In only 3 profiles, SCF has been able to deliver multiple champs that combined to run 547% intraday. Yup. That's part of the reason I'm


Your New, Low Float, A.I. Profile For Monday Is (GTCH)

3 Straight Champs Deliver 500%+ Total Intraday Runs

GTCH Investors Presentation

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December 8th

SCF Members,

Holy cow. We've been on a hot streak. Just take a look at our last 3 breakout ideas:

  • 12/5 profile cruised from $.015 to $.05 (233% Intraday)
  • 12/4 profile slashed from $.0031 to $.0052 (67% Intraday)
  • 11/27 profile blitzed from $.02 to $.0695 (247% Intraday)

In only 3 profiles, SCF has been able to deliver multiple champs that combined to run 547% intraday. Yup.

That's part of the reason I'm excited to bring you this new idea for Monday, because like 2 of those and several recent triple-digit intraday movers over the past couple months, this new idea has a low float.

In fact, according to OTC Markets, this A.I. profile has a low float of roughly 5.2Mn shares.

This means you should watch for potential volatility Monday as it could lead to another stunning price spike.

For now though, let's keep moving...

A.I. is driving some of the most exciting innovation in the world today.

From an investor's perspective, the A.I. industry is so exciting because its products, from software to processors to memory and storage, are becoming essential to every other type of business. As such, the tech leaders serving the A.I. market seem poised for tremendous growth over the next decade and beyond.

"The market for AI continues to grow at a rapid pace," said David Schubmehl, research director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems at International Data Corp. (IDC). "Vendors looking to take advantage of A.I., deep learning and machine learning need to move quickly to gain a foothold in this emergent market.

Before we know it, A.I. will be part of our everyday lives.

Market experts say artificial intelligence will lead the next wave of economic growth and productivity for at least the next couple of decades.

In recent years, I've been on the hunt for A.I. driven companies who are looking to improve their products or gain strategic edges.

While on that hunt, I came across one company/stock in particular that appears to have a staggering amount of upside potential.

For Monday, 12/9, your new breakout idea is:

*GBT Technologies Inc. (GTCH)*

The secret is out! Companies like Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon are all spending significantly on A.I. technology.

These tech giants continue to put A.I. in consumer products and services. For one example, voice-activated smart home devices. Netflix utilizes A.I. to personalize its internet TV content for subscribers.

Currently, global spending on A.I. systems will jump 44% to $35.8Bn by the end of 2019, says the IDC. Nearly $13.5Bn will be spent on A.I. software platforms and A.I. apps.

In layman's terms, the sector is smoking hot right now and the potential for possible growth is extremely obvious.

That's why I want you to focus in on GTCH's two major catalysts before Monday's opening bell.

#1 Potential Breakout Catalyst For GTCH

GBT Technologies’ AI Engine to Improve Microchip Production and Create Expert Smart Apps

NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GBT Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) (GBT) is steadily growing its footprint in the high-tech space while also expanding its already strong portfolio of technologies that continue to increase the company’s position in the industry. GBT is segmented into 5 different areas of growth, but its work in the artificial intelligence or AI industry continues to be the company’s central focus, and its AI engine, “Avant! AI,” could prove to be an industry-leading product that changes the way we get information, while also becoming a first-in-class tool in the development of other technologies.

GBT’s portfolio of technologies includes artificial intelligence, microchip technology, internet of things (IoT)/mobile, electronic design automation (EDA), and on-going research and development (R&D), and GBT plans to employ its AI technology throughout the portfolio in the development of a host of technologies.

While GBT’s footprint is expanding in a number of high-tech spaces, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Salomon Ocon, says, “GBT has decided to invest a major part of its future business in the AI industry because the company predicts there is a great market for it well into the future and that GBT is ideally positioned to compete in the industry with its vast experience and knowledge in the AI space developing both AI-based algorithms and circuitries.”

