The Top Reasons People are Shifting to Plant-Based Foods

August 24, 2020, By smallcapfirm,

The plant-based food market could hit $74.2 billion by 2027 thanks to skyrocketing demand.  Analysts at Meticulous Research say the key driver for such growth is bigger demand for sustainable and nutritious foods, as reported by Green Queen, a trend fueled by the pandemic.

In fact, “They said that the crisis has importantly underlined the link between dietary choices and human and planetary health, as well as the vulnerabilities in the meat supply chain, from workplace safety concerns to the danger of emerging zoonotic diseases.”

Additionally , governments are supporting alternative proteins, too with Canada recently investing CAD$100 million into Merit Functional Foods.  Finland also made a $2.3 million investment in a plant-based protein group, as well.

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