The Top Reasons to Consider Psychedelics

February 1, 2021, By smallcapfirm,

The psychedelics story has gone mainstream.

For one, the US FDA is supportive of psychedelics research.  Two, medical studies from institutions such as Johns Hopkins are finding that psychedelics can assist in the treatment of many health and mental issues impacting millions of people around the world.

A study in the journal, Nature — Psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression: fMRI-measured brain mechanisms – showed that 47% of treatment-resistant patients with depression showed positive responses five weeks after psilocybin treatments.

“Our study demonstrates that psychedelics can produce beneficial behavioral effects without drastically altering perception, which is a critical step towards producing viable medicines inspired by these compounds,” said David Olson of UC Davis, as quoted by Esquire.

Researchers at New York University found psilocybin mushrooms caused a “rapid and sustained” reduction in anxiety and depression in patients with cancer, as reported by the Financial Post.  The list of findings goes on and on.

Three, there’s rapidly changing consumer attitudes towards psychedelics, just as we saw with cannabis around the world. Four, with plenty of clinical trials supporting psychedelic treatments, it’s only a matter of time before big pharmaceutical companies begin to invest heavily, and incorporate psychedelics into their own drug pipelines.

Five,Some early-stage investors are betting the drugs could disrupt the US$70 billion market for mental health treatment. The wave of enthusiasm over cannabis shares in recent years has, in some ways, spread to these drugs that were long associated with all-night rave parties,” as noted by the Financial Post.

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