Ahead of Monday's opening bell, it's time for a quick recap.


A $100Tn Market Is Up For Grabs... After Last Week's IPO, (LRHC) Is A Low Float Nasdaq Idea On Watch Now

October 16th

SCF Readers,

Ahead of Monday's opening bell, it's time for a quick recap.

We've been on a heater, and if you're new to this newsletter, let me tell you, it's been hot.

Let me get you caught up to speed:

9/28/23 - Approximate 41% intraday surge and a new 3-month high.

10/3/23 - Ran approximately $2.50+ and 81% intraday.

10/4/23 - New 4-month high and approximately 28% move within a week.

10/10/23 - Approximate 30% surge from this past Tuesday's close to Thursday's high.

It may be cooling down outside, but not right here. That's why we're bringing you a new breakout idea to get on your watch-list quickly.

This Nasdaq profile recently IPO'd and is currently flying under Wall Street's radar.

Operating within the $100+Tn U.S. real estate market, this company is using a unique business model to disrupt in a big way.

With a low float of fewer than 7Mn shares, any announcement of a potential market-shaking corporate move could turn this profile into a volatile situation quickly.

Listen. Drop everything right now and pull up:

*La Rosa Holdings Corp. (LRHC)*

La Rosa is a holding company for five agent-centric, technology-integrated, cloud-based, multi-service real estate companies.

And hot off this past week's IPO, LRHC has a handful of potential catalysts that could provide this Nasdaq profile with an explosive spark. Check them out:

No. 1 - A Very Low Float Could Provide An Environment For Explosive Volatility

No. 2 - Last Week's IPO Puts LRHC On The Map Internationally

No. 3 - Huge Potential Upside From Current Levels To A $5.00 IPO Price (And Last Week's High)

No. 4 - Company's Proprietary Tech Makes Them An Industry Standout (Artificial Intelligence In Action)

But more on those in a second...

La Rose Holdings Corp. (LRHC) Company Breakdown


La Rosa Disrupting The Real Estate Industry

Fully Integrated Real Estate Brokerage

  • Ensuring sustainability and growth

100% Agent Centric Model

  • Business model proven successful even while markets are under economic pressure

Proprietary Technology Platform

  • Helping agents advance and accelerate business

Combo Approach

  • Traditional "brick & mortar" and virtual


  • Founded on three pillars: Family, Passion & Growth. With a strong focus on giving back to the communities served.


La Rosa Holdings: Empowering Agents with an Innovative Platform

At the heart of La Rosa Holdings lies a platform that empowers agents to substantially augment their earnings, potentially doubling or even tripling their annual income.

This isn't a lofty claim; motivated agents can thrive when they retain the lion's share of their hard-earned rewards.

La Rosa Holdings has an astute grasp of this dynamic, and this understanding has played a pivotal role in shaping its distinctive business model and platform.

This approach has led La Rosa to forge a groundbreaking platform that's wi-nn-ing proposition for buyers, sellers, and agents alike.

Homebuyers stand to gain from the platform's ability to streamline the intricate process of buying and selling, offering particular advantages in constrained inventory markets where fierce bidding wars and multiple offers can trigger considerable emotional strain.

Agents, too, benefit significantly from their association with La Rosa.

First and foremost, La Rosa equips its agents with the tools to exceed demanding client expectations. They are armed with the latest technologies essential for thriving in a competitive landscape, enabling them to function as a comprehensive one-stop shop that offers supplementary services such as mortgage insurance and title services.

What's even more impressive is the extensive support La Rosa offers its agents beyond the realm of property transactions. La Rosa's agents become proficient in proprietary technology, receive continuous training, and can access results-oriented coaching from an equally dedicated La Rosa team that aims to transform its representatives into deal-making leaders.

Expanding Across Six States and Beyond

This team-centric approach has facilitated La Rosa Holdings in achieving a remarkable total transaction volume of $2.9Bn, establishing offices in six states, amassing a roster of 2,450 agents, and executing a total of 8,300 transactions in FY2022. With the financial resources derived from its IPO, La Rosa Holdings is poised to accelerate its expansion, not only within its existing footprint of six states.

La Rosa is well-positioned to extend its award-winning performance nationwide, underpinned by industry recognition and accolades spanning the past few years. These include being acknowledged as one of the Top 75 Residential Real Estate Firms in the United States by the National Association of Realtors and earning the distinction of a "Top Workplace" in the large business workplace category by the Orlando Sentinel in 2022.

Why do these accolades matter? In a fiercely competitive industry, the best invariably gravitate toward the best, and in this regard, La Rosa Holdings ticks all the right boxes.

The company attracts top talent through an array of supportive assets, encompassing franchise opportunities, coaching, real estate transaction platforms, and the aforementioned supplementary services.

While all these are undeniably valuable attributes, one factor takes precedence.

