Let's throw the breaks on for a second.


Could This Tiny Float Nasdaq Profile Take It To Tomorrow's Opening Bell? 3 Potential Catalysts Lead The Way

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January 24th

SCF Readers,

Let's throw the breaks on for a second.

Did you catch what happened last week?

Tuesday's profile blasted approximately 59% in two days.

Wednesday's profile surged approximately 27% intraday.

Friday's profile jumped approximately 14% intraday.

Count that up and what do you get? That's approximately 100% in combined runs.

Not shabby, but here comes something to get your eyes glued on.

At 8:00PM EST tonight, a Nasdaq breakout idea arrives at your front doorstep.

Here's why you'll want to clear your schedule:

3 Must-See Potential Catalysts - Key Details For This Nasdaq Breakout Idea

#1. A tiny float. With Yahoo Finance reporting a float of fewer than 5Mn shares, volatility could appear daily and with little warning.

#2. 2023 has already seen this company drop huge announcement after huge announcement. Could this company produce another milestone press release near term?

#3. An explosive chart history. Packed with several intraday and short term vertical breakout runs, this chart will be one to sink your teeth into quickly.

When time allows, do this:


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Axel Adams

Editor, SCF

(Always Remember The St-ock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)​

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