When you add up my last 3 profiles, you'll see we're on quite a run recently: GKIT ran from $.0416 to $.035 (741% Intraday) RCHN blazed


CRFTF: Your Next Potential Breakout (3 Straight Champs)

*Last Profile Rips & Roars 741% Intraday*

November 14th

SCF Members,

When you add up my last 3 profiles, you'll see we're on quite a run recently:

  1. GKIT ran from $.0416 to $.35 (741% Intraday)
  2. RCHN blazed from $.055 to $.20 (263% Intraday)
  3. AEPT surged from $.0045 to $.018 (300% Intraday)

Overall, you're looking at 1,304% in potential intraday gains. Now, here's where things could get better...

In Canada, 15% of the national population consumed can*na*bis ("CB") in Q4 of 2018.

According to Stats Canada (info released Feb 7, 2019), the leading purchasing decision by CB users when selecting a source was quality and safety.

Canada is in dire need of quality CB from legal growers to hit the shelves — already the public is underwhelmed with the lack of quality offered.

Canada's shortage of LGL CB is projected to continue for multiple years.

  • Demand is growing, and the market can’t keep up. Illicit CB producers are still making more than 85% of the products Canadians are consuming.
  • The medical CB market is steadily growing at a rate of approx. 5% each month.
  • International exports are starting to increase.
  • Impending (LGL)ization of edibles will only divert more product away from empty store shelves across the country.

Health Canada has created new opp's for small-scale producers, known as Micro Cultivators (MC) to enter the market.

Micro-cultivators are not able to sell directly to the public for recreational use and must sell to Licensed Producers (LP) or Standard Processors (SP).

Because of this, I want to bring your attention to a company that is a vertically integrated, prohibition-era brand house firmly rooted in BC's craft CB industry:

> Pasha Brands Ltd. (CRFTF) <

Pasha also trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: CRFT) and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE: ZZD).

Pasha, through its subsidiary, BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd., will acquire and sell the craft CB products on behalf of the MCs, allowing the craft CB brands to do what they do best: growing quality CB.

Here's where things start to get really interesting. A recent press release (this week), could become a strong catalyst for a potential share price breakout. Read now:

Pasha Brands: Canada's First Micro-Cultivator Crops Expected Next Month

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pasha Brands Ltd. ("Pasha") (CSE: CRFT) (OTC: CRFTF) (FSE: ZZD), Canada's largest craft CB brands organization, expects nation's first micro-cultivator harvest next month.

While the large-scale licensed producers continuing to experience pressure in the market, Pasha's approach looks to solve both industry and consumer issues by bringing small-scale growers into the legal marketplace. Pasha has signed supply agreements with over 100 micro-cultivator applicants, including the first five micro-cultivators licensed by Health Canada. North 40 in Saskatchewan, Hearst in Ontario, and Canandia in BC are all expected to harvest before the end of December.

"Craft" is a word often thrown around in this new industry, but it is one that Pasha embodies through meaningful relationships with some of the country's most recognized brands. But what makes CB "craft" has less to do with reputation and more to do with the care and attention to detail with which these plants are cultivated.

"To me, craft CB is about quality over quantity, and a more individualistic approach to cultivation," said Jamie Shaw, Chief Communications and Culture Officer at a Pasha Brands. "It's the whole reason our model exists, allowing the grower to stay autonomous and avoiding large plant-to-grower ratios. This allows them to function independently and ensures a move away from big-box, cookie-cutter production," she added.

The Founder of North 40 CB, Gord Nichol, explains the mindset this way, "Having Pasha's support has allowed me to focus on the plant and give it the attention required to bring out the very best in it. The market is ready for hand-crafted CB products and Pasha's experience is a vital resource in helping us deliver the goods."

Pasha remains committed to bringing small farmers to market and expects the first legal micro-cultivated dried CB to hit store shelves by early 2020.


That's major news for CRFTF that could become the catalyst to see this stock absolutely burst.

The Key Micro-Cultivator Stats For CRFTF

#1. Of the first 5 micro-licences issued by Health Canada, Pasha has signed supply agreements with all of them.

#2. Pasha also has signed supply agreements with 60 more applicants currently in the CTLS queue with Health Canada, and another 40 navigating the licensing process with Pasha subsidiary, BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd.

#3. With 100 micro-cultivators each permitted to produce up to 500kg per year, Pasha could have the ability to bring up to 50,000kg per year of high-quality craft CB to Canadian consumers.

More About Pasha Brands And Its Key Subsidiaries

BC’s growers are passionate about their craft, drawing on decades of cultivation experience and a boundless devotion to producing world-class CB.

Pasha champions renowned CB cultivators, producers, and retailers, and works with them to ensure they can keep growing and developing in today’s rapidly growing LGL landscape.

Collectively these brands, while operating in the illicit market, ranked in the top 5 among CB producing companies in Canada, with $140Mn in unaudited revenues.




CRFTF Requires Your Immediate Attention Friday AM

This is a company on the rise that has been making moves left and right.

With their first micro-cultivator harvest coming next month, you should pay attention to this stock while it is trading under $.15.

It was only August that CRFTF was trading as high as $.45.

*That Gives CRFTF Around 200% Potential Upside*

I don't expect CRFTF to return to that level tomorrow, but I want you to be aware of where this stock was trading recently and the upcoming harvest that could become a strong catalyst to send shares soaring.

Do yourself a favor and get CRFTF locked in your sights.




Before tomorrow's bell, make sure you read this report in full and get CRFTF to the top of your watch-list.

To Your Trading Success,

Axel Adams

Editor, SCF

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