Currently, GBT is fully engaged in two areas that are in high demand and both are using the company’s AI engine in their development. The first is the development of advanced-AI applications or “smart apps” that could change the way we get vital information on just about any topic, and the second is to assist in the production of microchips, and by doing so, achieving increased reliability in their production.

Avant! AI is able to be “trained,” which makes the technology ideal for developing applications that require learning volumes of information and for developing platforms that can assist in increasing reliability based on physics-of-failure mechanisms. The company’s AI engine, which is an “expert agent” or “knowledge advisor” that can act as a knowledge center for any given database, is “achieving human objectives” with its actions according to the company. The company touts that the technology will be capable of retrieving specific data from just about any field, including medicine, law, engineering, IoT, and customer support for starters.

The first advanced-AI "smart" application that GBT is developing is for the medical field. GBT’s COO said of Avant! AI’s immediate future, “One possibility for this artificial intelligence is to offer Avant! AI as a ‘medical expert agent’ for medical web sites or other similar sites in the field, as well as offering what could function as a personal medical assistant for everyone."

“Imagine an intelligent medical advisor at your fingertips and available to you around the clock that provides you with accurate medical advice. This type of ‘super-intelligent agent’ would be invaluable in any household worldwide.”

Meanwhile, GBT is implementing its Avant! AI technology within its Epsilon EDA (Electronic Design Automation) program with the goal of achieving increased reliability for microchips. GBT has developed design and analysis software for integrated circuits (IC). The EDA field targets integrated circuits design and analysis software, and GBT is implementing its AI engine with its work on EDA technology to create IC analysis software. GBT says this software will analyze microchips during their design process to ensure the ultimate reliability, optimal power consumption and fast performance, creating clean-by-construction chips.

Salomon Ocon says, “When it comes to microchips that are used in aviation, space exploration, medical equipment, military and in many other important fields, high reliability is necessary in order to prevent failures. GBT's Epsilon computer program analyzed each microchip during its design phase, ensuring the prevention of overheating, optimal power consumption and the highest reliability even in the toughest weather conditions. Epsilon is a reliability-aware IC design environment. Using GBT's EDA technology, IC design houses will be able to create efficient microchips, with the highest reliability, optimal power consumption and fastest performance.”

According to the company, Avant! AI’s ability to achieve “human objectives” is what will make it superior to anything that any other competitor can offer today. GBT executives feel that its AI engine is “a superior technology that will slowly penetrate many aspects of our lives.”

GBT is targeting its AI technology to become the pioneer in crucial areas of our lives and plans to explore licensing opp's for the technology next year. The COO said that GBT does plan to look for a partnership(s)/collaboration(s) in the communication field with one of the market's major companies, and that GBT is currently exploring the licensing of its EDA technology to major IC design corporations.


#2 Potential Breakout Catalyst For GTCH

GBT Seeks to Develop New Microchip Architectures Aimed at Expanding AI Market Opp's

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) ("GBT”, or the “Company”), a company specializing in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled networking and tracking technologies, including its GopherInsight™ wireless mesh network technology platform and its Avant! AI, for both mobile and fixed solutions, announced new microchip architectures aimed at expanding GBT’s AI go-to-market strategy.

The new architectures, now in development, are targeted to leverage world-class, on-chip AI technologies for the benefit of IC design houses.

GBT is focusing on advanced manufacturing processes for the creation of industry-leading electronic products. The Company plans to continue its IC scaling in order to achieve high silicon transistor density while keeping overall die size small.

The new architectures are various combinations of matrix, vector and scalar styles designed for AI GPU chips, which can be used in a wide variety of applications. The new concepts will be based on the Company's recent filed patent, which seeks to protect 3D multi-planner microchip technologies. The goal is to enable the design of 3D multi-planner processing components inside a chip.

GBT's GPUs are planned to allow designers to have “light speed” processing units, assembled directly on the chip die. This type of technology could potentially create a new generation of on-chip AI modules, memory, graphics accelerators and power regulators, all built-in on top of or beside each other. The Company is targeting achieving greater computational density using a modular approach, implementing advanced IC manufacturing processes of 14nm, 10nm and below.

