigning higher priority to care benefits to better support their employees in both work and life,” as reported by Harvard Business Review.

In addition, according to BBC, 88% of U.S. companies are now investing more in mental health.  About 80% of U.S. companies are spending more on employee stress-management.  Better, according to Wellable, “Telemedicine programs experienced one of the most significant increases in popularity of all wellness benefits. Eighty-seven percent of employers plan to invest more in the coming year—a full 25 percentage points higher than the previous year.”

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