VRCFF is coming out hot and for good reason.


Up Approx. 10% Early, (VRCFF) Could Become Today's Big Breakout Target As Breaking News Turns Heads

August 23rd

SCF Readers,

VRCFF is coming out hot and for good reason.

Currently up approximately 10%, VRCFF dropped huge news this morning in regards to positive lithium news from their Stingray properties.

Check it out:

Stingray Property Lake Sediment Data Strongly Anomalous for Lithium Relative to Samples From Surrounding Properties

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / August 23, 2023 / Victory Battery Metals Corp. (CSE:VR)(FWB:VR61)(OTC PINK:VRCFF) ("Victory" or the "Company") is excited to share advancements on its Stingray properties in the James Bay Lithium District next to Patriot Battery Metals (TSXV: PMET) Corvette property, bordering Azimut Exploration's (TSX.V: AZM)(OTCQX: AZMTF) Kaanaayaa and Corvet properties.

"In preparation toward our work program, Victory's Geology team have identified significant lake sediment data on our property that show higher lithium values than those in the main western lithium anomaly shown on the Kaanaayaa Property from Azimut's 23 January 2023 press release," said Mr. Mark Ireton, Victory CEO and Director.


Mr. Mark Ireton added, "The numbered sample sites in Figure 1 represent Li values that are over the 99th percentile. Samples in the 99th percentile, such as ours, have higher Li values than 99 out of 100 samples collected regionally, making them strongly anomalous for lithium relative to other samples in the area. This information is crucial to guiding the focus of effort on the ground with our upcoming work program. It is also of value in light of the Rio Tinto - Azimut option to joint venture agreement as an indicator of the relevant location of our holdings in this prime area."


Read the full article here.

This is huge as the data could soon become a major breakout catalyst.

And with today's early green burst, VRCFF has pushed through 4 key lines of potential resistance in its:

  • 5-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • 20-Day SMA
  • 5-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • 13-Day EMA

If support starts to grow at those key levels, VRCFF could start gaining some serious attention this week as a potential breakout target.

Get VRCFF on your radar right now and check out my initial report below.


*Victory Battery Metals Corp. (VRCFF)*

Victory Battery Metals is a publicly traded diversified in-vest-ment corporation with mineral interests in North America. The Company is also actively seeking other exploration opp's.

And based on multiple potential catalysts, VRCFF needs immediate focus. Check them out:

No. 1 - Victory Outlines Phase One Work Program At Stingray Property (Adjacent To Attention-Grabbing Properties)

No. 2 - Key Significance Of Newly Noted Features Demonstrate Important Potential At Company's Georgia Lake Lithium Property

No. 3 - "Outstanding" Assay Results Could Bring Major Buzz To Company's Smokey Lithium Project

No. 4 - Company Expands Claims At Flagship Smokey Lithium Property Based On Key Analysis Of Preliminary Results

But more on those in a second...

Victory Battery Metals Company Breakdown

The company is currently developing its existing projects led by its Smokey Lithium property in Nevada adjacent to American Lithium's flagship property, The Stingray Properties adjacent to Patriot Battery Metal's Corvette Property, The Tahlo Lake Property in BC's Babine Copper-Gold Porphyry District, Georgia Lake Lithium in Ontario, its British Columbia Mal-Wen property, The Saguenay Nickel Project in Quebec and its Black Diablo Copper and Manganese Property in Nevada.

Battery Metals - Lithium, Copper & Precious Metals

Worldwide demand for battery metals continues to grow with the onset of the electric vehicle age, and economic models for Lithium, Copper, additional battery, base and precious metals are strengthening, resulting in stronger economics for mining projects.

Victory is focused on leading edge exploration projects to benefit shareholders with significant potential.

Strategic Acquisition Focus

Victory is actively exploring and investigating multiple Lithium, Copper, Silver and Precious metals opp's in adherence with the following guidelines:

Identifying opp's in regions that are conducive to mining due to the regulatory nature of the government with existing infrastructure.

Identifying opp's in geographical locations that in combination will allow the Company to pursue year-round exploration and development.

Battery Metals - The Future Of Energy

Victory Battery Metals holds a compelling portfolio of North American battery metals properties, situated in prolific areas for exploration, development, and production. This is highlighted by our lithium, copper and nickel focused properties:

  • Smokey Lithium in Esmeralda County, Nevada
  • Stingray Lithium Array in James Bay, Quebec
  • Georgia Lake Lithium property, Ontario
  • Tahlo Lake, in the Babine Copper-Gold Porphyry District, British Columbia
  • Saguenay Nickel Project, Quebec
  • Black Diablo Copper and Manganese, Nevada

Victory Battery Metals North American Assets


The North American Lithium Deficit

With lithium required for lap top computers and mobile phones in addition to electric vehicles, the world faces a significant lithium shortage by 2025 according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

A lithium-ion battery pack for a single electric car requires approximately 8 kilograms of lithium and it is forecast that to hit net zero by 2050, 2 billion EV's will need to be on the road. Based on that, "enough lithium was mined last year to make just under 11.4 million EV batteries."