"High-capacity, high-speed AI processing is crucial for next-generation computing and we are stepping forward to combine crucial modules within one chip" stated Danny Rittman, GBT’s CTO. "We create chips’ architecture hierarchy in order to enable high speed interconnectivity at the silicon die level. The world of computing has evolved dramatically over the past decade as we generate data faster than we can analyze it.”

“Another challenge is to secure the data while transferred between chips and devices. The AI supercomputing arena is constantly changing, and so are our strategies; our designs have been broadened to target a constant expanding AI market with increasing demand for ultra-fast computing power. We are seeking to apply new technologies and architectures across our engineering organization, bringing innovative initiatives to the integrated circuit world for the next generations to come. Whether it’s a powerful AI platform, fast graphics processing, communication applications including 5G, memories, or high capacity power regulators, it is GBT's goal to apply innovative architectures to enable ultra fast, secured, scalable microchip power."


Directly From The Website: GBT Technologies Inc. (GTCH)

GBT Technologies, Inc. (“GBT”) is a technology company focusing on chip design and software and is developing a portfolio of Intellectual Property that is targeted to have significant relevance in enabling the rollout of IoT (Internet of Things), global mesh networks, and for applications relating to artificial intelligence.


Natively IoT Based

GBT Technologies’ core technology is a revolutionary new platform enabling products that will change the way people interact with technology and each other, because we believe that improving communications will benefit the modern world. GTCH Microchips communicate via a private, secure protocol and can interact with internal states – microchips communicate with other microchips – and external environments – microchips interact with cell phones, mobile apps, computers, tablets, tracking devices and many other digital devices, with access to conventional networks (WiFi and Cellular).

Our goal for GopherInsight Microchips is to be installed in billions of mobile devices in the next few years. This will allow GTCH to create private secure communications networks that will enormously benefit organizational and individual users. We will utilize this private secure networks to improve the computing power, database management, internal memory, and security of devices equipped with GopherInsight Microchips. The potential is enormous and we are constantly developing more advanced features.


The GBT platform is based on private, secured networks which connect physical objects that are accessible through the Internet. With the GBT platform, the IoT “Thing” could be a GBT Technologies product such as GuardianBracelet or GuardianOrb, or other fixed or mobile devices such as a tracker or a cellular phone that has a GopherInsight microchip installed.

Each one of these devices would be assigned an ID and IP address on our private secure network and would be able to collect and transfer data over the network without manual assistance or intervention.

In order to enhance the performance, security, RF capabilities and power consumption of our microchip technology, we implemented IoT methodologies within our EDA (Electronic Design Automation) computer programs Epsilon and Sigma. Each one of these programs is used during integrated circuit design for a variety of design enhancements. We have also added a feature called “IoT Aware,” which uniquely considers IoT challenges during chip design stages.

Our technology is targeted for integration into a wide variety of leading applications, among them are autonomous machines, smart drones, military and rescue, law enforcement, GEO tracking, medicine, robotics and more.Our goal is to create a family of devices that is “Internet of Things-native” and controlled via our embedded software integrated into in many different kinds of systems.

Our devices represent themselves digitally, and can be controlled from anywhere. GTCH products are connected to our private, secured communication protocol and enable our technology to control and manage more data from more places. This will ensure greater efficiency of digital and inter-personal communications, thus improving our lives and security.

Our state of the art technology will transform the way microchip design companies design IC performance through our “IoT Aware” analytics that will deliver better native IoT infrastructure and support. We will be impacting every aspect of safety, security, and communication methods of the world.

Industries such as manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, utilities, gasoline, and even retail sectors will benefit from the various enabling platforms released by GBT Technologies.

GBT Technologies will cover many domains that are natively IoT and connected through artificial intelligence based on a private secure protocol and mesh network communication.




GTCH could be Monday's monster breakout idea. Get this low float profile on your screen before the bell.

To Your Trading Success,

Axel Adams

Editor, SmallCapFirm

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