SOBR requires immediate attention this morning. Here's why.


Could (SOBR) Be On The Verge Of A Big Move As Yesterday's News Circulates? Strong Green Start

October 14th

SCF Readers,

SOBR requires immediate attention this morning. Here's why.

Starting off in the green this morning, the company dropped big news yesterday that's only starting to make the rounds.

Check it out:

SOBRsafe Named a MFG Innovation Excellence Award Finalist by the Michigan Manufacturers Association

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2022 / SOBR Safe, Inc. (Nasdaq:SOBR) (SOBRsafe™ or the Company), providers of industry-leading alcohol screening solutions, today announced that it has been selected as one of three finalists for the MFG Innovation Excellence Award, presented by the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA). Each year, the MMA recognizes the most innovative, game-changing, groundbreaking and cutting-edge products from a Michigan industry that employs over 630,000 people and produces $102Bn in goods each year.


"We're really honored that SOBRsafe has been named a finalist for the Michigan Manufacturers Association MFG Innovation Excellence Award," stated SOBRsafe CRO Michael Watson. "Being recognized by the MMA means a great deal to SOBRsafe because we've made a purposeful decision to manufacture our products here in Michigan - nowhere else do you find the grit, diligence and ingenuity that you do here."

Continued Mr. Watson, "As a young company with a disruptive new technology, we knew we had one shot to bring to market a product of such quality, durability and dependability that buyers had no choice but to stand and take notice. The correct and only answer was Michigan manufacturing."

"The Michigan Manufacturers Association is the premier manufacturing trade group in the country, representing employers in America's leading state for manufacturing. Being named finalist for the MFG Innovation Excellence Award is both incredibly humbling and likewise rewarding for all the work we have put in recent years to arrive on this stage today. We are truly honored and grateful."


Read the full article here.

On top of that, SOBR is trading above 2 key lines of potential support in its:

  • 50-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA), and its
  • 13-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

With its 200-Day SMA over a $1.00+ away from current trading levels, there could be a ton of potential room to move before running into resistance.

And if that 200-Day SMA resistance breaks down in the near future, a potential squeeze could be in the cards moving forward.

Take a moment to reread my initial report below and get SOBR on radar quickly today.


SOBR Safe, Inc. (SOBR)

SOBRsafe™ is the developer of a proprietary, touch-based identity verification, alcohol detection and cloud-based reporting system. The technology is transferable across innumerable form factors, including stationary access control, personal wearables and for telematics integration.

A preventative solution in historically reactive industries, it is being deployed for commercial fleets, workplaces, alcohol rehabilitation and probation management; other intended applications include airlines and young drivers.

And based on these 5 potential catalysts, SOBR could receive a breakout spark in the near term. Check them out:

No. 1 - Low Float Volatility Could Pop Up At A Moment's Notice

No. 2 - ABW Launches Touch-Based Alcohol Screening Offering With Purchase Of SOBRcheck™

No. 3 - Butterfield (Leading Third-Party Administrator) Makes Initial Purchase Of SOBRcheck™ Tech

No. 4 - OH&S Award For Safety Monitoring Devices (This Is A Big Deal)

No. 5 - Added Exposure Through 2022 Nasdaq Uplisting

But more on those in a second...

Introducing SOBRsafe™

Touch-based, IoT-enabled preventative alcohol detection, with instantaneous data reporting via a SaaS platform.

The Company's Value Proposition:

  • Disruptive technology to introduce uniform safety measures
  • Protection against catastrophic liabilities due to alcohol use
  • Reduction to operating costs through insurance safety discounts
  • Numerous market applications beyond B2B

Passive, Uniform Detection with SOBRcheck


Hygienic – no blood, saliva or breath-based contaminants

Fast – instantaneous results, employee throughput of 180 per hour

Dependable – 97% accurate detection of alcohol

Connected – powerful cloud-based reporting and data management


Mobile Monitoring with SOBRsure

  • App-based reporting interface
  • Continuous alcohol monitoring and GPS tracking
  • Notifications to managers/parents upon alcohol detection
  • Device removal and removal location alerts

Markets in Need of Advanced Safety Solutions



Insurer Strategy & Engagement

38% - Of Workers’ Comp claims related to substance abuse in the workplace

3x - The normal level of employee health benefits, as used by substance abusers

300% - Higher medical costs, as incurred by substance abusers

$3K - Potential increase in insurance rates for teen driver DUI, if coverage not flatly denied

All roads lead to insurance…

  • SOBR data demonstrates safety compliance
  • Data empowers more accurate risk modeling
  • Up to 20% discounts being granted at install
  • Top 100 insurer signed, advocating adoption
  • In talks with 10+ insurers to secure discounts, make SOBRcheck, SOBRsure ≥cost-neutral


Why SOBR Safe, Inc. (SOBR)?

