The Top Companies Nearing a COVID-19 Vaccine

The coronavirus is still wreaking havoc around the world. To date, total confirmed global cases are up to 3.6 million, with 252,102 deaths.  In the U.S., the number of cases is up to 1.18 million.  In Spain, it’s up to 218,011.  In Italy, 211,938.  In the UK, 191,8332.  In France, it’s up to 169,583.  And … Continue reading “The Top Companies Nearing a COVID-19 Vaccine”

LabCorp (LH) Stock Pops on FDA Emergency Authorization

The coronavirus fear is palpable. At the moment, 2.53 million people around the world have been infected, with more than 174,330 deaths recorded.  Schools and businesses are closed, with stay at home orders. The situation has become dire, with many folks ready to get back to work. Unfortunately, there are no vaccines readily available at … Continue reading “LabCorp (LH) Stock Pops on FDA Emergency Authorization”