Did you catch today's breaking news on WLDS? If not, it's time to read it.


As Breaking News Circulates, Low Float (WLDS) Remains A Radar Priority (Nasdaq Tech Profile)

February 6th

SCF Readers,

Did you catch today's breaking news on WLDS? If not, it's time to read it.

Check it out here: Wearable Devices Introduces New Revolutionary "Spatial Depth" Control in Latest Air Mouse Innovation

"We are thrilled to herald a new era in spatial gestures technology by fusing motion sensors with our proprietary surface nerve conductance sensors. The ability to navigate in the depth axis opens a realm of potentialities, and is a testament of our commitment to pushing technological boundaries and delivering innovative solutions to enhance user interactions,” commented Asher Dahan, Chief Executive Officer of Wearable Devices.

Plus, don't forget. WLDS has fewer than 10Mn shares in its float according to Yahoo Finance which means volatility needs to be on watch.

And maybe most importantly right now is that WLDS is trading above these 4 key technical lines. If support is growing at these levels, it could be huge for WLDS moving forward this week.

Take a moment to review my initial report below and get WLDS on your radar right now.


Today, I am writing to you about a pioneering company at the forefront of transforming the landscape of Human-Computer Interface (HCI).

This little-known company's tech stands as the key to unlocking the immense potential within the wearable computers, face computers, and home digital devices markets.

The future is adorned with wearable devices, smartwatches, and smart glasses, challenging us to reimagine how users interact with technology.

This game-changing tech envisions itself as the universal interface.

Anticipating an era where wearable devices take center stage, the market, as predicted by the International Data Corporation, is on track to witness a staggering 628.3Mn units shipped to consumers in 2026.

Potentially growing $114Bn over the next few years according to this company, the wearable devices market is ripe for innovation and collaboration.

This new Nasdaq profile stands at the forefront, ready to reshape the landscape of HCI methods specifically tailored for the burgeoning field of wearable devices.

With a low float under 10Mn shares, a game-changing showing at CES 2024 Las Vegas, and a bunch of other explosive potential catalysts, this Nasdaq profile requires immediate attention.

Drop everything and pull up:

*Wearable Devices Ltd. (WLDS)*

Wearable Devices Ltd. is a growth company developing AI-based neural input interface technology for the B2C and B2B markets.

The Company’s flagship product, the Mudra Band for Apple Watch, integrates innovative AI-based technology and algorithms into a functional, stylish wristband that utilizes proprietary sensors to identify subtle finger and wrist movements allowing the user to “touchlessly” interact with connected devices.

In case you're totally lost, it's okay.

Let's take a quick second and go deep-dive mode on why WLDS's flagship product could soon put it on the road to Breakoutsville.

The Problem


This poses two interesting questions:

No. 1 - How should we interact with our future devices, beyond touchscreens and hand-held devices?

No. 2 - Can we really extend our hands to reach and touch the digital world?

The Solution


Award Earning Consumer Band For The Apple Watch

The Mudra Band is an aftermarket accessory band for the Apple Watch which allows touchless operation and control of the watch and the iPhone.

The Mudra Band won the Innovation Award Honoree and the Best Wearable Award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021.

Control: Gestures

Operating the iPhone is now touchless! Mudra Band utilizes their brand-new Air-Touch functionality, which empowers users to interact with the iPhone using natural, intuitive, simple and light hand and finger movements.

1. Mudra Air-Touch

Navigate, tap, scroll, swipe and interact with all phone applications and settings without touching the iPhone screen.

2. Pointer Navigation

Simply move your forearm in any direction to move the pointer on your screen or highlight areas of importance.

3. Interactions Beyond Touch

Tap your fingers to select an object or activate a button. Keep on pressing to preview contents and perform quick actions, and move your forearm for drag and drop.

4. Back Home

The company made a shortcut to get back home. Simply use a slight twist of the wrist to go back to the home screen.


Sources: Company Website. Company Presentation.


And here's why WLDS needs to be a top priority this second...

#1. WLDS Has A Low Float That Could Lead To Explosive Volatility Potential (Spike-Filled Chart History).

Here's the deal... WLDS is a low float profile.

With Yahoo Finance reporting a float of approximately 9.6Mn shares, volatility will need to be on watch at all times.

Just take a look at WLDS's 1-year chart:


There are 3 specific spikes to look at closely. Here's what the chart tells us:

1. 2/8/23 - Hitting a low that session of $.60, WLDS quickly rocketed to $1.29 the next day for a move of 115%.

2. 5/24/23 - From a low of $.4325 that day to a high of $1.91 the next, WLDS ripped 341%.

3. 11/1/23 - Running from a $.4848 low that day to a high of $1.129 short term, WLDS burst 132%.

Big. Documented. Moves.

Now, that isn't to say WLDS is going to go scorching to any of those previous highs this week, but the potential for explosive short term moves is written all over this profile's chart.


#2. WLDS Crushes It At Las Vegas CES 2024 (Major Coverage From Leading Tech Magazines).

Here's the news out of CES last month:


Read the Mashable review here.

Read the VentureBeat review here.


#3. Two Straight Months Of Massive News Depicts A Tech Company On The Move.

The subject above spells this one out. Take a look:

1. 1/30/24 - Wearable Devices to Demonstrate Spatial Computing Interaction for Smart Glasses at SPIE AR VR MR 2024

2. 1/4/24 - Wearable Devices Releases Mudra Developer Kit...

3. 12/28/23 - Wearable Devices Signed an Agreement With Leading Global Defense Company...

A signed agreement with a global defense company, the release of MDK, and an attention-grabbing demonstration? And all within the last 2 months?

Like I said, a tech company on the move.


WLDS Key Focuses Recap - 3 Potential Driver Catalysts

#1. WLDS Has A Low Float That Could Lead To Explosive Volatility Potential (Spike-Filled Chart History).

#2. WLDS Crushes It At Las Vegas CES 2024 (Major Coverage From Leading Tech Magazines).

#3. Two Straight Months Of Massive News Depicts A Tech Company On The Move.


Coverage is officially initiated on WLDS. Drop everything and get this Nasdaq tech profile and breakout idea on radar.

When updates pop up, I'll get them out to you quickly this week.


Axel Adams

Editor, SCF

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