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With One Major Acquisition Completed, Tech Company (MJLB) May Only Be Getting Started (Read Immediately)

June 28th

SCF Readers,

Getting the week started off in style, it's time to deliver a new breakout idea.

After hitting the books over the weekend, I brought a profile to your attention on Sunday evening.

On Friday it had closed at $.51. On Monday, well, that was a different story.

Shooting to a high of $.66, it had made a move of approximately 29%.

Not shabby, but this new breakout idea could be severely undervalued and displaying a ton of upside potential based on key driver indicators.

But let's break it down even more real quick.

You don't have to be in the know to know that supply chain issues have significantly impacted almost all facets of life in the past few years.

This company's "newest innovation" aims to combat just that (and more).

And with the Supply Chain Management market expected to reach $19.2Bn before the end of the decade, even claiming a small share of this market could become a tremendous game-changer for this company.

On top of that, there are a handful of potential catalysts like an explosive chart history and a possibly industry changing acquisition that could spark this profile near term.

That's why there is only one tech profile to have at the top of your radar come Wednesday AM:

*Ultrack Systems, Inc. (MJLB)*

Ultrack Systems Inc., is a provider of GPS tracking solutions. They develop, implement, and distribute electronic monitoring and tracking systems for companies in leasing, transportation, construction, disposal, and many other services driven industries. Their platform includes live tracking, reports, and alerts on a web-based platform.

The Company's mission is to provide the best fleet tracking, reporting systems and their commitment to service. They plan to launch a new ELD product in 2022 in partnership with major corporations that will take the trucking industry by storm.

And right now MJLB has several potential catalysts to be aware of right now. Check them out:

No. 1 - Game-Changing News Flying Below The Radar

No. 2 - Could We Be Witnessing A Bounce In The Making?

No. 3 - A Crazy Explosive Chart History

No. 4 - Company Is Looking To Make A Major Splash (Or More)

But more on those in a second...

Key MJLB Details - Ultrack Philosophy

The company's founders' history started over 45 years ago in the automotive industry as a licensed mechanic with an innovative mind. Technological advances in the industry required a higher skill set that led him to the telecommunications sector.

One of the major telecommunication projects was the 3G "Inukshuk" initiative that involved providing high speed cellular/internet service for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

The next step in the telecommunications industry was the newly evolving fleet tracking sector using GPS and cellular technology.

This led to the first pilot project of its kind in the industry. It involved placing tracking hardware into a fleet of service vehicles to track their movements and location online.

As the fleet tracking industry progressed new challenges and opportunities arose.

A project came along that required a taxi company with 1700+ cabs that required installations be completed within a 6 month period. Upon completion of this project the inspiration to start Ultrack was born.

Their goal is to continue to be innovative in the products we develop and to provide the best service to their clients to keep them ahead of the competition.

MJLB Product Features


MJLB's Newest Innovation

The Ministry of Transportation has mandated the June 12th date for Electronic Logging Devices.

But there’s something you may not have known.

When the Minister of Transport announced that all fleets had to comply with the installation of ELD’s, other companies went immediately to develop Android-based systems.

Big Mistake.

As you know, Android/Google can expose your data–fuel purchases, routes, client locations and more – to be scrutinized by others.

Signature Series Ultrack ELD


Ultrack ELD alone uses Windows 10 Enterprise Edition to store your data.

Rest easy knowing they offer:

  • Seamless, secure interactions
  • Best in class inspection reports
  • User friendly
  • Larger screens and heavy duty Arkon Display Mounts

Check out more info at the company's website here.


And as I mentioned earlier, this company has several potential catalysts that could spark vertical movement in the near term.

No. 1 MJLB Potential Catalyst - Game-Changing News Flying Below The Radar

Ultrack Systems Fully Acquires California Trucking Company M-Loan Inc.

Concord, Vaughan, Ontario, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ultrack Systems Inc. (OTC Pink: MJLB), a total fleet-management GPS tracking and monitoring solution provider, is pleased to announce that Ultrack Systems has successfully acquired the California trucking company M-Loan Inc.

M-Loan has an extensive track record within the United States trucking industry and has specialized in the west-coast financing sector. The United States trucking industry enjoys the highest GDP in the world of any trucking industry. The GDP of the USA's trucking industry alone is higher than that of the entire GDP of many nations. The M-Loan acquisition sets the stage for both companies to come together as one under the Ultrack umbrella. Furthermore, the M-Loan acquisition immediately expands Ultrack's footprint into strategic USA locations so that Ultrack can be thought of more as a 'North American' company and not simply a 'Canadian' company.

