SPONF continues to hold strong and could be building support for a further rise up the charts.


Past Champ (SPONF) Continues To Ride Green Trend Early Today, Could Be Eying A Big Finish To The Week


October 21st

SCF Readers,

SPONF continues to hold strong and could be building support for a further rise up the charts.

Up approximately 5% at the moment, this profile is riding high on the heels of yesterday's big news announcement: SponsorsOne Launches Primero He-mp Smokes Brand to the Latin American Market

On top of that, SPONF is maintaining a trade level above 2 key lines of potential support in its 5-Day Simple Moving Average and its 5-Day Exponential Moving Average.

Could yesterday and today's green moves be signaling a healthy reversal taking place?

It wasn't too far back that this profile hit a high of $.04 back in August. Before that, it hit a high of $.11 back in February.

Both times SPONF jumped to those levels, it made those moves in a short period of time.

If SPONF strings together a couple green days in a row, could it signal another major move coming near term?

Take a second now to read my initial report below and get SPONF on your radar now.


Let's turn it up a notch. Cool?

I've been eyeballing a specific past champ closely and want you to get it back on your radar this second.

To be blunt, there are 3 key reasons to soak in right now:

  • First, this profile has several key potential catalysts including major company news Wednesday and throughout 2021.
  • Secondly, because when I brought this past champ to your attention back in January, it ran from a sub-penny $.007 level to a high of $.0318 high for an approximate run of 354%.
  • Thirdly, because I alerted you again in February before it went on a run from approximately 272% from a low of $.0295 to a high of $.11.

Could its next big breakout be taking shape as we speak?

Due to its disruptive advertising model, multi-channel distribution network, and Wednesday's big news, I want you to turn your full attention again to this past champ for Thursday, October 21st:

SponsorsOne Inc. (OTC: SPONF)

SponsorsOne is the leader in the next evolution of brand creation and digital marketing through influencer marketing, storytelling, and digital-commerce with the SponsorCoin platform and its highly scalable – smart contract-based digital currency.

Combined, this allows the brands to build and manage exclusive and highly engaged communities of influencers (from pro to micro-influencers) within the social realm.

And right now, this past champ has 4 potential catalysts that could lead to its next possible breakout:

The No. 1 SPONF Potential Catalyst

SponsorsOne Launches Primero He-mp Smokes Brand to the Latin American Market

Initial launch set for export to Mexico, South America and Latin American markets in the USA.

Waterloo, Ontario – TheNewswire - October 20, 2021 - SponsorsOne Inc., (CSE:SPO) (CNSX:SPO.CN), (Frankfurt:5SO), (OTC:SPONF), a company that utilizes its proprietary platform that combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding, and operational & funding capital, giving it a competitive first-mover advantage in rapidly growing its proprietary brands focused in the Alcohol, Functional Beverage and He-mp Sectors, is pleased to announce the launch of the Primero He-mp Smokes brand targeted at the Latin American markets domestically and internationally.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: "Pimero He-mp Smokes is our lead brand in this category and we are very pleased to offer a high quality, organic grown product to the He-mp Smokes marketplace. Our focus was to partner with high production organic growers and manufacturing to ensure consistent quality at high volumes to meet the emerging demand as to-bacco and MJ smokers consider switching to He-mp based smokes."


Read the full article here.


The No. 2 SPONF Potential Catalyst

SponsorsOne Secures Distributors in Illinois to Supply the US Midwest

The expansion of our national distribution continues adding the Midwest to Western, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeastern existing distribution partners

WATERLOO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2021 / SponsorsOne Inc., (CSE:SPO)(Frankfurt:5SO)(OTC PINK:SPONF), a company that utilizes its proprietary platform that combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding, and operational & funding capital, giving it a competitive first-mover advantage in rapidly growing its proprietary brands focused in the Alcohol, Functional Beverage and He-mp Sectors, is pleased to announce that Doc Wylder's will be distributed in the Midwest by Loius Glunz Beer, Koerner Distributor, and G&M Distributors all located in Illinois.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: "We continue to build our national distribution channel for our Ready to Drink products and Premium Spirits, ensuring we can service both local and national retailers across the US. We continue to see demand for natural ingredients with sophisticated flavors in this high growth RTD market, and Doc Wylder's is centered directly in this market."

The following distributors are now approved to distribute Doc Wylder's:

Louis Glunz Beer (Lincolnwood, IL)

Over the last 126 years, Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. has adapted to the many changes in the industry from Prohibition, The Great Depression to the current day surge in Micro and Specialty beers and use of technology in our everyday lives. Adapting to these many changes in the community, market and industry is what sets us apart from the other distributors in the area. The Company is dedicated to quality service and to educating its customers and the public about beer tastes and trends.

Koerner Distributor (Effingham, IL)

Family-owned and operated since 1982, Koerner Distributor, Inc. has grown to become one of the largest beverage distributors of beer, wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages in the great state of Illinois. The headquarters are located in Effingham with satellite offices in Carterville, New Baden, and Champaign. Four locations enable us to serve 66 of the 102 counties in Illinois.

G&M Distributors (Dixon, IL)

Since 1946, G & M Distributors, Inc. has been family-owned and grown to become one of the largest beverage distributors of beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, and more in the state of Illinois. We're located in Knox County in Galesburg, IL, and in Lee County in Dixon, IL. We are proud to serve many Illinois locations with a variety of brand-name, high-quality products.

Read the full article here.