North American Governments Are Transforming EV Infrastructure

The United States Government, through its Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will "in-vest more than $135Bn to build America's electric vehicle future..."

The Canadian Federal Government has announced in excess of $15Bn for EV related mining and battery component manufacturing and production.

About Smokey Lithium, Nevada

Victory's Smokey Lithium project is a clay lithium property that lies approximately 15 miles NNW of Clayton Valley, and 25 miles to the southwest of America n Lithium's flagship lithium project.

Smokey Lithium is located northwest of the Cypress Clayton Valley Lithium Project and to the southwest of American Lithium Corporation's Tonopah Lithium Claims Property in southwest Nevada.


Why This Project?

  • Resides in a prolific lithium region with respect to clay and brines.
  • 350 Claims covering 7000 acres with excellent access and relatively flat ground.
  • Proven regulatory feasibility with many ongoing exploration projects nearby.
  • Adjacent and contiguous to Jindalee Resources Limited (ASX:JRL).
  • Outcropping clay on Jindalee’s property demonstrated lithium grades as high as 930 ppm and perhaps trending northwest onto this property.
  • Similar geologic setting as Clayton Valley.
  • Intermittent clay outcroppings demonstrate the clay beds extend far and wide.
  • Large resource potential in a proven region.

Smokey Lithium 2023 Highlights

Completed in May 2023, the drill program included four holes, with a combined total of 1,912.5 feet of drilling.

Onsite geological assessment during drilling operations significantly expanded the area and thickness of the targeted claystone sequences of the Esmeralda Formation at Smokey Lithium.

The project area and surrounding land show strong lithium mineralization with the Esmeralda Formation at surface. When combined with the highly encouraging results from Victory's first round drilling (2022) the project area is highly prospective.

The culmination of three years of geological study, surface sampling, and drilling has confirmed that the project is underlain by thick sections of claystone. Assay results from the 2022 drill program clearly show that these claystones are in fact mineralized with lithium. The project has now passed all the important milestones to date in proving there are the right type of rocks underlying the property, and that these rocks contain robust lithium.

Sources: Company Presentation - Website.


As mentioned above, VRCFF has several potential catalysts to focus on at this moment. Check these out:

No. 1 VRCFF Potential Catalyst - Victory Outlines Phase One Work Program At Stingray Property (Adjacent To Attention-Grabbing Properties)

Stingray Property Phase One Work Program To Focus On Ground Bordering Two Azimut Exploration Properties Under "Option To Join Venture Agreements" With Rio Tinto Exploration Canada For Up To C$115.7Mn


  • Overall, Victory’s Stingray array of properties includes 347 claims, totaling 17,792 hectares on ground adjacent to Patriot Battery Metals, (TSXV: PMET), Corvette Property – Declared “The Largest Lithium Pegmatite Resource in the Americas" on 30 July 2023

Victory Battery Metals Corp. (CSE: VR) (FWB: VR61) (OTC: VRCFF) (“Victory” or the “Company”) is excited to outline its phase one work program for its Stingray array, which will focus on its Lac Block and Riviere Block, directly to the east and south of Azimut Exploration Inc.’s Kaanaayaa and Corvet lithium properties, for which Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc. has just signed “two (2) Option to Joint Venture Agreements” with Azimut Exploration.

The company is pleased to announce that its exploration team has outlined a comprehensive work program highlights include:

  • Helicopter access for a full team of up to four Geologists and four technicians to conduct a comprehensive program. In deploying a large team, the program can be conducted with the most efficient and cost-effective use of helicopter support
  • Extensive review of Quebec Government lake sediment data is in progress to be followed by the prospecting and till sampling program on the ground
  • Area of interest focuses on Victory’s Lac Block and Riviere Block which are bordered by Azimut’s Kaanaayaa and Corvet directly to the east and south
  • It must be noted that the crew and equipment have been selected, however, timing is dependent on the resolution of extensive forest fires in the area


Read the full article here.


No. 2 VRCFF Potential Catalyst - Key Significance Of Newly Noted Features Demonstrate Important Potential At Company's Georgia Lake Lithium Property

Victory Updates Analysts From Newly Noted Intrusive On Its Georgia Lake Lithium Property


  • The Georgia Lake Lithium Project is located in the Thunder Bay Lithium District, 2 km east of Rock Tech Lithium Inc.’s (TSXV: RCK) advanced lithium project
  • Victory’s just completed work program resulted in the discovery of a previously unmapped intrusive body and feldspar porphyry encountered at the southeast corner of the property
  • The significance of the newly noted features is that they show the potential of the property to host previously unmapped intrusives - including pegmatites

Victory Battery Metals Corp. (CSE: VR) (FWB: VR61) (OTC: VRCFF) (“Victory” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide its shareholders with an update on the Company’s recently completed work program on its Georgia Lake Lithium property in Ontario’s proven and highly accessible Thunder Bay Lithium district.

