Electric Vehicle Demand Could Grow 11-Fold

Global demand for electric vehicles will only accelerate. For one, countries around the world want millions of electric vehicles on the roads to help battle climate change. Two, “demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow 11-fold over the next 15 years through 2035 in a rapid shift to zero-emission mobility, eclipsing that of hybrids … Continue reading “Electric Vehicle Demand Could Grow 11-Fold”

Plant Based Food Sales Could Increase Five-Fold by 2030

Plant based food demand shows no signs of cooling. In fact, according to Fortune, sales are expected to increase five-fold by 2030.  “Sales of plant-based dairy and meat alternatives reached $29.4 billion in 2020, and could increase to $162 billion by 2030, comprising 7.7% of the global protein market.” That’s substantial news for companies such … Continue reading “Plant Based Food Sales Could Increase Five-Fold by 2030”

Amazon.com Expresses Potential Interest in AMC Entertainment

Shares of AMC Entertainment (AMC) are up more than 38% this afternoon. All on news Amazon.com expressed interest in acquiring the movie chain. “A deal would mark a pivotal moment in the history of the film industry and would give the streaming giants an even tighter grip on Hollywood. Amazon and Netflix have shaken up … Continue reading “Amazon.com Expresses Potential Interest in AMC Entertainment”