The No. 3 SPONF Potential Catalyst

SponsorsOne Announces Signing of the Second Largest Wine and Spirits Distributor in the USA - Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) to Distribute Doc Wylder's

Ready to Drink Spirits market is forecasted to be bigger than wine in the US by the end of 2021, the IWSR forecasts(1)

WATERLOO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 10, 2021 / SponsorsOne Inc., (CSE:SPO) (Frankfurt:5SO), (OTC:SPONF), [...], is pleased to announce that Republic National Distributing Company ('RNDC') has entered into a distribution agreement for Doc Wylder's.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: "This is another major milestone in the development of our national distribution strategy, especially in support to reach all major national retailers. The ready-to-drink market ('RTD') is one of the fastest-growing markets in the Spirits sector, and we continue to see tremendous interest in Doc Wylder's. The analyst expects RTDs to gain 22% volume share of total beverage alcohol in the US by 2025, up from 9.6%(2) share currently, and we intend to be part of this gain."


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Read the full article here.


The No. 4 SPONF Potential Catalyst

SponsorsOne Announces Doc Wylder's Infused Lemonade is Available at Costco in Record Time

Doc Wylder's conceived in January 2021, and now in July is on the shelves of major retailers

WATERLOO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2021 / SponsorsOne Inc., (CSE:SPO)(Frankfurt:5SO)(OTC PINK:SPONF),[...], is pleased to announce that four of Costco's most influential locations for alcohol sales in the Las Vegas area are carrying the Doc Wylder's mixed 12 packs. Costco is widely known as the leading retailer for alcohol sales worldwide and Costco has seen exceptional growth with Ready to Drink ("RTD") products.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: "There is a lot that can happen between the boardroom and when brands make their way to store shelves. The consumer may have already moved on in the 18 to 48-month period it takes the majors to launch a new brand. We are redefining this and are fast-tracking creation and consumer awareness of spirits and RTD brands and have done so in under 6 months."


Read the full article here.


More About SPONF - What Makes SponsorsOne a Disruptor?

SponsorsOne’s mission is clear- to build the foundation of the new social economy.(1) The company is a big believer in social media’s unfulfilled potential to give power back to small brands and consumers and believes in authentic advertising. All that’s needed is a network to make it happen.

With its proprietary platform combining digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding, and operational and funding capital, it could have significant competitive advantages in disrupting the traditional advertising model.

Most importantly, though, it’s taken this disruptive business model and positioned itself to turn several potentially lucrative and rapidly growing industries upside down:

Craft Spirits: could be valued at $46.7Bn and grow at a 25.33% CAGR through 2025.(1)

Ready To Drink Premixes: revenues of approximately $25.96Bn by 2025.(1)

CB/Wellness: worth roughly $2.8Bn in 2020 but could grow to potentially $13.4Bn at a CAGR of 21.2% through 2028.(2)

Smokable He-mp: may grow astonishingly from $70-$80Mn to approximately $300-$400Mn by 2025.(5)

SponsorsOne’s Positioning With Spirits and Premixed Beverages is Immensely Exciting

With many exciting brands under its belt, SponsorsOne has positioned itself as a potentially serious player in the spirits and premixed beverage market.

In November, SponsorsOne announced its acquisition of Premier Beverage Consortium LLC (“PBC”) to position it at the forefront of the craft spirits market and the ready-to-drink premixes market. PBC’s portfolio has Infused Lemonades, Craft Vodka, and Whiskey/Spirits.(1)

The most exciting thing about this acquisition, though? We can see how SponsorsOne’s platform and strategy can work right in front of our faces.

SponsorsOne’s Positioned To Disrupt CB and He-mp

Do your customers show a real passion for your product? Do they post images of your product on social media? We are looking for brands that have huge ambitions but small marketing budgets. We will build you a direct-to-consumer marketplace through social media. Imagine thousands of users influencing thousands of friends every day!”(3)

This is how SponsorsOne describes itself on its landing page for CB brands to use its services. Judging by SponsorsOne’s track record, it’s already significantly grown many successful brands in the space.

SponsorsOne initially entered the CB Wellness Market roughly two years by partnering with Signature Devices (SDVI), the creator of the world’s first 120mg CB patch.(4)

Since then, SponsorsOne has grown its GO Nutraceutical branded line of “Cann-a-bis 2.0” products, including an oral dissolvable CB tablet.(7)

SponsorsOne, on March 30, 2021, also secured a five-year purchase and manufacturing supply agreement with a six-generation to-bacco cultivation and processing company that has served the domestic and international to-bacco industry for over 150 years.(5)

Besides having extensive acreage, SponsorsOne’s manufacturing partner also secured multiple supply contracts with experienced he-mp farmers, cultivating thousands of acres in one of the best agricultural lands in multiple states and overseas.(5)On April 20, 2021, though, SponsorsOne announced its entry into the pre-rolled smokable he-mp market.(5)

SponsorsOne announced the incorporation of a new subsidiary company called HS Brands Inc which plans to launch pre-rolled smokable He-mp products within the USA and Internationally.(5)

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: “We have secured the highest quality producer of pre-rolled smokable He-mp to deliver the quality, quantity, and consistency needed to scale a major brand in this category. The pre-rolled smokable He-mp market is looking for a leading pre-rolled product of the highest possible quality for the smoker wanting to transition away from to-bacco-based smokes to the healthier He-mp-based CB product.”

SponsorsOne anticipates the first production run of its proprietary Brand to be completed by the end of Q2 2021, shipping products in early Q3 2021, with an expected online marketing presence shortly after that.(5)

It definitely doesn’t hurt that this announcement, which was “coincidentally” made on April 20, may give the company a possible first-mover advantage in a space forecast to grow from $70-$80Mn to approximately $300-$400Mn by 2025.(5)


Get SPONF on your radar now.


Axel Adams

Editor, SCF

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(Always Remember The Stock Prices Could Be Significantly Lower Now From The Dates I Provided.)​


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