Victory’s exploration team has recently completed its summer work program on its Georgia Lake Lithium property and have identified a previously unmapped intrusive unit, a feldspar porphyry, and granitic rock trending towards the property (Fig. 1). The significance of the newly noted discoveries is that they show the potential of the property to host previously unmapped intrusives (including pegmatites). There is one belt of intrusives striking northeast towards the property from the Rock Tech ground and two other granitic belts mapped as approaching the property from the east. From all indications, the newly found intrusive body is on trend with the southern of those granitic belts.

The exploration team took a total of 62 soil and till samples. The bulk of the samples taken were commonly taken from 0.5 m depth along several east west lines across the southern part of the property. These lines are perpendicular to the dominant ice flow direction and down ice from the inferred intrusive trends. Some deeper till samples and a large, screened stream sediment were also taken. This sampling is intended to be an orientation survey towards a more thorough till sampling program.


Read the full article here.


No. 3 VRCFF Potential Catalyst - "Outstanding" Assay Results Could Bring Major Buzz To Company's Smokey Lithium Project

Victory Plans Follow-Up Exploration on High-Grade Lithium Assay Results for Smokey Lithium Project

Victory's Geology Team confirms outstanding assay results on its 23-01 hole, verifying last year's discovery, comparing favorably to American Lithium Corp.'s (TSXV: LI) (OTCQB: LIACF) infill drilling results at the TLC Li claystone deposit.

Victory is now planning to define the subsurface extensions of the thick claystone interval reported in diamond drill hole (DDH) 23-01 at Smokey Lithium, which is 22 miles southwest of American Lithium Corp.'s TLC deposit.

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2023 / Victory Battery Metals (CSE:VR)(OTC PINK:VRCFF)(FWB:VR6) ("Victory" or the "Company") is extremely pleased to provide additional information from its Phase 2 drilling program at its Smokey Lithium Nevada property, demonstrating high-grade Li claystone mineralization over significant widths, comparing favorably to American Lithium's (TSXV: LI) (OTCQB: LIACF) previously reported "high-grade" in-fill drilling results for their TLC claystone Li deposit.

Victory is currently planning a follow-up exploration and drilling program on their 100% owned Smokey Lithium Project in Nevada, where a thick sequence of high-grade claystone lithium mineralization was reported in diamond drill hole 23-01...


Mr. Mark Ireton, Victory President and CEO noted: "Victory's Geology team is very encouraged by these preliminary results, noting that these types of deposits do not exist in isolation. As noted on June 12th, our team has expanded the Smokey Lithium ground in response to the drill program findings and analysis. Going forward our team is focused on defining the main body of this deposit."


Read the full article here.


No. 4 VRCFF Potential Catalyst - Company Expands Claims At Flagship Smokey Lithium Property Based On Key Analysis Of Preliminary Results

Victory Expanding Its Smokey Lithium Property By 100 Claims Upon Analysis Of Preliminary Results Of Its Recently Completed Drill Program


  • Victory’s exploration team finalizes expansion of Smokey Lithium to fortify its interests upon preliminary analysis of its recently completed drill program
  • The additional Smokey Lithium staked ground will expand the property by 100 claims, totaling 2066 acres
  • The decision was made to stake lode claims for this new ground, providing the Company with additional acres for grassroots exploration in an area where recent drilling has discovered a thick sequence of claystone from surface to a depth of >500 feet in the recently completed drilling

Victory Battery Metals (CSE: VR) (FWB: VR6) (OTC: VRCFF) (“Victory” or the “Company”) is excited to announce that the Company initiated expansion plans for its Smokey Lithium, Nevada property upon preliminary analysis of sequentially delivered drill program data, and that its exploration team continues to analyze the overall drill program findings.

Smokey Lithium is in a prolific lithium region that is highly competitive and we have acted prudently at this time to respond to preliminary analysis of the recently completed drill program, as sequential information was delivered from the lab, to expand the Smokey Lithium property with 100 new lode claims, which will increase the property by 2066 acres to a total 5691 acres,” said Victory President and CEO, Mr. Mark Ireton.


Read the full article here.


VRCFF Recap - The Top Potential Breakout Catalysts To Focus On Right Now

No. 1 - Victory Outlines Phase One Work Program At Stingray Property (Adjacent To Attention-Grabbing Properties)

No. 2 - Key Significance Of Newly Noted Features Demonstrate Important Potential At Company's Georgia Lake Lithium Property

No. 3 - "Outstanding" Assay Results Could Bring Major Buzz To Company's Smokey Lithium Project

No. 4 - Company Expands Claims At Flagship Smokey Lithium Property Based On Key Analysis Of Preliminary Results


Coverage is officially initiated on VRCFF. When time allows, do this:


Get VRCFF on your radar right now.


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