We have watched the "Green Wave" arena emerge to set off unprecedented gains for many pot stocks years ago. Now the new buzz worthy topic


EGF Theramed Health Corp. (EVAHF) Packs Major Upside Potential After Recent, Huge Acquisition News


(OTC: EVAHF) (CSE: TMED) (Frankfurt: AUHP)

June 22nd

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We have watched the "Green Wave" arena emerge to set off unprecedented gains for many pot stocks years ago.

Now the new buzz worthy topic getting rapid attention on Wall Street is medicinal mushrooms.

Psi*lo*cybin ("PSI"), also known as a mag*ic mushroom or a psy*che*delic ("PSY") mushroom, is said to be the key to potentially treating some forms of depression and many other mental issues such as anxiety, addiction, and even Alzheimer's Disease.

There is a reason why John Hopkins has a $17M research center just for PSY research. (SOURCE)

EGF Theramed Health Corp. (OTC: EVAHF)

EGF Theramed Health is a consumer technology company engaged in the provision of biomedical online services for monitoring and treating common health problems. The Company, through its subsidiaries, has assets and technologies used in the extraction and purification of botanical extracts and the creation of extract formulations, as well as medical monitoring device technology.

EVAHF's current focus is on the PSI space and recently acquired 30% of PSI player Pharmadelic Labs Corp. The company is looking at methods of producing the PSI compound through biosynthesis pathways, and creating strong intellectual property.

EGF Theramed Health Corp. (OTC: EVAHF) Float Under 20Mn

According to OTCMarkets, here is EVAHF's float.

This could lead to some pretty volatile trading if Wall Street continues to uncover the company.

The stock has been a sleeper but with the recent 30% acquisition of Pharmadelic Labs. Corp, things could start getting very exciting for share prices!

We could be seeing the law of supply and demand take place as the world learns more about medicinal mushrooms and their potential with big pharma.

Let's dig in further...

EGF Theramed Health Corp. (OTC: EVAHF)

Recent News Catalysts Could Drive Potential Vertical Growth In 2020

Press Release

EGF Theramed Health Closes Tranche of Financing

Published: June 16, 2020 at 6:06 p.m. ET

June 16, 2020 (ACCESSWIRE via COMTEX) VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2020 / EGF THERAMED HEALTH CORP. (CSE:TMED) (OTCQB:EVAHF) (FRANKFURT:AUHP) (the "Company") reports that it has closed an initial tranche of its financing previously announced May 22, 2020 and amended June 10, 2020.

The Company has closed on 1,673,258 units of a non-brokered private placement at a price of $0.75 per unit for total consideration of $1.2+Mn. Each unit consists of one common share and one-half of one common share purchase warrant, with each whole warrant entitling the holder to acquire an additional common share of the Company at a price of $1.50 for a period of 24 months from the closing of the offering. All securities issued in the offering are subject to a hold period expiring on October 17, 2020.

The Company intends to complete further tranches of the private placement to raise up to a total of CAD$2Mn. The Company reserves the right to raise up to an additional $2Mn on the same terms. The proceeds of the private placement will be used primarily to continue the development of the Company's business, including its recently announced joint ventures with Pharmadelic Labs Corp. and Green Parrot Labs Corp., for marketing and investor relations activity, and for general working capital purposes.

Press Release

EGF Theramed Health Announces $2Mn Financing and Joint Venture with Acquisition of 40% Interest in Biosynthesis and Wellness Company, Green Parrot Labs

Published: May 22, 2020 at 10:15 a.m. ET

The Company is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive Joint Venture and Share Purchase Agreement with Green Parrot Labs Corp. ("Green Parrot") and its shareholders, pursuant to which the Company will acquire a 40% equity interest in Green Parrot, a private Delaware corporation with operations based in the Caribbean.

Under the joint venture, the parties have agreed to collaborate for the further development and commercial exploitation of the operations of Green Parrot in the Caribbean, which offers wellness centres and research and development into biosynthesis pathways for PSI and canna*bin*oids ("CannaBDs").

EGF Theramed Health Corp. (OTC: EVAHF)

Acquisition of Pharmadelic Labs Corp.EVAHF is positioning itself at the frontier of medical science. PSY drugs are gathering support as a bona fide treatment for mental health problems, one of the most pressing and costly crises facing the modern world. The company is exploring every opp. on offer in this new area of research, forming partnerships with pioneering companies.

Through the Company's recent acquisition of a 30% equity interest in Pharmadelic Labs Corp. it has begun to research PSI and PSY extraction and processing for its Las Vegas extraction lab.