$15Bn+ Revenue Opportunity – across core markets Justice, Rehabilitation, Fleet & Workplace

First-to-Market Monitoring Technology – proprietary, innovative platform for detecting alcohol within a flexible, scalable framework

Key Strategic Partnerships – Product and go-to-market strategy supported by significant firms in manufacturing, customer service

Recognized Support – Endorsements from insurers, alcohol testing providers, DUI probation agencies and employers

Customer Adoption, in Revenue – 5 customers and 3 distributors across core markets Justice, Rehabilitation, Fleet & Workplace

Compelling Financial Model – Opportunity for significant top-line growth, recurring revenues and ~80% gross margins

Winning Team – Experienced leadership with technology product rollout expertise, backed by strong sales and marketing team

Grab The Complete Company Presentation Here.


As I mentioned above, SOBR has multiple potential catalysts that could provide it with near term breakout fuel. Here they are:

No. 1 SOBR Potential Catalyst - Low Float Volatility Could Pop Up At A Moment's Notice

According to the Yahoo Finance website, SOBR has a low float.

The website reports this profile to have approximately 8.86Mn shares in its float.

Why is that important? It's important on one crucial level. Volatility.

Could more 2022 positive company news help provide a near term spark?


No. 2 SOBR Potential Catalyst - ABW Launches Touch-Based Alcohol Screening Offering With Purchase Of SOBRcheck™

SOBRsafe Expands to New York Metro Market via New Distributor with Ties to Air, Rail and Shipping Industries

ABW Compliance Services Commits to Mutual Success with Multi-Unit Purchase as Reseller

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / October 10, 2022 / SOBR Safe, Inc. (NASDAQ:SOBR) (SOBRsafe™ or the Company), providers of industry-leading alcohol screening solutions, today announced that leading New York Metro-based substance compliance provider ABW Compliance Services (ABW) has launched its touch-based alcohol screening offering with an initial multi-unit purchase of the SOBRcheck™ solution. ABW's customers include top brands in air and train travel, as well as global shipping.

SOBRsafe has engaged ABW specifically to help eliminate potential catastrophes, as when reported in March 2022 that a commercial pilot was removed from the cockpit and taken into custody after having a blood-alcohol level more than four times the federal limit. Consistent with its current deployment for commercial drivers, SOBRcheck could verify the sobriety of all groundcrew and on-plane personnel as they report for duty - instantaneously and with no invasive, unhygienic tests.

Refocusing the Industry to Prevention and Support

"We believe companies should provide their employees with passive alcohol screening and education without severe permanent consequences affecting their employment because of a single positive result," stated ABW Compliance Services Founder & CEO Adam Winokur. "More inclusive workplaces that break down stigma around alcohol use and invest in the health and wellness of their staff will likely have less attrition. This will also result in a reduced cost to onboarding and more engaged, productive and happy employees. In addition, less revenue will be lost to substance use in the workplace."

Continued Mr. Winokur, "The implementation of SOBRcheck as a biometric time clock with passive testing will provide an exceptional opportunity to normalize conversations about employee mental fitness, the safe use of recreational substances and how to develop healthy coping mechanisms. At ABW Compliance Services, these are our core values - we are working to educate today's employers about tomorrow's substance-responsible workplace programs. We feel the values of SOBRsafe are closely aligned with ours, and we are excited to introduce to companies this ground-breaking and timely technology."


Read the full article here.


No. 3 SOBR Potential Catalyst - Butterfield (Leading Third-Party Administrator) Makes Initial Purchase Of SOBRcheck™ Tech

SOBR Safe Announces Initial SOBRcheck Purchase by Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing

Prominent Third-Party Administrator Launches SOBRsafe Solutions to Its Established Customer Network

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2022 / SOBR Safe, Inc. (NASDAQ:SOBR) (SOBRsafe™ or the Company), providers of industry-leading alcohol detection solutions, today announced that leading Western U.S. third-party administrator (TPA) Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing (Butterfield) has launched its new touch-based detection offering with an initial purchase of the SOBRcheck™ technology. Butterfield has established a large customer network over its 19 years in the industry, one that includes national airlines for testing of pilots, flight attendants and ground crew. Butterfield is expected to have a dedicated sales professional represent SOBRsafe solutions to this network.

Working with organizations dedicated to safety and a drug- and alcohol-free environment, Butterfield provides administrative services, onsite collections, education & training and more. With touch-based alcohol detection, Butterfield is expanding into technology integration, bringing to customers SOBRcheck's passive, non-invasive alcohol screening that requires no onsite technician. SOBRcheck hygienically detects and instantaneously reports the presence of alcohol as emitted through the pores of a fingertip - no breath, blood or urine sample is required, just the touch of a finger.

