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June 4th

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Statistics are important in our research, and no bigger ones stand out about today’s alert as much as these:

  • Grand View Research, Inc., reports, “The global legal MJ market is expected to reach USD 146.4bn by end of 2025.”

  • Cann-abis industry analysts, Brightfield Group, give this estimation: “the hemp-CBD market alone could hit $22bn by 2022.”

Grasp the magnitude of these burgeoning markets and where they could be in just a few short years.

Today’s alert, White Liquid Lab *WLAB*, is a leading one-stop manufacturing service providing premium custom-blended products containing hemp-derived C-B-D oil, all of which are sold to a wide variety of companies including major and small brands, chain stores, vape shops, distributors and dealers worldwide.

The Company has the capability to produce up to 50,000 units per day in various packaging sizes and shapes using custom labels and customized presentation packaging.

Recently, WLAB released breathtaking news that shows 2018 company revenue totals completely shattering 2017 levels. Check it out:

White Label Liquid, Inc. Reports Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Results: Revenues Top $7Mn, Greatly Exceeding Previous Year’s Revenues by Over $5Mn

Company continues to prove profitable for shareholders with 250 percent year-over-year increase in revenues

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., April 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — White Label Liquid, Inc. (OTC: WLAB) (“the Company”), a leading provider of premium private-label services for the cann-abis industry, reported fiscal year 2018 financial results, with the Company recording revenues of $7Mn plus. That number greatly exceeded by over $5Mn the revenue reported for 2017, demonstrating the Company’s profitability with a 250 percent year-over-year increase in revenue earned.

The Company believes that the strong end-of-the-year results further position it to be a reliable partner to those seeking to be successful in the burgeoning C-B-D industry throughout 2019 and beyond.

“We had a great year, but it’s only just the beginning,” said White Label Liquid CEO Yaron Elkayam. “These numbers reflect not just the hard work of our partners all along our supply chain; they are also a reflection of the growing strength of the C-B-D industry.”

White Label Liquid’s expert team provides businesses looking to enter the C-B-D space with a variety of private label, hemp-derived C-B-D products to help them meet and exceed a broad range of their customer needs and desires. The Company recently announced that it had moved into a new 51,000-square-foot, all-in-one operations facility to manufacture C-B-D in-house, using industry standard, “good manufacturing practices” (“GMP”). White Label Liquid, Inc. offers business owners cutting-edge solutions with C-B-D products that are available in over 20 categories and 300 SKU’s.

(Click here to see a video of White Label Liquid’s manufacturing operations and learn more about the Company.)

Growing mainstream acceptance for organic pain-relieving products, along with industry-supporting government legislation, and increased consumer demand are vital reasons why experts estimate that the American hemp-derived C-B-D market will grow to $22Bn within the next three years. Moreover, the overall global cann-abis industry is expected to reach $146.4Bn by 2025.

“We know that to be the best in any industry, you have to continue to grow and innovate. I am confident that our team will build on the recent investments that we’ve made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing, logistics, and production capabilities and deliver even better figures for 2019.”

Read the full article here.


Pay close attention, because this next part is extremely vital…

Less then 3 weeks ago, I released low float OTLK at approximately $1.21. Within two trading days, OTLK hit a high of $3.35, providing a run in the neighborhood of 176%!

OTLK has a low float in the neighborhood of 7.93Mn shares.

When stocks have floats as small as OTLK, they tend to be more volatile and provide the potential for sharp price spikes.

WLAB has a reported (OTCMarkets) low float of only 4.5mn shares!

Just over half the size of OTLK, WLAB could be even more volatile in the short-term as a catalyst could provide the type of momentum to shoot this stock’s share prices through the roof!

There is no better example then back at the beginning of April as WLAB opened at $.19 on 4/3 and climbed to a high of $.49 on 4/9 (only 5 trading sessions).

That short-term run provided a surge of over 157%!


Other Technical Reasons To Watch WLAB Closely

At the time of writing Tuesday:

  1. WLAB has a 9 and 14-Day Relative Strength Index right around (40%) and have been sinking daily towards oversold territory.

  2. WLAB has a 14-Day Williams %R that just ranged over 80% today and could continue pushing towards even more oversold territory.

  3. Conversely, WLAB has a 14-Day Raw Stochastic Indicator below 20% and heading towards single digits (yet another oversold technical).

Though many technical indicators point towards oversold, WLAB could be about to buck the trend as it is currently trading above its 5-Day Simple Moving Average.

This tells us that a bottom floor could have been found and WLAB has begun to bounce off of it.

If this bounce leads to a healthy reversal, WLAB could really begin gathering steam Wednesday behind the inherent volatility of having a low float share structure.

And, if that happens, WATCH OUT!

WLAB has historical evidence of making stunning short-term 100%+ surges (like it did in April).


More about White Label Liquid, Inc.

From the WLAB website:

Our Services And Capabilities

We stay ahead of the trends by analyzing data through quality R&D. We provide our customers with product options in over 20 categories and spanning over 300 flavors. We manufacture C-B-D products that are on-trend and in high demand. We can create, brand, design and customize packaging for our clients and deliver an array of products engineered to meet their specific goals.

How We Help Build C-B-D Industries

C-B-D is one of America’s fastest growing segments, and we are perfectly positioned to help companies grow better than any others in the field.

Custom White Labeling

Edibles. Oils. Creams. Dabs. Even pets. We offer hundreds of products in a variety of forms so that businesses can build the C-B-D company they aspire to. This flexibility allows ideal targeting opportunities for going after both niche and mass markets.

In-House C-B-D Manufacturing

We manufacture our C-B-D in-house. And in doing so, we follow good manufacturing practices (GMP) and we adhere to all OSHA requirements. Our certifications are upgraded on a yearly basis. We perform quality assurance testing, and test for pH solids and specific gravity in our quality control testing lab.

Professional Branding

Turning a product into a business requires more than just the product, it requires a strong brand. Which we provide. This includes package design, logo design and even marketing services. With the C-B-D marketplace growing, it is essential that White Labeling is coupled with strong branding in order to make a business stand out.



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Take some time to overlook all the details I poured into this report. Between groundbreaking revenue, a low float, and oversold technicals, WLAB could be in for fireworks this week!

To Your Trading Success,

Axel Adams

Editor, SmallCapFirm

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