The primary allure of La Rosa Holdings is the significant increase in agents' earnings. This is made possible by the company's groundbreaking business model, a departure from convention. Instead of receiving a standard 30% commission from the broker, La Rosa Holdings pays out a full 100%.

Moreover, La Rosa's agents enjoy complimentary educational benefits, access to a proprietary training program, and cutting-edge technologies that drive sales.

Grab Key Sources/Details Here: Company Website. Form S-1.


As mentioned above, LRHC has several potential catalysts to chew on right now. Check them out:

No. 1 LRHC Potential Catalyst - A Very Low Float Could Provide An Environment For Explosive Volatility

According to the Yahoo Finance website, LRHC has a low float.

The website reports this profile to have roughly 6.25Mn shares in its float.

Why is that important? It's important on one crucial level. Volatility.

Could even more positive company news towards the end of 2023 provide a breakout spark?


No. 2 LRHC Potential Catalyst - Last Week's IPO Puts LRHC On The Map Internationally

La Rosa Announces Closing of Initial Public Offering

CELEBRATION, Fla., Oct. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- La Rosa Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: LRHC) (“La Rosa” or the “Company”), a holding company for five agent-centric, technology-integrated, cloud-based, multi-service real estate companies, today announced the closing of its underwritten initial public offering of 1Mn shares of common st-ock at an initial public offering price of $5.00 per share. The gross proceeds from the offering, before underwriting discounts and commissions and estimated offering expenses payable by the Company, are expected to be $5Mn. In addition, the Company has granted the underwriters a 45-day option to purchase up to 150k additional shares of common st-ock at the initial public offering price, less the underwriting discount, to cover over-allotments, if any.

The shares began trading on The Nasdaq Capital Market on October 10, 2023 under the ticker symbol "LRHC."

The Company intends to use the net proceeds of the initial public offering for general corporate purposes, which may include fi-nancing growth by acquiring more agents at a faster pace, repayment of debt, developing new services, acquisitions of controlling interest in a number of the Company’s franchisees, the acquisition of other independent real estate brokerages, title insurance agencies, mortgage brokerages and other complementary businesses, general operating expenses and the purchase and acquisition of proprietary technology.

Read the full article here.


No. 3 LRHC Potential Catalyst - Huge Potential Upside From Current Levels To A $5.00 IPO Price (And Last Week's High)

As we just mentioned, LRHC is new to the Nasdaq Capital Market.

In fact, it was only last week that LRHC IPO'd which means that a bunch of added attention could soon put a spotlight on this company.

But here's the interesting thing to consider. At 2:00PM EST Friday, LRHC was trading at around $2.61.

After IPO'ing at $5.00, that could mean there is a ton of upside potential from that Friday valuation.

We're talking an approximate 91% to LRHC's IPO price and approximately 111% to this past week's high of $5.53.

With a low float of fewer than 7Mn shares and a $100Tn U.S. real estate market on the line, LRHC could become a quick mover if the right type of catalyst comes along like positive company news.


No. 4 LRHC Potential Catalyst - Company's Proprietary Tech Makes Them An Industry Standout (Artificial Intelligence In Action)

LRHC provides their agents and employees with cloud-based real estate brokerage services through consumer-facing websites, including their corporate website www.larosarealty.com, and their proprietary technology, which offers brokerage operations management tools.

The website grants consumers access to their network of professional real estate agents and vendors. Furthermore, the websites employ Artificial Intelligence ("AI") integrated Client Relationship Management (“CRM”) software to enhance the internet experience for consumers and assist agents in lead generation and lead capture through AI features.

For instance, their CRM software, integrated into their websites, uses artificial intelligence to automatically send marketing materials to potential buyers and sellers, generating marketing leads for agents without agent involvement.

Their technology platform also offers automated blogging and comprehensive social media marketing campaigns for agents to create top-of-mind public awareness of their brand.

Their proprietary technology, along with third-party services and platforms, provides agents and franchisees with commission management and accounting systems, an internal agent "intranet" application, customer relationship management applications, a transaction management solution, and automated marketing and social media applications, as well as privacy and identity protections.

The combination of their brands, proprietary technology, services, data, lead generation, and marketing tools empowers their agents to deliver best-in-class service to their clients.

Grab more details here.


(Nasdaq: LRHC) Recap - The Top Potential Breakout Catalysts To Know Right Now

No. 1 - A Very Low Float Could Provide An Environment For Explosive Volatility

No. 2 - Last Week's IPO Puts LRHC On The Map Internationally

No. 3 - Huge Potential Upside From Current Levels To A $5.00 IPO Price (And Last Week's High)

No. 4 - Company's Proprietary Tech Makes Them An Industry Standout (Artificial Intelligence In Action)


Coverage is officially initiated on LRHC. When time allows, do this:


Get LRHC on your radar now.


Axel Adams

Editor, SCF

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