"We believe that SOBRsafe's touch-based alcohol detection can revolutionize the industry, allowing for instant onsite testing with immediate results," said Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing Owner and CEO Tracie Butterfield. "From our market experience, the SOBRcheck solution is potentially ideal for organizations that employ drivers, machine operators or others in safety-sensitive positions. Moreover, SOBRcheck can drive demand for our other services - if we have this system in a client facility and alcohol is detected, they are going to call us with reasonable suspicion, and we'll go onsite to conduct breath alcohol and drug tests. We are thrilled to work with SOBRsafe, and we see this as both a singular business opportunity and a relationship closely aligned with our mission and core values."

"We are incredibly impressed by Tracie and her team - they are a beacon of energy and innovation for the industry. Acting as their own sales agent, they have a clear path to existing customer decision makers - access hard-won over nearly two decades in the business," said SOBRsafe Chief Revenue Officer Michael Watson. "We believe that this relationship could be a growth catalyst for both SOBRsafe and Butterfield - while potentially advancing alcohol safety in the workplace, on our roadways and in the skies."


Read the full article here.


No. 4 SOBR Potential Catalyst - OH&S Award For Safety Monitoring Devices (This Is A Big Deal)

SOBRsafe Awarded OH&S 2022 New Product of the Year in Safety Monitoring Device Category

Non-invasive Alcohol Detection Technology and Identity Verification System, SOBRcheck, Honored as an Outstanding Workplace Safety Product

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2022 / SOBR Safe, Inc. (NASDAQ:SOBR) (SOBRsafe™ or the Company), providers of market-leading alcohol monitoring solutions, was awarded the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) New Product of the Year in the Safety Monitoring Devices category for its SOBRcheck™ system.


"This recognition from OH&S further demonstrates the value our technology can provide in a range of applications, including last mile fleets, energy, warehouses, manufacturing and construction. We are helping organizations take a proactive approach to preventing alcohol misuse," said SOBRsafe Chairman & CEO Dave Gandini. "SOBRcheck enables administrators to uniformly and objectively manage alcohol compliance in a non-invasive way, creating safer work environments and communities."

OH&S is a leading publication in the industrial health and safety market. In this year's OH&S New Product Awards, 26 companies were selected for the magazine's annual New Product of the Year award across 31 categories.

"The world is entering into the new phase of the pandemic, one where supply chain shortages and economic challenges threaten innovation. However, it appears these hurdles are not changing the way the safety industry continues to show up with new products and solutions that keep employees safe," said Occupational Health & Safety editor Sydny Shepard. "Each year, the New Product of the Year award program shines a light on the future of the industry, and after seeing the winners of this year's contest, it's easy to say that the future is a bright one indeed."

Read the full article here.


No. 5 SOBR Potential Catalyst - Added Exposure Through 2022 Nasdaq Uplisting

SOBRsafe Announces Pricing of $10Mn Public Offering and Uplisting to the Nasdaq Capital Market

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SOBR Safe, Inc. (SOBR) (SOBRsafe™ or the Company), providers of innovative solutions for alcohol policy management, today announced the pricing of its underwritten public offering of 2,352,942 units at a price to the public of $4.25 per unit, for aggregate gross proceeds of $10Mn, prior to deducting underwriting discounts, commissions, and other estimated offering expenses. Each unit consists of one share of common st-ock, par value $0.00001 per share, and two warrants, each warrant exercisable for one share of common stock. The common st-ock and warrants are immediately separable from the Units and will be issued separately. The warrants are exercisable immediately, expire five years from the date of issuance and have an exercise price of $4.25.


The Company also announced that, in connection with the offering, its common stock has been approved for listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market and will begin trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol "SOBR" on May 16, 2022.

Read the full article here.


SOBR Recap - 5 Potential Catalysts For Your New Nasdaq Breakout Idea

No. 1 - Low Float Volatility Could Pop Up At A Moment's Notice

No. 2 - ABW Launches Touch-Based Alcohol Screening Offering With Purchase Of SOBRcheck™

No. 3 - Butterfield (Leading Third-Party Administrator) Makes Initial Purchase Of SOBRcheck™ Tech

No. 4 - OH&S Award For Safety Monitoring Devices (This Is A Big Deal)

No. 5 - Added Exposure Through 2022 Nasdaq Uplisting


Coverage is officially initiated on SOBR. When time permits, do this:


Get SOBR on your radar now.


Axel Adams

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