How to Invest in the Fast-Growing World of Sim Racing

Sim racing has become one of the fastest growing esports segments in the world.  In fact, as quoted by, “Some of the most prominent names from motorsports competed in online races hosted by Formula 1, NASCAR or Indy car, which led to a skyrocketing fan engagement. In some cases, these virtual racing series received millions of views.” That’s … Continue reading “How to Invest in the Fast-Growing World of Sim Racing”

Luckin Coffee to Be Delisted from NASDAQ

Luckin Coffee (LK) dug itself quite a hole. Not only did the company commit accounting fraud after scheming to produce millions of dollars in fictional revenue, Luckin Chairman Charles Lu allegedly sent an e-mail to employees, telling them to commit fraudulent acts. Now, it just announced it would no longer fight the NASDAQ’s decision to … Continue reading “Luckin Coffee to Be Delisted from NASDAQ”

Baidu May Soon Delist from the NASDAQ

Baidu (BIDU) may delist from the NASDAQ. All thanks to rising tensions between U.S. securities regulators and China.  The company is considering the move after the U.S. Senate passed a bill that would require additional reporting requirements on foreign-owned stocks.  “For a good company, there are many choices of destinations for listing, not limited to … Continue reading “Baidu May Soon Delist from the NASDAQ”

Three Top Reasons It’s Time to Sell your Stock

The toughest part of trading is knowing when to sell. That’s why it always pays to establish guidelines for what would force you to consider selling.  After all, planning ahead can – and will remove the stress and the potential for error. No. 1 – The Stock Hits your Stop Loss When you buy a … Continue reading “Three Top Reasons It’s Time to Sell your Stock”