Gold Prices Could Hit $2,000 This Week

Gold prices are rocketing higher. This morning, the metal is up to $1,943, up another $41 an ounce. All as investors seek safety from the pandemic.  At this point, gold could hit $2,000 within months, says Goldman Sachs. Others, including Bank of America, are calling for $3,000.  All on the heels of the growing pandemic threat, lower … Continue reading “Gold Prices Could Hit $2,000 This Week”

Small Caps: Why Investors are Buying Gold

At the moment, gold trades just under $1,500 an ounce. However, many analysts believe we could see $1,600, even $2,000 gold this year.   For example, Goldman Sachs believes the rally above $1,500 is just the start of a bigger move.  In fact, they believe gold could easily rally to $1,600 over the next six … Continue reading “Small Caps: Why Investors are Buying Gold”