The World is in Desperate Need of Lithium

Lithium is running into a severe supply-demand situation. The last time this happened, some of the world’s top lithium companies exploded.  Albemarle ran from approximately $45.60 to approximately $137. Lithium Americas Corp. ran from approximately 93 cents to approximately $10.38. Galaxy Resources Ltd. ran from approximately 15 cents to approximately $2.75. Now, it’s happening all … Continue reading “The World is in Desperate Need of Lithium”

Major Automaker Moves to Secure Lithium Supply

With automakers scrambling for lithium supply, General Motors just announced it will be investing in a U.S. lithium project, according to Reuters. In fact, GM notes it “will make a multimillion-dollar investment in and help develop Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) Hell’s Kitchen geothermal brine project near California’s Salton Sea, roughly 160 miles (258 km) southeast … Continue reading “Major Automaker Moves to Secure Lithium Supply”