Pharmadelic Labs Corp. is a Nevada based biotech company using yeast to create biosynthesis pathways for PSI. By editing the genome sequences of industrial brewing yeasts, the company is looking to theoretically create commercially viable compounds derived from PSI. The main advantages of this method are threefold: it is significantly quicker than growing and then extracting from mushrooms (days rather than weeks); very safe, through the use of yeast products ready for use in industry; it ensures a controlled and uniform level of PSI throughout the finished product; and is much cheaper to produce on a mass scale than greenhouse growing.

Pharmadelic Labs aims to develop a portfolio of intellectual property around biosynthesis pathways using yeast and PSI. The company hopes to be working with a wide range of partners across multiple industries, potentially including pharmaceutical companies creating products for the nascent PSYs market.

Pharmadelic Labs aims to develop a portfolio of intellectual property around biosynthesis pathways for creating compounds.

This has great potential for application in the pharmaceuticals industry!

EGF Theramed Health Corp. (OTC: EVAHF) Patent Portfolio

  • File for provisional patent applications
  • Continue to update patents as technology develops
  • Strengthen existing patents with further applications around biosynthesis pathways as results are known

Pharmadelic Labs' biosynthesis process is clean and economical, and much quicker than cultivating mushrooms by themselves – approximately 3 days rather than up to 10 weeks!

It also ensures consistent levels of PSI and is safe due to yeast’s status as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

The company will also be providing an effective alternative to chemical synthesis. Chemical synthesis of PSI costs upwards of $7K per gram, which is far more expensive than the company's methods.

Very few companies will get an FDA drug approved, maybe a handful at best, hundreds of them will attempt to do so as the race has ultimately begun for PSY billions as the sector opens up, but everyone will need an edge over their competition.

This edge is not in the drug itself or the molecule, or the compound, but may be in the process and the way the compound is mass produced in a lab environment.


Here Is How The Biosynthesis Of PSI Works:

  • Step 1 Order synthetic DNA from hal*luc*ino*genic mushrooms
  • Step 2 Install DNA into genome of industrial brewing yeast
  • Step 3 Cultivate yeast on a large scale
  • Step 4 Extract PSI
  • Step 5 Create pharmaceutical product

PSI May Be The Next Breakthrough Therapy For Depression and Other Mental Issues

Ma*gic mushrooms are the safest “recreational” drug to take and those who take them are the most sensible and well prepared, according to the 2017 Global Drug Survey. Out of almost 10,000 people who took them, only 0.2% needed emergency medical treatment.

Ongoing clinical trials are discovering the uses of PSI in the treatment of addiction and other mental health problems.

The "Green Wave" rush when it emerged sent MJ related stocks soaring as the plant promises to offer a long list of benefits for various ailments.

More and more studies are examining the properties of PSI, and the enormous effects that it can have on the huge global problem of treating mental health.Check out some of the studies around PSI:

  • A single dose of the PSY ingredient in "ma*gic mushrooms" may bring long-lasting relief to cancer patients who suffer anxiety and depression, a new, small study suggests. (SOURCE)
  • Doctors Are Turning to PSYs to Treat Depression and Addiction (SOURCE)
  • A Radical Approach to Beating Addiction (SOURCE)
  • Doctors Are Giving Alzheimer's Patients L-S-D (SOURCE)
  • Researchers from the University of South Florida discover that PSI can also bind itself to receptors that stimulate healing. (SOURCE)

Mental Health Market Creates Tremendous Revenue Potential

According to the Centers for Disease Control, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the US in 2017.

Healthypeople.gov has found that in any given year, over 18% of US adults suffer from mental illness.

Forbes has reported that mental illness costs the U.S. economy nearly $200Bn a year.

According to Brands Essence Research, the global antidepressant drugs market was estimated to be over $13.5Bn in 2018 and is predicted to rise to nearly $16Bn by 2025.

36% of Americans told an American Psychiatric Association poll that the pandemic has had a serious impact on their mental health, and according to a PiplSay poll, 31% of Americans say they’re sleeping less because of c-virus-related anxiety.

As people self-quarantine, remote therapy services like Talkspace and Brightside have seen an increase in demand. In fact, Talkspace told Bloomberg at the beginning of April that it experienced a 65% increase in customers since mid February and Brightside has seen a 50% increase in new users since the start of the year.


EVAHF through its 30% owned Pharmadelic Labs has an enormous advantage when bringing PSI to market.

They are working to patent and create intellectual property that can mass produce high-grade PSI.

The potential value of this intellectual property could unlock huge profits and save years of scientific research for the many big pharma companies that will soon seek to enter the PSY space and want to mass produce PSI for use in their future drugs and therapeutics.

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