Ultrack CEO Michael Marsbergen proudly commented on the successful M-Loan acquisition: "My intention is to make this the first of many successful North American acquisitions for Ultrack. I remain convinced that acquiring multiple North American trucking companies that are in line with Ultrack's mission and other existing businesses adds significant value for Ultrack's shareholders. I believe that the M-Loan acquisition will provide significant momentum to expand the Ultrack brand across North American markets. Again let me reconfirm that I am working toward building the Ultrack brand throughout North America. I will post any updates on our Twitter page throughout the coming weeks."


Read the full article here.


No. 2 MJLB Potential Catalyst - Could We Be Witnessing A Bounce In The Making?

Heading into Tuesday's session, this profile had several oversold leaning technical indicators.

In fact, both its 9-Day and 14-Day Relative Strength Indices were below 40%.

And on top of that, MJLB had a 14-Day Raw Stochastic below 20% and a 14-Day Williams' %R above 80%.

But things definitely changed.

By the end of Tuesday's session, MJLB ended up closing up approximately 33%.

This could be huge.

With several key technicals still leaning towards the oversold side, this could be the start of a healthy reversal/bounce.

Here's the definition of a "reversal" from Investopedia:

"A reversal is a change in the price direction of an asset. A reversal can occur to the upside or downside. Following an uptrend, a reversal would be to the downside. Following a downtrend, a reversal would be to the upside. Reversals are based on overall price direction and are not typically based on one or two periods/bars on a chart."

So let's take a look at MJLB's chart.


I see a chart that has been on a downtrend and just witnessed a pop!

Could this be the start of a bigger move?

Let's see why it could be possible...


No. 3 MJLB Potential Catalyst - A Crazy Explosive Chart History

On multiple occasions over the past year, MJLB has proven to be a bouncing, breaking star.

Here's a quick rundown:

11/8/21: MJLB blazed a way from an open of $.0336 to a high of $.062. That move resulted in an intraday surge of 84%.

12/30/21: From an open of $.0235, MJLB shot to a high of $.0444. That's an intraday 88% run.

5/24/22: More recently, MJLB opened at $.0224 and cruised to a high of $.039. Yup. That's 74% intraday.

And with the 33% green close Tuesday from MJLB, you can see it's still an explosively potential play as of today.

The proof is in the pudding on this one. Just take a look at its chart. These breakout percentages are not made up.


No. 4 MJLB Potential Catalyst - Company Is Looking To Make A Major Splash (Or More)

Ultrack Explores Synergistic Acquisitions While Nearing Imminent ELD Certification

Concord, Ontario, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ultrack Systems Inc. (OTC Pink: MJLB), a total fleet-management GPS tracking and monitoring solution provider, is pleased to announce that Ultrack has enjoyed multiple meetings with a consultant firm representing United States companies looking to explore the mutually beneficial opportunities a strategic acquisition by Ultrack would provide to each unique target company.

The diverse USA companies all operate within similar horizontal markets as Ultrack does and Ultrack feels strongly about the symbiotic corporate growth prospects of a formal alliance with each target company. Ultrack has performed cursory due diligence on the companies and consistent, open dialogue remains ongoing.

Ultrack CEO Michael Marsbergen enthusiastically reported: “Ultrack is most definitely not standing still while waiting to clear the ELD certification hurdle! Simply put, we are endeavoring to add exponentially more value to Ultrack by absorbing seasoned USA companies in-line with Ultrack's mission and brand. Through these potential acquisitions, Ultrack is taking ambitious steps to ensure that once we do receive the coveted Holy Grail of approval, the deployment of our superior ELD device will be swift. But as we actively await this, each one of these companies would add tremendous fiscal value and immediately serve to enhance Ultrack's bottom line. The companies we are in talks with would all serve to play an integral part in the expansion of Ultrack and our ELD but more importantly each one of these companies are impressive in its own right with years of fi-nan-cials and proven business models under their respective belts."


Read the full article here.


MJLB Recap - Key Potential Catalysts To Sink Your Teeth Into

No. 1 - Game-Changing News Flying Below The Radar

No. 2 - Could We Be Witnessing A Bounce In The Making?

No. 3 - A Crazy Explosive Chart History

No. 4 - Company Is Looking To Make A Major Splash (Or More)


Coverage is officially initiated on MJLB. When you have time, do this:


Get MJLB on your radar now.


Axel Adams

Editor, SCF

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